Knock on your heavens door

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On Mon, May22, 2017 11:12pm America/Phoenix
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Knock on your heavens door
[The scene opens up shortly after Mayhem. The camera moves back to the dark area prior seen as this time a small light can be seen. The camera moves in closer as the scene showing Rayne dispatching both Khoklov and Pendragon can be seen playing over and over again. Soon after, an eerie sound can be heard as something clonks down onto the concrete. An ominous laugh is heard as Rayne's familiar voice can be heard, though he is nowhere to be seen].

Rayne: And yet again, I was underestimated. Two pathetic wish they could be's went and climbed into the ring with what will soon continue to be known as the greatest tag team of all time. Did you all see the crowd reaction?! Did you see the energy?! Did you see...the....*breathes deeply* destruction?! Of course you did. OF COURSE YOU DID! However...there was something else that im sure you all saw, that everyone saw. You saw some fat, stupid, oversized tub of lard come and put his nose where it didn't belong. You saw him strike myself on numerous occasions, eventually tossing me down the stage. He took advantage of us after being tired, and took the best of us. What happened next, I wasn't even ready for. He took my partner, the only friend that I had...and threw him off the stage. He smashed him through tables and left him there for whatever was in that hole. 

[Footsteps can be heard as Rayne slowly steps out into a small amount of light. An object can be made out in his hands].

Rayne: I followed the ambulance out of here. I watched as they pulled him out of that hole, drug him out and put him on a gurney, and then shuttled him off and away. I watched as they checked his vitals, started his IV's, and made sure that he was going to be okay. But...what you didn't see coming, what you all weren't ready for...was the arch angel. The devil inside of me. What you weren't ready for is the true silent assassin. I thought about my next move, and turned towards the monitor as I heard that morons music. I saw that worthless pile of flesh trotting his fat as* down the stage, DOWN MY STAGE...*breathing heavily*...and crawl into my ring. I saw him and that other has been Pendragon attempting to put on the only type of match that they know how, a real crap fest if you will, and decided I wasn't going to wait this time. I wasn't going to sit back and let this injustice continue. So I began thinking what to do. What should I do to return the favor? Then it hit me. Hit me like the front end of 50 pounds of driving metal to the side of the head *laughs* Turn ol' faithful.

[Rayne steps further into the light with the sledgehammer by his side. Leaning on the hilt, he stares into the camera with a blank stare and a sick smile. He continues speaking].

Rayne: When I started towards the stage, I got met by security. That you didn't see. They were the first ones. Practice swings if you will. One right after the next, dispatched as I moved on. Then, more came. So I figured take it a different way. Why waste energy on meaningless peons when you can swing for the fences on the ones that mean it. So there, I went through the crowd. Numerous fans attempting to talk to me and encourage me like you all cared. I spit in one of their faces, because that is all the more worth you have to me. That's what you all did to me, and I decided that it was time for you to get the same treatment. When I jumped the barrier, I went to work. I ended both of you. You both tried so hard to stop it, and looking back I wish I would have swung harder. But that's what this week is for. 

[Rayne picks the hammer up and throws it over his shoulder. He continues speaking]

Rayne: You see, when I got back here, I was met by Adams who both praised and tried to scold me. He was impressed that I took down such a big man, but then said that I was wrong for doing what I did. WRONG?! WRONG YOU SAY?! HOW WAS WHAT I DID WRONG?! But...then he told me the best news that I could ever hear. He told are going against both of those men next a street fight! *laughs* A street fight. As if this man didn't see what I did to both of them with sanctions involved, put me into a match where I can do whatever I want with whatever I want and expect it to turn out okay. You see, I don't have feelings. I don't have emotions. All I have anymore is hate. Anger. Discontent. All I see is red from the moment I wake up to the moment I try to sleep. So what you did was not only do me a favor, but sign their death certificate. 

[Rayne takes the hammer and picks it up swinging it like a pendulum. He looks into the camera as he continues speaking].

Rayne: Gentlemen, you will see and hear a lot more of me before our time in the ring. You will see me in your face, while your sleeping, while youre walking down the street, while you are trying to enjoy your families, you...will And while you are doing this. Pendragon, you were nothing more than fodder that was in the way of my target. Now, you are in my crosshairs. Youre time here in WWX was long ago, and your time had passed. You are being roped into something that doesn't involve you, and for the sake of yourself and your family, I suggest this. I suggest that you STAY...AWAY. Do not come into the arena. Do not come through that curtain. Do not step into that ring. Because if you do...*laughs* IF YOU DO...what I did to you last time was childs play. This time around, I intend to hurt you. I intend to be the reason that your family will look at you and ask what happened. I intend to be the reason that you have to walk out here to all those pathetic people in those seats and give your sad retirement speech about how you gave it all you had, but you just couldn't get past me. I intend to be the reason that you never get to wrestle again! I be your final destination. Because when you get into that ring, and get into my way, you are doing the one thing that has been asked not to do, and your time is running out. Think about it. 

[Rayne stops swinging the hammer and picks it up pointing at the camera].

Rayne: Khoklov, as for have finally taken a misstep in your very young career. You have stepped into the crosshairs of an animal. An animal that is relentless, at the top of the food chain, that will stop at nothing to destroy those who get into his way. You want to walk around and think that you can throw your size and it help you?! Tell me something, howd it feel to see all black?! How did it feel to get that eternal peace if only for a moment?! Because with you, this is personal now. You have taken one of few things that make me feel like a human, a friend, a confidant, and destroyed him. Now, like any other man of honor, I must destroy you. I stop at nothing to take out my targets. I Stop at nothing to show big men like you that you really are nothing more than a pile of s*it on two legs. I intend to show you the error of your ways. When you go to bed every night until we meet, I suggest you begin praying to whoever it is you believe in. 

[Rayne turns his back to the camera and throws his hammer up on his shoulder].

Rayne: Gentlemen, your knocking on your heavens door. If I were you, I'd answer. Time is running out. Tick...Tock...Tick...Tock 

[The same laugh is heard once more as he disappears into the darkness once more. The scene fades to black].

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