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On Thu, Jul20, 2017 10:28pm America/Phoenix
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[The scene begins with a close up shot of the WWX International Championship Title.]


[The camera slowly pulls back from the Championship Title on display to reveal Blayde Archer.]



[There was an awkward silence that lasted way too long, the icey cold dark stare grew and grew in intensity from the champion and then he leant forward, his eyebrows raised as he spoke through gritted teeth, his words delivered with a hushed anger.]

I want you to remember one thing.. that this was your choice, this is what you wanted… See I know you’re looking at this match as your moment to shine, the moment you get your hands on the title but let me promise you right now that won’t happen. No, Mayhem will be life defining for you Fill but not in the way you want it to be... because on Mayhem your life is going to change forever, your career and your life will never be the same... you’re going to need help to do the easiest things in life and your buddies from When World’s Collide? They are not around to wipe your ass for you when I damage your brain enough times to have  you spending the rest of your life as a [bleep]ing vegetable.

[The confidence in his ability laced his voice, the intention was clear. He slowly stood up as the camera tracked up for you to see that surrounding Blayde Archer  was wrestling memorabilia. The walls were lined with pictures of WWX wrestling greats. Archer looked down the images with a sense of pride and then came to the one that meant the most, a picture of himself holding the Undisputed International Championship Title with the custom made Blade Club faceplate and side plates. Archer nodded his head and spun back around to the camera, pointing down to his black and white lettered Blade Club T-shirt.]

The Blade Club have laid the groundwork to build the sturdy foundation of an ever lasting legacy that will be celebrated in the WWX record books for years to come.. 

[a smirk]

Legacy is something I mention because it's something that means a lot in a business where people are easily replaced and forgotten. Can you even name the last five International champions? 

[a scoff]

Most people can't and that's not disrespect, it's the unfortunate truth of what this business has become. That's not a fate I'm going to allow to happen to me or this Championship Title.. I'm better than that. I will MAKE the International Championship rival the level and prestige of the highest of championships. I set out to make sure my name is remembered in the history books but most of all, to see that it's remembered by even the most ignorant of wrestling fans out there, as someone who is and always will be head and shoulders above my peers in terms of talent and wrestling pedigree.

[He motions to himself.]

Blayde Archer: When people look at me, they see something they don't like. It's not hatred, it's jealousy. They look at me and they see a self-made man. A self motivated warrior with an overwhelming desire to win at any cost. Someone cut from a different cloth who works ten times harder than they do and has more success to show for it than they ever will. That's the Blade Club in a nutshell. I've worked for everything I have earned in life and put myself into a position of power in this company through sheer grit, determination and skill. I wasn't given anything, I TOOK it! I spent my early months bringing legitimate wrestling to this company by dragging mediocre talents and garbage wrestlers to great matches.. I quickly climbed that ladder of success by competing against some of the sickest, most sadistic men I've ever seen in my life. Men who who tried to break my body, my spirit and scar me for life with all sorts of barbaric weaponry. Champions that have bled for this business. It's a memory I cherish and embrace...because it serves a purpose. It reminds me of what I've done to get to where I am. It helps me reflect back on the sacrifices it took for me to reach the heights that I have, to be able to bring this title and this company into a new era of legitimacy. So take a good, hard long look wrestling world because what you see is the most talented competitor this company has ever seen, the man that's been changing this business one match at a time. And soon on Mayhem? I'm going to go out there in front of some twenty-five thousand rapid, blood thirsty Boston fanatics and do it again. 

[Blayde Archer flashes a smile that is oozing confidence, one that says I am ready to go out and steal the show, once again, in the main event spotlight.]

The International championship? It's a prize that's seen hundreds of men break their backs for, while only a select few have actually captured it. Even fewer have made it worth more in the eyes of our fans than the value it held before winning it. I have done that. Taking this Championship to soaring new heights it never reached before because to me, this belt isn't some trinket to stuff in a gym bag and tote around to feed no talent egos. It's not meant to be used to get a free lunch in some dive somewhere, it's meant to be carried with honor. Worn with pride. Respected for the legacy that IT carries. This belt deserves to be showcased on the biggest stage in the world...and so do I. 

[another casual smirk] 

Mayhem? Is no disqualification! Just the way I like it.. this match will be symbolic of how this title ought to be treated by EVERYONE! Not like some hot potato to get passed around at will but as the golden prize it is, that few men are lucky enough in their lives to ever attain. Fill? You have been there before and I know you are hungry to get there again. To be the one who dethrones the most legitimate champion this company has seen in a long time and walk out of Boston as the NEW International champion but what makes you worthy enough to wear this Championship? What makes you worthy to be the one to carry this division into a new era? To carry a title that I took out of the mud and raised BACK into the heavens where it belongs! I DID THAT! Not some Arch Angel preaching from his soap box or a stressed out Bulgarian brawler with a chip on his shoulder. One man did that and that man is, ME! 

[He thumbs his chest proudly.]

I did it all on my own and I’ll be damned if I let you take what I worked so hard for away from me. You better be ready to end me Fill because I am more than willing and capable of doing the same to you. 

[The camera shifts back to the International Championship and zooms in on the name plate of the title.]

This Championship is about stepping up and proving you're the best. And what's the name on it read? BLAYDE ARCHER. [ motions to himself ] I'm the best in the International  division and the best warrior to carry this title forward into the future. 

[Blayde Archer grabs the International Championship and lays the Title belt over his shoulder as he stares down the camera with an arrogant smile.]

The name is Blayde Archer. I am the reigning and defending International champion of the world and that will not change anytime soon. My time is NOW and Mayhem is where the whole world realizes it.  We are the Blade Club and we. Are. Taking. OVER!!

Think you can stop me, Fill? [a wicked, sadistic smile creeps across his face.] Try me..

[Blayde Archer turns and exits our view. Footsteps are heard walking away as the camera zooms in on the International Championship once again before slowly fading to black.]


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