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On Wed, Dec20, 2017 2:41pm America/Phoenix
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*Static flashes on-screen before cutting to a shot from the passenger's seat of a Hyundai Elantra cruising down a highway.  It's nighttime, so it's hard to make out anything definite, but even then, the familiar profile of Syndicate can be seen in the driver's seat.  He is wearing a black zip-up hoodie and blue jeans.  With one hand on the wheel and the other resting on the armrest, Syndicate looks dead ahead, not even glancing at the camera.*

Syndicate: God likes to throw curveballs.  He likes to test us humans, trying to see which of us are truly worthy of entering the promised land.  That's what I imagine he was trying to do when Kurtis Ray defeated me last week.

*He sighs.*

Syndicate: Yeah, I know.  Things didn't go according to plan in that department.  Even though my plan for chaos went swimmingly - hell, I JUST got out of court for that one - Kurtis is now in the Holiday Hell main event...which is now being contested in Hell in a Cell, one of my most dominant match types.  But that's for another time, another discussion.  Today...I'm going to talk about Bob Mellon, the International Champion.

*Syndicate chuckles, again not looking over at the camera.*

Syndicate: Hello, Bob.  I don't believe we've met.  My name is Sydney Maxwell Irvine, I am a five-time World Heavyweight Champion, and I am here to kick ass, which I've been doing for the past four-and-a-half years straight.  Over that time, I've done pretty much everything there is to do in the WWX.  I am "The Constant", "The Measuring Stick", and this Saturday, I'm going to be the one walking away with the win.

Syndicate: I have no beef with you, Bob.  Really, I don't.  You haven't done anything to piss me off - yet - and I haven't messed with you at all since your return.  But it was only a matter of time before our paths crossed, and sure enough, we get a "Holiday Hell Preview" match, as it's being billed, at Ravage.  So now, I guess it's time for me to warn you a bit.

*For the first time in the video thus far, Syndicate looks over at the camera before quickly refocusing on the road.*

Syndicate: Over the years, I've established a reputation, of sorts.  I've stood here as legends of all types walked back into the WWX, trying to take back the spotlight they once stood under.  Xander Adams, David Gideon Smith, Darkness, Tommy Lipton, the list goes on.  They all come back, expecting to receive title shots just because they exist.  That's where I come in.  I let their egos reinflate to their past sizes, and then I swiftly come in with a needle and pop 'em.  Actually, now that I think about it, that analogy doesn't do it justice, because I TEAR these guys apart.  I RETIRED Xander Adams.  I RUINED Tommy Lipton's plan for world domination from within.  I RIPPED David GS's last shred of dignity away, causing him to retire a month later.

Syndicate: And now...here we are.  A legend from the IWA comes face-to-face with the legend of today.  You, Bob, have already had more longevity than most of the other guys I've faced before.  You've won a championship and have been defending it with your life.  I can respect that.  But I know that, someday, your eyes will turn upward to the World Division, and you'll be competing for my gold.  I plan on stopping that this week.  In fact, Bob, even though I don't have a problem with you personally, I'm still considering you a "legend" that NEEDS to be stopped.  I don't care what excuse you have for coming back to the modern incarnation of the IWA - you've had your time in the limelight.  And now...your time is up.

*Syndicate pulls off the highway and drives down an exit ramp.  At the bottom, he momentarily sits at a red light.*

Syndicate: You're dealing with someone unlike any man you've faced before.  I can hit you from all angles.  I can make you tap out, I can pin your ass in the center of the ring.  I can do ANYTHING that I want.  And, most importantly, I am the MASTER at survival.  I can pull out that last bit of energy to get the job done when it counts.  I'm a jack of all trades, Bob...and I'm going to make sure that this week is the closest you EVER get to my Undisputed World Championship.

*He turns right at the intersection and then turns right again soon after, pulling into a BP gas station.  He pulls in next to a pump, parks, and shuts off the engine.  Syndicate then turns to the camera sitting beside him.*

Syndicate: Syndicate versus Bob Mellon.  Legends versus legend.  Champion versus champion, for nothing more than bragging rights.  At Ravage, we will see truly who is the best in the WWX.  We will see who is TRULY legendary.  Welcome...to the Syndicate.

*He chuckles softly as he opens the door and exits the car.  The champ slams the door behind him, and as it does, the screen turns to static.*



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