Joint RP: Rex McAllister vs Tommy Lipton ''Lead Up 2 Rematch''

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Jan12, 2018 8:00pm America/Phoenix
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Joint RP: Rex McAllister vs Tommy Lipton ''Lead Up 2 Rematch''
Last Week after Holiday Hell.....

WWX Backstage Exclusive

The scene shows Rex McAllister, who is still in his ring attire, breathing hard, walking down the hall inside of the Frank Erwin Center to get to his locker room. Cameras are following him.

Rex McAllister: Yeah, baby...Pendragon, The Rex Master's coming.

Rex soon makes it to his own locker room. Rex enters the locker room. Constance, who had been in there all along alone awaiting his return, immediately rises from her seat. She is wearing a long sleeve sweater and blue jeans, and tennis shoes; her long dark brown hair hanging down past her shoulders. Her expression is one of concern at first.

Constance: Rex? Ar-are you okay? Are you hurt?

Rex is shown with a white towel over his head covering the laceration he received during the unsanctioned match against Tommy Lipton, when he was tossed through the drivers side window. Constance places her hand to his face. Rex drops the towel to expose the slight laceration on his forhead, the crimson mask he wore is now all dried up on his face with the shower of blood long ceased. He has a look of satisfaction on his face as he looks down at the concerned look on her face.

Rex McAllister: Never felt better.

Rex chuckles as Constance continues to look him up and down, still unable to share his moment of satisfaction. She said the only words that would formulate, given the level of her concern for his well being. The only question that perhaps everyone wanted to know.

Constance: Is it over?

Rex with his right hand, a stain of dried mess of blood, runs it through Constance's hair as the main camera pans out leaving both staring back at each other.


WWX Xcess: Special Edition

The scene pans into the Anaheim Sports Arena in Anaheim, California during a live broadcast of WWX Xcess. We catch up in the middle of the show. The cameras pan backstage, showing the parking garage where a rental car slowly pulls in. Once at a complete stop, the lights go off, and soon the car shuts down. The car door suddenly opens and out comes Rex McAllister. Rex is wearing a plain black t-shirt, black jeans, and white tennis shoes. The crowd is heard in the background, letting their feelings be known with a resounding chorus of boos. Rex shuts the car door behind him and uses the lock mechanism on his keys to lock the car. Rex is all smiles as he strolls confidently toward the inside of the Anaheim Sports Arena.

Archer: Well, Rex McAllister has arrived, but it appears he has gotten no word at all about the decision that was made not even twenty four hours after Holiday Hell ended!

Kagome Rose: Exactly, Jake. There's no doubt that by James Ranger coming to the conclusion he did about the finish from the unsanctioned match at Holiday Hell, that some feathers about to be ruffled to say the least!

As Rex is confidently sauntering toward the exit from the parkinglot into the arena, he's suddenly approached seemingly out of nowhere by WWX backstage Interviewer/Journalist, Chris Sanders. 

CS: Rex McAllister, you're here early. May I take a moment of your time to discuss with you the decision that was made some forty Eight hours ago?

Rex McAllister: Not now, Sanders, The Rex Master has been summoned elsewhere. So if you'll excuse me, I...

CS: By James Ranger, correct???

Rex, rather annoyed and curious, places his hands on his hips.

Rex McAllister: What's it to YOU???

CS: Rex, certainly you've heard by now that you will be facing Tommy Lipton on Ravage in a rematch from Holiday Hell by order of James Ranger, haven't you?

Rex looks at Sanders incredulously, completely baffled.


Rex without hesitation quickly grabs Sanders and lifts him up leaving only his tiptoes slightly touching the ground. Chris is frightened with a terrified look on his face as Rex pulls him in close.

Rex McAllister: I swear to God, Chris, if this is some sort trick, or you happen to be misinformed, I will be back to make sure you don't have a career!

Rex glares coldly at Sanders before he shoves him away with force and storms away.

Archer: It's about to go down, folks. We'll be right back!

Back from a brief commercial break, the cameras are back now showing the entrance way inside the Anaheim Sports Arena. "A Welcome Burden" by Disturbed blares through the public announce system, as the crowd stirs at first followed by a chorus of boos. Rex McAllister storms out from beyond the curtain straight toward the ring. His expression is full of anger and frustration.


Archer: Back from commercial, Rex McAllister has now found out through our backstage journalist, Chris Sanders, that General Manager, James Ranger has in fact ordered a rematch between this man, Rex McAllister and his former tag team partner, the Legendary Tommy Lipton!

Rose: It's very clear now, that Rex has no intentions of waiting to express himself regarding this matter, and has made his way out here to get something off his chest.

Rex makes his way around to the right at the ringside area toward the announcer's table. He shoves the time keeper out of the way and another from the ringside crew. He grabs two folding chairs, wasting no time, he makes his way to the apron and tosses both chairs into the ring which scares away the ring announcer Kyla Bonn, who quickly leaves the ring through the ropes. Rex carries a mic in hand as he reaches for the first folding chair, unfolding it and propping it up right, and then proceeds to follow up by doing the same with the other. The two white steel folding chairs are propped up now one diagonal from the other. Rex is pacing back and forth now as "A Welcome Burden" fades. Rex carries the mic, and soon pauses as he raises it up closer to his mouth to speak. His adrenaline still pumping, the frustration ever evident on his face. He then backpedals to take his seat. He then sits back in the seat, then uses the palm of his right hand to tap the mic to ensure it's on. A tapping sound is heard to indicate that indeed the mic is on.

Rex McAllister: I'm sure glad this damn thing is on, because I sure as HELL have got something to say! 

Rex points ringside toward Kyla Bonn.

Rex MCAllister: If that dumb blonde bimbo right there can properly announce me as the offical winner of the best of five series...

Kyla shakes her head at his insult in disappointment.

Rex McAllister: ...a series that saw me....where everyone witnessed as yours truly lived up to his word, came storming back to win the last three handily! If I've been deemed the winner, then WHY THE |BLEEP| ARE WE HAVING A DAMN REMATCH!!???? HUH??? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT!!!

Rex sits forward now in the seat, then continues.

Rex McAllister: I've now earned my shot at the Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship by doing so. There's an extra chair here, Ranger. Come, join me in the ring. I want an explanation, and I WANT IT NOW!!!

Rex sits back again, folds his arms to his chest and waits.


*In The End* blasts through the speakers and the fans erupt with cheers! Tommy slowly walks out onto the stage smiling ear to ear!

Bonn: Ladies and Gentlemen, The One... Thee ONLY.... WWX Legend and Hall of Famer, TOMMY LIIIIPTOOOON!!!!

Tommy with a mild limp makes his way down the ramp slapping hands with his fans. 

Rose: Well Bonn is a professional I wonder if she's going to hear about calling Rex the winner. 
As it's clear James Ranger has issued a rematch showing that there has yet to be a decisive winner of this series. 

Archer: Well Bonn didn't screw up with Tommy Liptons introduction, in many people's eyes he is the one and only and he's definetly a Legend in the WWX. 

Tommy gets into the ring and shakes his head at Rex as he walks right past him to perch on the turnbuckle his arm held high as he holds his sore ribs with the other. 
He hops down and takes a Mic from Bonn. 

Tommy: Rex, I know you had hoped James Ranger would be standing here in front of You, but Ehe Ehe! 

Tommy turns to look out at the fans.

Tommy: It's great to be back here in the Anaheim Sports Arena!!


Tommy: Right here in Anaheim, Californiiiiia!!!!


Tommy: Rex, old pal you look a bit sore, upset, a bit peeved... But shhhhhh, quiet down as they are chanting the One and Onlys name! 

Tommy closes his eyes as the fans get loud.


Rex yells at them to shut up.



Tommy: Rex, why do you insist that you won anything? And why the hell are you trying to act tough. These people know you for the coward you are. A man who needed to seek help AND STILL almost couldn't get the job done! 
You blast your mouth on WWX Heat, calling yourself the undisputed winner of this series, you confused poor Bonn over there to announce you as the winner and yet when I look at this weeks card I don't see Tommy versus Rex, just a match... No, I see Tommy versus Rex in a rematch! No winner has been declared my old buddy, and if there was anyone who looked to have that match bagged, well... 

Tommy gets in the face of Rex. 

Tommy: You are looking at him!!!


Tommy steps back shaking his head. 

Tommy: James Ranger saw an injustice take place Rex McAllister, and he righted your wrong. Just leave it at that. This week, Xavier Pendragon will be the referee and he will get to see up close and personal what is coming for him. 

Tommy drops the Mic and exits the ring as *In The End* plays again and Tommy walks up the ramp.

Rex whips the chair away in absolute frustration, standing up now as Lipton is leaving toward the back. Rex reaises his mic to speak as "In The End" fades again.

Rex McAllister: Does being put through a |BLEEP|ing table ring a bell to you any? Or, how about being manhandled, mangled, and mauled to the point that you couldn't continue, left for medics to tend to your battered and bruised carcass, your ego split into a thousand pieces? Or, how about, better yet, someone you saw as an ally siding with himslf in the end, and not you? Such a short memory you've been befallen by all of a sudden, Tommy!

Rex's anger spilling over as he continues to spew venom at his former partner. The crowd booing unmercifully at him.

Archer: A chorus of boos being directed at McAllister here, but he doesn't even seem to acknowledge them now.

Kagome Rose: I think he's still stewing over the thought of having to face Tommy Lipton one more time, and that Tommy arrived in the ring, got in his face and left unscathed.

Rex McAllister: Yeah, but you keep on going, because the only coward I see is the one walking away right now,, You may still have the opportunity, but it will come and go just like that, just like all the others! Since I couldn't at Holiday Hell, this coming Ravage just leaves me one more of my own to show why I stand at the brink of the pinnacle in this company, and more importantly once more at YOUR expense!

Rex slams the microphone down and leans on the ropes, placing one foot on the bottom rope, seething as he watches Tommy continue to take his leave.

Tommy grins at Rex and continues to head backstage. 


Chris Sanders approaches Tommy as he is getting into his car. 

CS: A few words? 

Tommy: Sure Chris.

CS: What are you thinking? This has now become a 6 match series. Rickman turned on you. Pendragon and not Syndicate is now the Undisputed Champion. 

Tommy raises his hand. 

Tommy: I get it Chris, in a matter of 7 days a lot has changed. Welcome to this business. A consistently changing environment. I want to start by applauding the new temporary champion, although I was really looking forward to finally defeating Syndicate for the title, Pendragon impressed us all and beat me to it. Now Pendragon, he must know he's on borrowed time for soon he will have to confront me, and that will be the end of his story as champion. 
As much as Rex McAllister wishes to believe, he isn't going to be WWX's next World Champ. Rex may have thought that he played a smart game by including my pal Rickman to his scheme, I guess in the end it was in fact Rex McAllister Who was the more desperate one just as I claimed a few weeks back. 
We now move on to our sixth match and although Rex McAllister feels he's owned this series, on Ravage I close this series and his dreams of becoming a two time world champion in the near future. Chris, on Ravage I guarantee I am going to advance to the Undisputed Championship match....

Tommy enters the car and puts the key into the ignition... 

Tommy: I Am Coming! 


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