Just your new ray of sunshine....

On Fri, Jan26, 2018 8:55pm America/Phoenix
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Just your new ray of sunshine....
When we last saw the man from the land of 304, the West Virginia Mountaineer was victorious in a match regarding the Crusade Cup.  Then, last week, more matches for the Crusade Cup were on Ravage and wrestlers being spotlighted as the next round of competitors were decided.  But last week's Ravage didn't see one hair of the Mountain State Madman.  Not one hair, or one breath was made known to the WWX fans.  Today, that changes.  Because, today, we're hours away from the next match up for the West Virginia Mountaineer on the road to being able to raise the Crusade Cup high as its winner.  

The crazy thing about places like Long Beach, California, is that they have many beach related areas an still run into moments where people like West Virginia Mountaineer would talk about all kinds of things.  Rooftops, alleys, and even early morning stop at a beach.  All surroundings would be perfect to just let go on it.  Then, you see a room, along with the 3-0-4's own brawling WWX sensation standing with a smile on his face. A World Wrestling eXistence banner behind his frame.

West Virginia Mountaineer:  It's really easy to be considered folks.  West Virginia Mountaineer taking steps to be around this week versus the week before, baby.  People last week, they were hopin' to see the 3-0-4's own fight once again.  Instead, no West Virginia Mountaineer at all for WWX fans and people wonder about.  No West Virginia Mountaineer to make his fellow statesmen smile about their home town and home land. The people from West Virginia Mountaineer's home town called up his family and asked "why, oh why, isn't our pride and joy and glory of WWX on Ravage?  Why didn't West Virginia Mountaineer take some time to tell everyone where the true power lies?"

In the few seconds of silence, Mountaineer shrugs and shakes his head. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  From all the buzz West Virginia Mountaineer has heard, it's rather clear:  his fans want to see the crème de la crème rise to the top!  That happens to be him.  The one and only West Virginia Mountaineer.  Now, as we get the chance to see the Mountain State Madman move on down the road in the Crusade Cup tournament, and we get to hear again from that man on how things are going, the question is begged for and is:  "how do you plan to move on?  How do you plan to continue your rise to true fame in WWX and eventual victory in the Crusade Cup?"  It's simple.  It's take the days as they come.  Take the matches as they come.  West Virginia Mountaineer does just that!  West Virginia Mountaineer looks at tape and looks at every opponent.  West Virginia Mountaineer can't help when preparation gets beaten by luck. And believe it when he says, West Virginia Mountaineer has won by sheer luck.  

Mountaineer sighs. 

West Virginia Mountaineer:  It's not the favorite way West Virginia Mountaineer chooses to win, baby. He's got more pride than that.  He wants to radiate the vibrations of excellence in the ring.  That's quite the thing to do, as being a shining beacon is what you could say champions do.  Nothing more would West Virginia Mountaineer like than to be WWX champion and a true shining ray of hope and determination and class.  Speaking of rays, Kurtis Ray!  Kurtis Ray, champion in WWX that you are, specifically tag team title holder, you're not charging through WWX right now.  You haven't had the hype train full of coal power, or fire power, or nuclear power, or kryptonite power in the past few weeks.  Are you really ready to face off against someone like West Virginia Mountaineer?  Don't. Think. So.  

Mountaineer points to camera.

West Virginia Mountaineer:  This week, Kurtis, you get a great chance to show WWX what the weakness of this place is all about, baby!  West Virginia Mountaineer has been talking about it since he's been around and nobody, NOT ONE PERSON, has put West Virginia Mountaineer's talk to counterpoint.  This week's Ravage is gonna show you, Kurtis, that maybe....maybe...you should've spoke up and took West Virginia Mountaineer's talk seriously.  Should've said something.  Instead, West Virginia Mountaineer is gonna use this opportunity, against Kurtis Ray, to be a new ray of reason and sunshine!  It's coming, your worst loss ever, Kurtis Ray.  It's coming, the Crusade Cup to the West Virginia Mountaineer.  Don't believe me?  Let's Go!  


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