Just Like the Rest

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Thu, Nov16, 2017 3:11am America/Phoenix
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Just Like the Rest
???: You say that I'm not gonna get any haters and neysayers for our match on Saturday but yet you're sitting there looking at tapes from 4 years ago thinking that those tapes are going to help you beat me? And then you're gonna say that you're gonna know me BETTER than I know myself? Give me a break. The only thing you have just proven is that you are indeed like the rest of the locker room in the WWX.

The camera pans out to see Xavier Pendragon in an indoor pool of some kind. He goes underwater for a few moments before he resurfaces.

XAVIER: Euan, you can look at all the tapes you want and keep believing that those tapes are gonna hold the key for you to defeat me and I'm simply gonna do what I did at Hall of Pain- prove how wrong and off beat you are. You also say that you've been thrown in the deep end- as if I care you've been thrown into the deep end or not. Lemme break it down for you: I don't.

Xavier gets out the pool and dries his face off and sits next to a table. On the table is a glass of what appears to be OJ while at the base of the table is the Race for the Case briefcase. Xavier takes a sip of the OJ before he resumes his thoughts.

XAVIER: You also assume that I'm supposed to be impressed by you being a former AAA Champion- I'm not. The fact you are a former champion, I will at least respect you for that. So Euan tell me, since you say that you'll be spending your time looking at old tapes from 4 years ago and the rest of my old tapes, do you honestly think that they are going to make a lick of difference in our upcoming match on Ravage? You certainly think so and want me to believe the exact same thing, is that it? DO you honestly think that looking at all my old matches will give you some kind of edge in our match? Is that what you're looking for? Just because you returned from your hiatus or something that you're gonna beat me just because you're "the great Euan Milton? IS THAT IT?! No Euan. It doesn't work out that way. Bob Mellon thought the EXACT same way you did. His first match back in the WWX was against me and he swore up and down he was going to end me. I'll give you 3 guesses as to how that match ended. 

Xavier takes one last sip of OJ before he gets up, moving back towards the pool.

XAVIER: Oh, something else you seem to have forgotten Euan. You think I spend all of my time in the gym working out and training. As you can plainly see, not as much as I use to, but don't get it twisted. Come Ravage, you won't be facing the same Xavier Pendragon you claim to remember. While you and ones I have faced before you have all tried to say that they are better than me due to past encounters, I continue to look towards the future and come time for our match on Ravage Euan, your future don't look good.

Without another word, Xavier jumps back into the pool, going for another swim.

scene fades

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