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On Wed, Jun14, 2017 10:38pm America/Phoenix
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Keep talking
[The camera opens up showing the streets of Hartford. Numerous rundown buildings can be seen as the camera shows the hurt this city has fallen under. The camera moves through the city and lands inside what appears to be an old building. The camera moves in and finds a man sitting at a table  in a pair of ripped blue jeans, a black hoodie covering his head. A candle can be seen burning as the man speaks in a low voice, his hands waving over the fire].

???: All this time, and they finally begin to get it. You sit and listen to people talk, listen to their words, and once again just shake your head. Their existence is that of sadness, sickness, or just absurdity. You all want to talk big games, yet what have you proven?

[The camera follows as he slides his hoodie back revealing Rayne. He turns looking into the camera and continues speaking].

Rayne: I have been waiting for the chance to get my hands on quite a few people as of late. People who have wronged me, I have issues to settle, or just plain cant stand. And yet, somehow, the gods have aligned and given me all of them all at once...and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. You see, I have waited to get my hands on all of the people that are in this match for quite some time, and for different reasons. But you see, in order to know how much this match means, you have to analyze the reason that it is happening. A lot of people think that this match is all about the ratings, and hey, maybe it is for management, but its far more than that for us. Unlike most people that are being thrown into matches right and left, each of us in this match have a history with each other. 

[Rayne reaches down and grabs hold of his signature hammer. He stares at it for a moment turning it in his hands as he smiles in the light and continues speaking].

Rayne: To begin, Giant Khoklov. Since the last time you and I met, you have avoided me. You have done everything that you possibly could to make sure that you are no longer in my sights, in my path of righteousness. The last time that we stepped into the ring with each other, you were far more overpowered than you thought you would be, and took every advantage you could to get the hell out of dodge before you were the one that I dropped onto the mat, pinned, and hung high above the crowd. I told everyone that it had to do with you taking on Fill, but my true intentions came to light. It was never about him. It was about being better than you. History has proven that for every goliath, there is a david just wanting to take him down. I am your david. I am the man who threw the stone to take the big man down first. Since then, you have been on a downward spiral. You've taken beatings right and left and not done anything productive. This time will be no different. They gave me you on a stake, and this time around, I intend to take full advantage of it. Your meaning in this match is nothing more than to try and wear all of us down, and take us down as you can. However, you wont be the one to last very long in this match. You are nothing more than fodder, and I intend to show you just how much your career means here in WWX. Which brings me to my next one. 

[Rayne sets the hammer down and picks up a beer bottle. He tosses it up a few times and then cracks the top, fizz shooting everywhere. He tips it back and takes a quick swig, and then holds it out into the light].

Rayne: Some people don't seem to understand that just because they think that they are owed something, or think that they deserve something, that they should just get in other peoples way and take it. The initiative is there, but other than that, you have far miscalculated your worth. Blayde Archer, I must say that you turned some heads with your recent actions. Given the fact that you are in this match, it shows that they want to see what you have, and I sure hope that you don't disappoint. You were the first person that I have heard from since this match was announced, and you had quite the things to say about all of us. Talking about how I am ruthless, yet all I do is quote bible verses. The fact that you are not woke like I am is your own issue. I apologize that you all have no figured out that there is more to life than keeping your head dug up each others as*es and trying to look cool, however...I digress. You see, you for me are the wild card in this match. I don't know much about you. I haven't seen you win a legit match since you have been here in WWX, and now you have the opportunity to prove yourself. No disqualifications like you are used to, nowhere to run, and you are in the ring with three other men all who want to kill each other. I find myself wondering where you think you fit into all this? 

[Rayne continues to flip the bottle as the remainder of the contents fall to the floor. He looks back at the camera and continues speaking].

Rayne: You fit perfectly here. You see, you took something away that belonged to me two weeks ago, and I have not forgot about it. I have been thinking quite a bit about it, and what I intend to do to you when I first got the opportunity. While I generally thought I had bigger fish to fry, they wanted to make sure that you weren't missed in the grand scheme. The things that you said about me are no more true than me calling you intelligent, a gentlemen, or sincere. You are nothing more than a knuckle dragging Neanderthal that is going to get put back into place in this match. I intend to show you why its well noted you don't get into my way when I go after things. A bottle just like this is what you used to end my chances of getting there. You got involved in something that had nothing to do with you. This time around, there is no running, hiding, or pretending. This time around, you have to fight. And I intend to show you the way of life. I intend to show you how bad this is going to be for you. I want you to feel the pain that I was feeling. I want you to know what a true beating feels like. Keep talking about what you think you deserve and is yours, because in a moments notice I intend to take it all away, much like you did me!

[Rayne leans forward busting the beer bottle into pieces. A piece cuts his hand as a slow blood drip begins falling down. He stares at it as he continues speaking].

Rayne: And finally *laughs* Finally, my ol confidant and ally Fill. Two weeks have went by since you and I met in the ring, and I still feel it with every inch of my being. Like Archer, I must admit that you did not disappoint in your coming out. The things that you don't seem to understand though is that I did what I did because I had to. You didn't give me a choice. You were weak, and it was up to me to show you that. You needed an alpha male to bring your darkness back out of you, and since that happened, I have seen some of the best matches you've ever had come out of you. You can say what you want, but at the end of the day the best thing that you can do is thank me for bringing out the best in you once more. However, your hype train has to stop, and this will once again be the place to do it. You gave me everything that you had Fill, and I felt it for days afterward, but we both knew who the better man that walked out that night was. I took a win on paper that night, but paper is not good enough. You and I have unfinished business and we have people that are in the way that is stopping just that. 

[Rayne stands and reaches down on the table in front of him holding up a When Worlds Collide shirt. He turns it in the light for a minute and then looks at the camera, a smile etched onto his face].

Rayne: The question that has been on a lot of peoples minds is will I form an alliance? Will I take out the other two with Fill and show the world that we can still work as a team? Will I go rogue and help take Fill out first ensuring that we have a new champion regardless of the outcome. Well, I would love to answer that for you all, but I wont give you the satisfaction of knowing until the time comes. The only thing that you all need to know is this. I am ready to take out all this anger, aggression, hate, rage, hurt, all of it...on each of you. There will be no one spared the wrath of the arch angel, and your senseless ramblings about being better than me, or more focused, are just that...ramblings. At the end of the day, when the dust falls and the suns sets, the best man will win that day. And that best man is the one you are looking at right now. I am Rayne. I am the Silent Assassin. I am the Arch Angel.!

[Rayne slams a hand on the table letting the shirt go flying behind him. He stares into the camera as he reaches down towards the candle].

Rayne: I look forward to seeing what else you all have to say. I am going to sit back and watch and wait to see who has the most heart to go with me into this match. I challenge you all to match mine, and know that you are bringing everything that you have. This time around, when we step into that ring, I will walk out with the championship that should have been on my shoulder in the first place. I will continue on my path that I set on Fill, I will take you down a few notches Archer, and I will show the giant that David has risen. All three of you will soon be able to look at each other, run to the hills, and tell all your friends...its the Rayne...and I felt it. 

[Rayne reaches down pinching the flame as the scene goes black].

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