Laying it out there

OOC Message by rayne
On Sun, Oct15, 2017 9:33pm America/Phoenix
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Laying it out there

I know I am more than bound to rustle a few feathers here but I really dont care. Heres the thing. I am attempting to make this an enjoyable experience for everyone. There are going to be some ideas that people dont like, dont want to do, and so forth. However, they step up and do them. I have had matches I didnt want to be in, storylines I wasnt into, and so forth that I put forth the effort anyway to show unity to the federation as a whole. When new members come in, they scroll through to see the whos who and the whats what. When they see people that arent going with the flow of things it looks bad. This also applies to our champions. As a champion, you are expected to be at a higher standard than those below you. You are expected to show up to each show unless there is a reason why you cant. You are expected to put forth the effort to show that you deserve your spot. Failure to do so could result in you getting stripped of said championship. With that being said, I want everyone to know my stance on this without any grey area. From this point forward, you are REQUIRED to compete in all scheduled matches. Failure to comply will result in you being stripped of your championship. The ONLY reason that I dont expect to see you show up is if there is a real life emergency (which I am an understanding person of). If you have a problem with a storyline, an angle, a match type, something of the sort, get hold of me and we can work it out. But to blatantly disrespect me by not even contacting me to discuss a matter is something that I WILL NOT tolerate. I want this to be enjoyable for everyone and want to have a good time doing it. I hope you all have a good night and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions concerns complaints or so forth. Thank you. 



Want to know what really does it for new members? Having to wait a |BLEEP|ing decade for results to be posted. It's funny to read you won't tolerate something yet the handlers are expected to tolerate the ridiculous wait times for results and for management to not even respond to emails. I tried asking a question about WS ~ lukejairus

and got NOTHING in return. So what did I do? Said |BLEEP| it and left this fed. What's the point in even beginning to put forth effort if you can't rely on the people running the fed? Maybe, just maybe, the management is the reason new members aren't sticking around. ~ lukejairus

Luke, I apologize that you didn't get answered for world series. I wasn't around during that period of time. I apologize that happened to you and am willing to talk about the situation. email me at or message me on facebook and we can discuss it. ~ rayne

Luke, I attempted to contact you via email with no response. Please email me back when you get the chance ~ rayne

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