King Richard adresses his kingdom

Roleplay Roleplay by KING RICHARD
On Mon, May15, 2017 6:06am America/Phoenix
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King Richard adresses his kingdom
[The music of King Richard blasts through the arena and King Richard enters the ring ]

King Richard: "Good evening dear followers of me,the glorious king of this realm of incredible athletes competing for glory and popularity.I regret to tell you though that this is all pointless now that I have arrived to take back my rightly deserved throne on-top of this wonderful place.As it turns out some fool has put me in a match with a guy called Tom Black, mow I have heard of this gentleman and apparently according to my loyal adviser Winston he is really quite bad.I have a message for this Tom Black and its this : Now I don't know who you are but I can tell you this,I'm not the king of WWX for nothing you know and you might just find yourself in a bit of a royal mess.

[King richard starts laughing as he smiles royally to the crowd and he turns to the hard cam and calls]

King Richard: "This is my domain, don't challenge me without due care or you will get royally schooled"

[More laughing follows]   

King Richard: "Tom Black is probably mocking me but he isn't the 189th relative to the queen,given the same training as a royal guard and a bit more on top of that"

[A butler appears and whispers into King Richards ear and then walks off]

king Richard(shouting): "My kingdom is under siege so I'm going to blast off now cheerio, and Tom Black I'll see you soon"

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