Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Wed, Jul26, 2017 12:12pm America/Phoenix
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[A big, panning shot of the audience. “Jumpman” by Drake is playing as the sweeping shot focuses on the entrance ramp. Cam Westport is mid entrance, the clip is in gray scale at ¾ speed. The camera zooms in on Westport as he yells to the audience. As the clip continues a voice over comes on]

Cam “It is easy to be hated. People hate good athletes that speak their mind. People don’t like me.”

[The clip changes to Cam shouting at an audience member mid match.]

Cam “I’m not a puppet, I’m a superstar and I’ll be the first person to tell you that. That’s not what people want to hear though. People want to hear me respect my opponents and thank my supporting cast and to thank God for what I have. I don’t care what people want to hear.”

[Clips of Cam hitting the Game Changer and the W are shown. Clobbering punches and punishing kicks are shown devastating opponents.]

Cam “I won’t say any of that because I don’t need to respect my opponents, I am better than them. God gave me a 6’7 frame, but I’m the one who put thousands of hours of sweat equity into my body. I’ve crafted the life that is in front of me. I’m an incredible athlete because of me.”

[Clips are shown of Cam outside of the ring. Looking at advertisements on the side of MSG showing him and his Fury opponents. He is shown watching a sports channel covering the upcoming Fury card, talking about him.]

Cam “Come Fury I don’t care if I’m the least experienced, I don’t care if I’m the least liked. I don’t care if I’m the only non-former world champion in my match. All I care about is that out of the five of us… I’ll be the next one to win the World Title. The wannabe cool guys… the flippy shit guys Willie Steen and Krimzon Blaze are gnats to me and I will squash them accordingly. As for the big hosses Kurtis Ray and Darkness, I see two big boys, who are going to run out of gas in the marathon match that this is bound to turn into. Two big men in their 30s are not a promising choice to come out the other side of a match that is all about outlasting your opponents.”

[As “Jumpman” hits its hook the scene cuts to the gym, with each time it says Jumpman Cam is shown doing another lifts. Bench Press, Squat, Clean, Curl, Medicine Ball Throws, Box Jumps.]

Cam “Too long I’ve spent hovering at the bottom of the World Title picture, getting #1 contender matches and the occasional shot at the gold. This is the end of the winding path to the big one. This is where I cement my name at the top of the list and get a 1 on 1 title shot, instead of having meddling, out of place, 3rd place people like Krimzon Blaze. Fury is where I ascend.”
[Cam throws a towel over his head, grabs a gatorade and wraps up his work out as “Jumpman” plays out.]

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