Jet Lag and a Shit ton of Redbull

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, Jun30, 2017 8:57pm America/Phoenix
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Jet Lag and a Shit ton of Redbull
*Hex Girl is at the Tokyo Airport waiting for her flight with an oversized can of Redbull in hand. Several fans recognize her and she is kind enough to sign autographs until the camera comes up to her.* 

Hey, I'm just waiting on my flight. A redeye from Tokyo to L.A. and then on to Louisville. No worries though I'll be there in time for Mayhem. I tell you what though making Kailee scream in front of all of the Tokyo fans at Ravage. *She sighs in nostalgia* Reminds me of when I was a kid seeing shows when my dad was stationed on Okinawa. Good times. BUT no time nostalgia now I've gotta suck down a shit ton of Redbull so when I face Jake Devine at Mayhem I'm not sleepwalking. You know I'm actually amazed that Redbull hasn't approached me for an endorsement deal yet. Maybe they are afraid of what I'd do with their product in an extreme rules match. *She gets a sarcastic tone in her voice.* Redbull gives you wings. In my hands it gives you a prostate exam. *She gives a big grin and winks at the camera.* You know I bought about 12 cans about this size at the duty free store after I got through security to drink on the plane so by the time I touch down in L.A. I should be more wired than a Tasmanian devil on cocaine the way I see it I can pick up a few more cans in L.A. and keep my Redbull buzz going until I get to Louisville. That way Jakey when I come down that ramp I'm going to be a hyped up, wired up, sleep deprived little tiger ready to rip your face off. That's right I'm intentionally making myself cranky as |BLEEP| and shaking so hard I'm giving off sound waves in order to fuel my rage in the ring. It's not like I was intending to slack off far from it in fact I always give it my all but I'm in the mood to push myself. I'm in the mood to push you.

*The PA in the airport announced the flight boarding.* 

Well I gotta go. See you in Louisville. 

*She walks away from the camera towards the gate.*

[cut to WWX Logo]

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