Karaoke Night Reunion

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Mon, Aug07, 2017 3:39pm America/Phoenix
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Karaoke Night Reunion

[The scene begins with an outside shot of the Northside Tavern. The paint is chipped and worn off on the run down, dilapidated building but what this place lacks in appearance is more than made up for by the alcohol fueled memories being made inside.]

[The camera cuts to a bright hot pink neon light buzzing inside of the establishment.]


[It's karaoke night and the post Fury Blade Club celebration is about to be in full swing. The camera walks past the row of cushioned stools next to the bar on the hardwood floor to show former WWX superstar's Astonishing Ashton and The BIG "O" Ozias Breccan on the karaoke stage in center view rocking the mic with their duet version of Queen's "We will rock you".]


-A$toni$hing A$hton-

Buddy you're a boy make a big noise
Playin' in the street gonna be a big man some day
You got mud on yo' face
You big disgrace
Kickin' your can all over the place

-A$hton and Breccan-

We will we will rock you
We will we will rock you

-Ozias Breccan-

Buddy you're a young man hard man
Shoutin' in the street gonna take on the world some day
You got blood on yo' face
You big disgrace
Wavin' your banner all over the place

-A$hton and Breccan-
We will we will rock you
(Sing it!)
We will we will rock you

[The camera takes a sudden right turn and pans across the game room to reveal Napalm Steele racking the balls for Erik "E.Legal" Killings to break on the Billiard table set up catercorner from the pinball and classic arcade video game machines section where Amazing Grace and CoSMo oDySsEy are battling to beat each others top scores.]


[on the back wall, the NEW International Champion and man of the hour is keeping a low profile shooting darts with his professional wrestling mentor, Ruthless Russ Riker. blade Archer wears a blindfold to make the game more interesting and fair. He lifts the dart, aims and throws! Almost immediately a yelp of pain is heard. Archer removes the blindfold to see a dart stuck in the right cheek on the face of a very large and angry Samoan.]

-Samoan Drunk-

What da hell, man! Did you really just hit me in the face with a dart?! You MUST have a death wish.

[The heavy Samoan grabs an empty beer bottle and breaks the end off into a sharp, jagged edge. A smile spreads over the Samoan man as he slowly moves in closer. The sixty plus year old veteran Ruthless Russ Riker casually grabs a pitcher of beer and pours the remaining amber ale into a now full glass then proceeds to slam the pitcher into the Samoans face, imploding it to pieces then following up with a knee to the crotch and a brass knuckle sandwich that lays the big man out. Blayde richer spits on the man as he steps on then over the unconscious body and approaches the camera with a that trademark mischievous smile of his.]

Fury's Night of champions will go down as arguably the best non Pay per view event in WWX history. Fill you and I have spilled each other's blood all over this craphole of a country and all around the world.. From city to city. State to State. continent to continent.. All culminating in the ultimate showdown for ultimate supremacy. I will admit that you proved yourself to be a far better competitor than I originally gave you credit of being and not ashamed to say that you helped me elevate my game through competition and brought the savage warrior out in me..for that I thank you. That is how you earn the Club's respect. This is the Fill WWX wants and desperately needs. The confident and capable championship caliber talent that can take anyone to their limits on any given night. Now my Blade Club Brethren, the Hebrew Hitman Ezra Zion and the Juggernaut Justice Johnston? 


[The camera swings over to the heavily bandaged tag team champions. Ezra Zion sips wine in a thick neck brace from a flute glass through a bendy crazy straw as Justice Johnston is wrapped in a sling throwing back a row of Vodka shots.]


Those two been through hell and back inside that cell. Sure my boys came out on the wrong end by losing the tag team titles against a hall of fame legend in the prime of his career and a former World champion on the fast track to become a first ballot hall of famer himself one day but these two won something even more valuable. Respect.. and that is worth more than any weight in gold. Congrats to The Lipton and McAllister tandem. That was one HELL of a match that helped put the Blade Club on the wrestling map and even in losing my crew can hold their heads high and proud.

[Blayde Archer signals the waitress for another round of shots as he and Ruthless Russ Riker takes seats at the table next to Johnston and Zion who grimace in pain as the two scoot over slightly.]


Now that those two masked monsters associated with Fill revealed themselves, we need an insurance policy. The Jester and The Nordic Nightmare MANHANDLED our Juggernaut of Devastation like a ragdoll! That is why I decided to call in a favor from father time here.

[Ruthless Russ Riker smirks at the smart @ss remark and responds by slapping Archer with a purposely stiff hand clap across the back that sends him into a recoil.]

-Ruthless Russ Riker-

You boys have made a lot of enemies here.. A. LOT. Of enemies.. which is why you need a female on the team to watch your back, front and all sides. She is a third generation talent but more important than that, she is family. Gentlemen, say hello to the newest addition of the Blade Club. She is my granddaughter and your new muscle.
["The Rebel" Reagan Riker suddenly appears out of seemingly nowhere with arms stretched over the black baseball bat behind her neck.]


[Blayde Archer's smile grows wider as he rubs both hands together in a villainous manner. The waitress returns with two trays of shots then gets a 100$ tip and a smack on the cheek for her troubles.]


Check and mate. Bishop Polaris won't even know what hit him.. Here's too new beginnings and handing out vicious beatings..

[The camera slowly pulls back from the Blade Club inhaling shots as we fade out to black.]

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