Laying it all out

Roleplay Roleplay by RAYNE
On Mon, Aug21, 2017 7:58pm America/Phoenix
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Laying it all out
[The camera opens up showing the camera panning around for a moment in the backstage area as Paige Taylor can be seen standing near the WWX monitor. She waits for a moment and then raises the mic to begin speaking]

Taylor: Hello everyone and welcome to the WWX Fury Pre Show. I am Paige Taylor and I am currently awaiting WWX Superstar Rayne to be joining me. I was told to meet him here but he has yet to appear. 

[Shuffling can be heard as Rayne comes down the hallway. Wearing a pair of cut off jeans and a tank top, he approaches with a smile on his face. He stops and waits as she continues speaking].

Taylor: Thank you for joining me. 

Rayne: Thank you for having me. 

Taylor: When I was told I would be interviewing you, numerous questions came flying in from the WWX universe that they wanted to ask you. Although worded differently, we picked out some of the more important ones. You shocked the world with your return after nothing had been heard from you in almost a month. Where have you been?

[Rayne drops his head for a moment and then raises it to continue speaking].

Rayne: I got beat. Paige, I didnt just get beat, I got annihilated. I took a beating that is still being felt around each part of my body, lies in my brain, burns in my mind. I took a beating that three men running around this building all remember delivering, talking about week after week when it happened. I had to take some time to recover. I had to think about all that I was doing, all that I had come to terms with. I came out telling everyone that I was the anti hero, the arch angel, and I still am. I am the same man that took that beating, the same man that ate each one of those shots, was sent up on MY OWN CROSS, and left for what most considered dead. I was carted out of here in an ambulance and the rest is history as you know. 

Taylor: Our next question deals with your current placement. We noticed that James Bourne has placed you in the television division instead of the international division where you previously were. Did you request that or was it set up like that?

Rayne: I asked to be put in there. You see, when you go through something like that, you cant just come back and start where you were. You cant just expect to come back in the same shape, the same mind set, and everything go your way. You see, I need to rebuild. I need to get back to that division the right way. Sure I could go back and fight whoever I needed to get into this new ranking system, but right now that isnt my main focus. My main focus is reclimbing the ladder, and also taking care of the ones who have wronged me, this time for good. 

Taylor: Our next question revolves around the...I guess...Reunion of When Worlds Collide. The world was shocked when we saw you all embrace after all that you had done in terms of fighting with Fill, the talking about Korath, and the return of his former partner Jester. Why are you all aligning once more?

Rayne: You see, while I intend to address this more as time goes on, you have to realize that the WWX fans are some of the most guillable fans around. There are going to be people considering this a shoot on them and let them that is fine. When things started happening with the blade club, I was already in contact with Jester and Korath. Fill and I took the time to sit back and strategize about how we were going to handle the issue of the Blade Club. We knew they were going to be a threat, knew it was going to be a fight, and we thought that by distracting them and taking on one at a time, it would be successful. When you chop the head of the snake, the body will soon follow. However, that didnt work. We saw that. So, we decided to show the world that all that hate, all that anger, was nothing more than a work. I respect EACH AND EVERY MAN on that team. They are hands down the best competitors in the world. When Fill won the championship again, none of you knew I was there. Korath was there. Jester was there. The men in black that ran around here were the three of us. I have been around these halls. I have been around these places. There is a reason I am called the silent assassin. The arch angel. I silently move through and strike when necessary. 

Taylor: Very well. Moving back to your division, you start your fight tonight against Johnny Needham. You have others that you must push past as you move forward to get to the top where the reigning champion, Hex girl waits. Do you have any words for those in the television title division? 

Rayne: *takes deep breath* Breathe. Take every moment that you have and savor it, enjoy it. You all sat and watched what I had done in the international division. You saw the lengths that I was willing to go to win. There will come a time that I will fight through this division. There will come a time when I stand toe to toe with WHOEVER that champion may be. I can only hope that Hex Girl sits at the top because when I go for the fight, I want the best. She has hands down proven herself as one of the best this company has to offer where gender plays no part. This division has just as much talent as the others, and I intend to exploit each and every one of them. Tonight is the beginning. The Arch Angel is coming. Needham, write your final goodbyes. feel the Rayne. 

[Rayne turns and smiles at Taylor as he walks away. She watches him walk down the hall as the camera fades to black].

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