Just Another Rescue!

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Tue, Oct31, 2017 1:02am America/Phoenix
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Just Another Rescue!
(The camera is focussing on a dark alley way. It is so dark that you can only see one metre into the alleyway until it suddenly turns pitch black.)


???: Yeah, don't worry, you can come with me to my ship the Flying Bacon.

( You can now see a faint outline of Super Bacon wearing his signature costume. He is talking to a young man. He has Blonde short hair and is tall and skinny it looks like he has many injuries is name is Terry.)

Terry: Thankyou so much Super Bacon. You saved me from those... those... thugs. I didn't know who they were.

Super Bacon: Shush, don't worry it happens a lot. Oh we're nearly there .

(The camera is now facing at a huge skyscraper. The one it is focusing on stands out from all the others it has a massive bacon with a cape on it. It has light blue stained glass but can still be seen through. It is the tallest skyscraper in the area).

Super Bacon: Welcome to 'The Bacon Building!'... Yeah I need to work on the name... I haven't decided on the name yet.

Terry: Yeah... Buuuuuut it still looks amazing. So where is the Flying Bacon.

SB: Oh ummmm.... (3 minutes go by) Oh Yeah!!!

Terry: Owwww (holding his ears)  Bit loud.

SB: Oops, sorry Terry didn't realise I was that loud. Dave must have put on the invisibility mode. Let me call him quick.

(Super Bacon pulls an iPhone 8 out of his pocket and dials a number. The phone then starts to ring and then someone picks the phone up from the other end).

SB: Hey Dave.

Dave: Oh hi, what's up

SB: I just need you to turn of invisibility on the Flying Bacon

Dave: Alrighty then, as you say sir.

(The camera is now in a room with Dave sat at a chair on the computer he hangs up the phone he starts typing on the computer rapidly and then the computer switches to the home screen, that must have been the password, he then opens a tab saying ' Flying Bacon Abilities') 

Dave: OK turn off the invisibility, that's what the boss said.

( The tab opens up and comes up with lots of different buttons Dave then tries to search for the invisibility button after 2 minutes go by and Dave suddenly gasps)

Dave : There it is. The INVISIBILITY button. Finally, took me a while.

(Dave clicks on a bright yellow button with a huge I on it).

(The camera is now back at the scene with Super Bacon and Terry. They are sat down plating around with the rocks on the pavement).

SB: FINALLY! He actually turned the darn thing off. Now do you wanna go straight to the Flying Bacon and then have a tour or have a tour and then go on the flying bacon or not have a tour at all.

Terry: Can we go to the flying bacon and then go for the tour please. My cuts and bruises hurt. 

SB: Certainly Terry, let's go.

(They start to walk over to the building. Suddenly, Super Bacon stops)

SB: I could have just asked you that question after I called Dave and then as soon as we would be there it would have been visible.

(Super Bacon face palms)

SB: I hate it when that happens. I have the idea straight after it won't work. 

Terry: Oooook then......... 

SB: Sorry about that... Ok ... Moving on.

(They both start walking into the building. The first room is a standard waiting\main reception but has a twist all the walls are blue and there are lots of people around on high tech never seen before computers all the people look absolutely different).

SB: OK this is the main reception. Now let's go to the elevator.

Worker 1 : hey boss

SB: Hi Tim

Worker 2: Hey Boss

SB: Hey Larry!

Worker 3: (Glumly) Hello

SB: (grumpily as well ) Chris

(They walk towards the elevator which has the signature Bacon with a cape. They walk inside the elevator and Super Bacon presses the button with a FB sign on it. No that is not for face book, it is for flying bacon. The doors shut and the elevator goes up. 1 minute goes by. The doors open and a robotic voice says)

Robot voice: Floor ' Flying Bacon '.

SB: Here we are the flying bacon.

Terry: Woah!! Its the actual flying bacon... Can we go inside?

SB: I can obviously cos it is my ship

Terry: OK then can IIIII go inside?

SB: Of course you can. Why didn't you ask before?

(Terry facepalms)
Terry: (under his breath) I.. I did

(Super Bacon walks up to the door and knocks . The door opens and Dave is standing at the entrance)

Dave: Hello Super Bacon. Good to see you again. Oh who is this young lad.

SB: Oh this is Terry

Terry: Hi Dave (under his breath) This is so cool

Dave: So why have you brought him here then.

SB: I have brought him here because I have just saved him from a group of thugs. He is injured so I just have to give him a bandage and and ice pack and I will get his parent to meet him at the front door. After his tour of course!

Dave: Ok . Bring him in.

(Super Bacon and Terry walk through the door of the Flying Bacon. Super Bacon brings Terry to a chair and walks off).

Terry: Woah. This is so COOL!!

(Super Bacon walks back in and wraps a bandage around Terry's arm and puts a plaster on Terry's forehead).

Terry: Thanks so much Super Bacon. For helping me and saving me from those weirdos.

SB: Don't worry. Are you ready for the tour?

Terry: Yeah!!!

SB: You know you are the first person to not work here to ever come in.

Terry: Yayy!! Thanks.

(They start their tour)

( The tour lasts for 1 hour as Terry is injured).

(They end up at the front door and Terry's mum is stood there as well).

Terrys Mum: Oh there you are Terry I have been worried sick. What happened?

SB: He got attacked by some thugs in an alley way.

Terry's mum: That's terrible. Oh thankyou so much Super Bacon.

SB: Oh don't worry. It's just another rescue. Just like how I am going to rescue that case against  Kurtis Ray, Jake Devine, Xavier Pendragon, Krimzon Blaze and Rayne. Yes they are tough opponents but I always have a chance. This is my big break!!!!!!

Terry's mum: ooh how wonderful

SB : Here have these tickets to my match and come and cheer me on

(Super Bacon hands her two tickets with hall of pain on it)

Terry's mum: Thank you so much.

Terry and his mum: Bye!!

(Terry and his mum walk off and they are out of vies the camera turns to black out).

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