Late-Night Breakfast

Roleplay Roleplay by SYNDICATE
On Thu, Dec07, 2017 10:29pm America/Phoenix
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Late-Night Breakfast


*The familiar image of static crackles on-screen before giving way to the inside of a luxury suite-style hotel room.  The camera is zoomed in on the Undisputed World title, which proudly sits on a granite countertop.  In the background, sizzling can be heard.*

???: God, I'm so hungry...

*The camera pans to the right, where behind the counter stands Syndicate.  Clad in a gray tank top and black sweatpants, the World Champion is moving a frying pan back and forth on the room's stovetop.  The room is softly lit, showing that it is late at night.*

Syndicate: You know, I don't really have time during the day to eat.  Take today, for example: I ate a Clif bar for breakfast, went right to the gym here in Houston, did a radio show to promote Ravage, met with kids at the Texas Children's Hospital, took some press pics, went back to the gym, and then got back here less than an hour ago.  Didn't have lunch, but I'm used to that at this point.  It's all part of being the face of the company.

*Syndicate takes the pan and deposits its contents on a plate located next to the World title.  He had been cooking some Applewood-smoked bacon, which now bubbles on the plate.  Syndicate grabs a fork from a drawer and begins to dig in on his late-night snack.*

Syndicate: So "The Hawk", Super Bacon, finally decides to speak.  That's certainly commendable; it's more than I would have done if I was in his position.  I mean, look at him: he's been here for less than 8 months, has no accomplishments or signature victories or ANYTHING to show for his time here, and he's being forced into a match against two of the greatest World Champions of all time.  Oh, and he's got Rayne, of all people, in his corner to defend him.  I think it's safe to say that this man is as good as dead.

*He chuckles as he munches on a piece of bacon.*

Syndicate: You know, Bacon, you made a few mistakes in that video of yours.  I'm the Undisputed Champion only because I haven't faced you yet?  HA!  Right.  A man like you, who has literally done NOTHING in this company, is apparently SO much better than me, the five-time World Champion.  It sounds like Rayne has been giving you speaking lessons, to be perfectly honest.  Also, speaking of Rayne, you said that I've always faced him in multi-man matches, so with you in his corner, the odds of me winning drastically go down.  As if you make a difference in the first place.  Also, indulge me for a moment as I count up all the men involved in this match.  I'm 1, Darkness is 2, Rayne is 3, and you make 4 people in total.  Huh.  You're right, I haven't faced Rayne alone yet, and that's certainly not going to be the case this week. saying that I haven't faced Rayne alone yet, are you dismissing your OWN involvement in this match?  Honestly, I need some clarification from you, Bacon, because I've never seen someone proclaim their own uselessness like you just did.

Syndicate: I don't even know what to make of you, Bacon.  I don't know what to say because you are literally out of your league in this match.  You are dealing with three of the best wrestlers alive today, and quite frankly, your involvement in the main event puts a damper on what should have been a fantastic main-event match.  Because you're here, you're essentially screwing Rayne by placing him in a 2-on-1 handicap match for the right to join the title picture.  You're messing up your partner's life simply by existing!  That's PATHETIC...just like your chances of doing any real damage in this match are.

*He crunches down his last piece of bacon and sets the plate and fork in the sink.  Syndicate then turns back to the camera.*

Syndicate: Darkness and I have an agenda, boys.  We want Rayne as far away from my World Heavyweight Championship as possible.  We may not see eye-to-eye, but we sure as hell will work together to accomplish that goal.  At Ravage, the team of Syndicate and Darkness is going to make sure that everything stays exactly the way it is, just like the WWX Universe wants it.  I'll see you both at the handicap match at Ravage, but until then, the Syndicate.

*Syndicate smirks and walks around the counter and past the camera.  As he does, the camera feed goes back to static.*



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