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On Fri, Jan05, 2018 10:03pm America/Phoenix
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(There are a load of producers gathered around, charging around at breakneck pace. A telling notice for a WWX House Show, advertised as the road to holiday hell but not featuring any of the wrestlers featured on the show. Unsurprisingly Kurtis Ray is present, leaned up against the wall with headphones in, listening to music from his cell phone. After a moment a man with a jacket that says Stage Manager. He leans in close to Kurtis, who takes out the headphones and nods before picking up a robe and pulling it on over his street clothes. He nods to one of the PAs and the muffled intro to "Hype" roars to life.

Kurtis strides forward, pushing out onto the stage as light washes over the camera and the crowd roars for the Hype Train, who claps and plays to the crowd. He holds the Tag Title over his head, earning another round of cheers before he thrusts one hand up into the air and pumps his arm.)


(Finally Kurtis starts on his way down the ramp, the cameraman on his tail. Kurtis bumps fists and trades high fives with fans until he reaches ringside. He points out a fan with a replica of the WWX Undisputed championship that appears to have been modified to show a train motif with a nameplate that says "Kurtis Ray" and badges with Kurtis' logo on them. Kurtis shrugs off his robe, handing it to the fan and taking the belt, using his phone to take a selfie with the elaborate custom before returning it to the fan. Kurtis offers up a fist bump, which the fan returns before the Hype Train continues into the ring.

Kurtis stands in the ring for a moment, basking in the adulation from the fans before one of the ring crew provides him with a microphone. Kurtis raises the mic to speak but pumps his arm again, earning another exuberant train whistle from the fans. Finally he raises the mic, gesturing for the crowd to halt.)

KURTIS: What up, Universe?

(The crowd pops again and Kurtis looks satisfied, leading them in their cheers. He grabs onto the ropes, shaking them for a moment and hollering at nothing before stomping one of his feet.)

KURTIS: This is the first time I've been in this ring in 2018 and I gotta tell you, guys. I don't have a match tonight, but because of you fans this ring makes me feel alive. Makes me feel electrified. Makes me feel like I can do anything. And in a couple of days, I'm going to do just that. You listen to the other guys in the main event, I'm fixing to do the impossible, cause they're all fixing to do the same thing. I've made people angry, I've disappointed people. Darkness did some kind of hokey Harry Potter witchcraft ritual to grant himself strength and protect himself from not winning I guess. They all talk about walking away as the champion, but I have one better in mind. I will take impossible one step further and I'll make sure I'm the one to eliminate everyone. Not only will I walk away from Holiday Hell the champion.... I will leave NO QUESTION in Syndicate, Darkness, or Rayne's mind that they were entirely outclassed by Kurtis Ray.

(The crowd pops again and Kurtis nods his head, bouncing on the balls of his feet and stretching, throwing wide swings and mimicking a fight.)

KURTIS: So earlier Rayne had a bunch of junk to say about me. He talked about how I had disapointed him. He talked about how I keep saying the same thing. He called into question my abilities and my motivation in one fell swoop. And you know what? I brought it on myself. If you'll recall, I mentioned yesterday how I think Rayne is a solid competitor. I think he has potential, but he's not good enough to walk out of the ring as champion. That may sound cruel, I'm sure it does, right?

(There's a mixed reaction from the crowd as the fans of Rayne show their support for the assassin.)

KURTIS: Right? But see, I didn't mean for that to be mean or dismissive. All I meant was, and I'm addressing you directly now, Rayne, is you could beat any one of us, but it is my personal opinion that you're not ready for the warzone you're heading into. It's not a question of your ability or your validity as a contender. Eventually you'll be a great champion, but you are in a realm of giants and as much as you want to pretend, as much as you want to play with the big dogs, you're a daschund rolling into a pen of fighting dogs.

(Kurtis shakes his head, beginning to pace in the ring.)

KURTIS: Anyway, tonight isn;t about trash talking. Tonight is about celebrating. Tonight is about the first time I've been in the ring in 2018, and how even though it's only been a week it feels like an eternity. And it's about the fans, you fans, and what Holiday Hell means to you. Gonna be a damn fine show, right?

(The crowd erupts again, the fans sounding off for their favorite superstars. Kurtis nods his head, waving his hands to get the fans to make more noise.)

KURTIS: Tonight is also about the remainder of the ritual you saw last night. Specifically it's about the airing of grievances. I think I've said all there is to say about Rayne; he's going to make wave but come up short. But then we have your hero, the man of the hour right now and the reigning WWX Champion. Yeah, we're talking about Syndicate.

(Kurtis is silent for a moment, looking thoughtful.)

KURTIS: Syndicate, what's left to say, man? You're the champion, and I want to change that. The last time we faced off in the Cell you came off on top, but if we've learned anything about Kurtis Ray it's that things never go quite the way you expect. You don't like me, I don't like you, but we both love this business. No matter how this goes down, I hope there are no hard feelings. I want to be champion. I want to be the best. The goal I had when I came here ends in the ring with you at Holiday Hell. You've given me something to overcome, and I am hyped to steal a play from your book and overcome you.

(The crowd pops again and Kurtis holds the mic out to the crowd.)

KURTIS: They want to see it, Syndicate. They want to see us drive one another to new heights. You force me to be better, you force me to keep digging deeper and to innovate so I can stop you because it bugs the hell out of me that you have an arbitrary thing that escalates you above me. Soon enough that will change.

(Kurtis lifts himself up to take a seat on top of the turnbuckle, picking his teeth.)

KURTIS: Finally there's the legend. The man we have heard very little from. The man who seems to have written me off before we started. Darkness, if this was any other match I'd probably be pulling for you because you were already a legend long before any of us were here. But there's a funny thing about legends. When you realize that legends are just people, they usually end up being kind of garbage people. And so far you've been a shining example of that. You cut boring promos, you stick your nose where it doesn't belong, and you don't have any respect. Similar to what I've accused Syndicate of before, in fact. You're a definite threat in this match, but you've got just as big of a target on your back as Syndicate as far as I'm concerned. In fact, you know what? I think I'm going to make sure you get eliminated first. You're about to learn why Syndicate calls me one of the toughest competitors he's ever faced. You're going to learn why Rayne called me one of the toughest competitor's he's faced too. I am an obstacle you can't overcome but being bigger and stronger. Like I said before, you don't decide when the Hype Train stops. I do. But yo'll be getting off before the end of the ride, I promise you that.

(Kurtis hops off the turnbuckle. walking to the center of the ring and raising both his arms.)

KURTIS: At Holiday Hell, it's going to be Kurtis Ray's night. They Hype says it's so. The fans want to see it. I want to see it. None of you, NONE of you is enough to stop me. I'll keep coming until I achieve my goal. Holiday Hell, I will prove, as I have said, that I am the ultimate force in that ring and you will be crushed before the second coming of hype. All aboard.

(Kurtis drops the mic and his music starts to play. Kurtis climbs up n the turnbuckle again, pointing off into the crowd where there's a banner for Holiday Hell hung. The camera zooms in on the banner and fades to black while Hype continues to play.)

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