Karma Zone

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On Sat, Sep08, 2018 7:23pm America/Phoenix
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Karma Zone
[The camera opens on a closeup of Airen Frost. The number one contender to the WWX World Championship Title has his head-bowed and the hood of his large snow white hoodie jacket raised, darkening his face, though the slight smile is still visible below the dark line of shadow. Frost tilts his head up slightly, opening both icey blue eyes and looking into the camera.]

[The scene cuts to a montage of clips from past weeks leading up to the showdown at Coliseum.]

Xander Adams being handed the WWX World Championship Title for the sixth time after becoming the first and only two time World Series Winner.

The referee using both hands to raise the giant arm of Airen Frost after winning a number one contenders match in a fatal four way match.

Xander Adams unmasking a bloody DragonFly and held as a trophy.

Airen Frost throws Ozias Breccan through the windshield of the “BIG O” taco truck.

[The camera cuts back to the same close up.]

This is my game, my rules. 

[Another montage.]

Frost hitting Frost’s bite.

Xander Adams super kicking DragonFlys face off with X marks the spot.

Frost hitting an Avalanche Splash on a cornered victim.

Xander Adams dragging the WWX World Championship Title on the ground.

[The camera cuts back to close up.]


This.. is THE BIG TIME. 
Main Event. 
Mr. Showtime vs Wrestling’s BIGGEST Threat.

[Leon Jones stands in front of the Coliseum logo backstage, dwarfed in size by the Arctic Giant Airen Frost who is shown in a white polar bear logo sleeveless shirt.]

LJ: I'm Leon Jones reporting for WWX and joining me now, getting ready for the BIGGEST match of his young career is the number one contender for the WWX Championship, Airen Frost.



LJ: Thanks for being with us. Now, you're heading into Coliseum on the back of some strong momentum after arriving on the scene with a bang where career after career were cut short, thanks to this seven foot-two inch tall, five hundred plus pound living, breathing Arctic GIANT standing next to me. 


Ozias Breccan. Gone. Out indefinitely with a broken neck.

Riddick “the Critic” Crooke? Sipping food through a hospital straw as we speak.

Even the great Gimmick Jones felt the power of this Polar Bear when I tossed his sorry carcass off the roof top of a bowling alley and into the bed of a manure truck then dropped his own bowling ball down on his lifeless corpse, crushing his chest cavity. That crazy bastard is one tough s.o.b. though with enough balls to come back for more. Not sure if that's an attribute of bravery or stupidity but either way, I can respect that. He might be a major douchebag but the man has zero quit in him.

Far as Coliseum? This is my chance to make the best play for the WWX Championship that no one can deny me. It is my opportunity to seize this moment and make it my own.

LJ: You do realize though, that you are facing a dangerous, wiley, experienced veteran, an in ring general and a six time World Champion in Mr. Showtime, Xander Adams..


Xander is a cunning individual that possesses both talent and skill, no doubt. Only a fool would underestimate a man of his ability, the same way only the ignorant chooses to poke the bear for their twisted game for some sick pleasure. You wanted to prove a point and make an example, Showtime? Well now the tables have turned brother and I am the karma coming to return the favor, three fold. “WHOOOOO!”

[Airen Frost mimics the showtime shuffle strut as he walks out of view, leaving a smiling Leon Jones watching as he exits the scene to a slow fade to black.]

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