Jokes on me (Ravage)

Roleplay Roleplay by WILLIE STEEN
On Wed, Nov08, 2017 11:22pm America/Phoenix
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Jokes on me (Ravage)
(Scene opens in the backstage locker room of Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia, the site for WWX Hall of Pain. Slumped in a chair next to an empty locker is WWX superstar, Willie Steen, dressed in his street clothes and staring at his cell phone with a sour look on his face. The sound of the raucous Hall of Pain crowd can be heard in the background and Steen continues to dispiritedly, peruse his phone, seated alone in the locker room. The crowd outside lets out another cheer and Steen looks up at a monitor screen, briefly checking the action. His expression does not waver as he reaches down and grabs a bottle of water. He takes a drink and then looks back down at his phone. He presses a button and the sound of a dial tone comes through the speakerphone. After a few rings, a voice comes through on the other end.)

Voicemail: Hello, you’ve reached the cell phone of James Bourne. I'm not available to take your call at this moment, but if you leave your name –


(Steen pockets his cell phone and takes another drink from the water bottle. With a deep, heavy sigh, he get to his feet and grabs a small duffel bag out of the locker. He sets it on the floor next to him. He then takes a second to fix the collar of his jacket and grabs his water bottle to take another drink. As he does, another thunderous round of cheers can be heard in the background. Steen then whips around and angrily fires the water bottle against the wall of the empty locker, sending water flying everywhere. He then grabs the chair by its back and flings it across the room. Steen snatches up his bag, and storms out of the room. The loud bang of the locker room door echoes throughout the empty room as the scene fades to black.)

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