L.A. Summer Days

Roleplay Roleplay by JAKE DEVINE
On Wed, Jul19, 2017 1:06pm America/Phoenix
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L.A. Summer Days
The camera opens to the outside of Jake Devine's Los Angeles house. Loud music can be heard. The view shifts to the pool, where a huge party is raging, with Jake Devine on the DJ booth, wearing green shorts and aviator glasses. The camera focuses on the party itself. People jump up and down, drinking shots and dancing. Two bikini clad women make out in the pool, and some people lift the waiter and throw him into the water. As the song ends, Jake leaves the booth, being handed a towel to wipe out the sweat.

Jake: Greetings, WWX Universe, and welcome to my house. Oh, I missed the LA Summer, so I couldn't miss the opportunity to throw out a huge party as soon as I could. I invited Steen over, but sadly he didn't show up. Hopefully he's not feeling bad about his defeat. Steen needs to have more fun, man, he doesn't enjoy life as much as he should. As much as I do.

Jake takes a glass of champagne from the table, and walks over to his wife Megan, greeting her with a kiss. He places his arm over her shoulder as they start to walk.

Jake: Things are starting to heat up. As I get more and more wins, more people become interested in taking me down. Too bad, I don't plan on losing a single match over this summer. Throw in whoever you want at me, and I will make sure to walk out with the win. Now, let's see who I get to face this week. My next opponents are very interesting.

Jake and Megan sit in two beach chairs, side by side, Jakw taking a sip of his champagne.

Jake: The Blade Club. The new hotshot trio around. Honestly, I'd rather face Blayde alone, but instead, I will face all 3 of them. However, I also have 420 with me. My very first match, I faced them with my old partner Ricky. So. I know a lot about them. Can I trust them? You bet I can, these two are really tough. Could be their...medicinal herbs make them so strong. Nah. But really, Tinordi and Glazerbrook hit real hard. Now, let's talk about the Blayde Club itself.

Jake places his glass at a nearby coffee table, and sits up, with his smartphone in hand, showing a picture of E-Z, Archer, and Johnston.

Jake: I don't know that much about the Club...yet. Still, I can point out that Justice Johnston, despite being big, is their weak point. I mean. Sure, he's really big and strong. However, as is the case with men of his size, his actual wrestling skills are lacking. A few big throws here, some clotheslines there...and that's all he can do. I am faster than him, and I also have more stamina than him. I can easily tire him. Next, Ezra Zion. He's fast, and unpredictable. Could be dangerous. However, as is the case with fast and unpredictable opponents, his lack of planning could very well be his end. You just need to plan ahead of him, and once again, easy as pie. Now, the most intriguing opponent. Current International champion, Blayde Archer. Probably the only one in the group who can wrestle to save his life. Like I said before, I'd rather face him alone. And that's the reason. He's a pretty decent wrestler on his own right. Yeah, he did become the International champion after all. However, I have you figured out. You rely too much on your two clowns. If I find a way to get you away from Zion and Johnston, you won't stand a chance. And that's where 420 come in. Your unpredictability will pay it's price against a thinking opponent like me. Archer. Zion. Johnston. Welcome to the Big Leagues. I will show you how hard Jake Devine can hit. Now, enjoy the party!

Jake nods off to the camera, as the same group of people from before lift the cameraman. The camera is dropped, and he is tossed into the pool. The camera fades to black.

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