Legends Collide

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Fri, Feb09, 2018 7:16am America/Phoenix
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Legends Collide
(The camera pans the room and stops when it finds Tommy Lipton staring at the replica of the IWA Championship he one many moons ago. He pats the face plate and looks to see the watching lens. He clears his throat and calls for the camera to come closer. Tommy is sporting a Team Canada jersey to represent his nation as they battle in China for the Winter Olympics. 
He sports the Brahma Bull Underarmore sweat pants. 
He stands beside the IWA Championship. )

Tommy: Legends will collide at this upcoming Ravage! Those legends are men who both represented the IWA in one way or another. Bob Mellon, the blast from the past! A historic wrestler that date backs as a member of the IWA roster. For once Im not the old timer in the eyes of this Universe! 
Then you have, The One... The Only... ME!! Tommy Lipton, the man who had an era named after him; a man who ruled WWX and held this very classic historic Championship! 

(Tommy lowers his head grinning and shaking his head. )

Tommy: So, you want to take a chance by putting your title on the line against me. Risky! I applaud your boldness, your fighting champion spirit, but I am not Hex Girl, I am not Jarvis or Tanno, I am not like most of the roster... You could easily have sealed your fate for this week Mr. Angry Bear... Perhaps being on edge, thinking that you are now more dangerous than ever is going to be the very reason you go into Aftershock empty handed.  

(Tommy steps closer to the camera.)

Tommy: I am preparing for a shot to regain MY WWX Championship, but if picking up the International title along the way is an option, that's great. Then perhaps I will put that on the line as well at Aftershock. I can picture it now.... Xavier versus Rex versus Tommy, first fall is for the International and then the second fall after we have already been to war will be for the Undisputed. This way the winner shows their ability to fight the hard fight, the winner is the one that can last the longest in this three way war. 

(Tommy scratches his chin and smirks.)

Tommy:  But Bobby, do not make the mistake to think that YOU are on your way to be the greatest Champion in that division, you are looking at a four time International Champion and I would argue one of the greatest International Champs in WWX history. That said I am not here to take away your thunder. I have the up most respect for you as well and I have now quarls with you at all. You are back after all these years and you are making an impact so... 

(Tommy slow claps.)

Tommy: Bravo, Bravo! But do not think a man like me looks at you as an angry bear. And do not think that YOU can intimidate me with comments like you put out earlier this week. I have faced many men, many diverse individuals and although no two are the same you have to realize who you are facing as well. 
You are facing Tommy Lipton... A multiple world champion, a legend, a manipulator of his time and one HELL of a kick ass WWX superstar! You are going to go toe to toe with MR. WWX! 

(Tommy leans back as the lights brighten in the room, the camera pulls back and all his championships and awards are shown. )

Tommy: I have done many great things, I have had many battles, earned many accolades and achievements and I in no way need to look to Hex Girl for any favors! So you better drop your guard on her and raise it for me because I am coming to win. And speaking of potential interference, Rex McAllister and I sure have no reaon to be seeing eye to eye. These rumors of the Tandem reuniting is rediculous! We have gone through a war, he turned my very guy against me. Rex and I are in no way on the same page, we aren't even reading thd same book! So I know he will be wondering around backstage and he better stay back there if he knows what is best for him! As for you Bobby, you and Hex may have your upcoming date for Destiny but it is I who will meet you first and it is I who will take your title belt. 

(Tommy' s cellphone rings and he looks at it. He answers and listens for a second. )

Tommy: I accept.... Hey, I'll be by there next week. Everything's going according to plan..... Don't worry, we will talk when I pick you up.

(Tommy ends the call. He looks back up at the camera.)

Tommy: It will be a busy week next week, continued training and preparing for a World title shot, heading out for autograph signings and seeing old faces. It will be one heck of a ride into Aftershock and how much sweeter would it be as YOUR NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION! Bob Mellon, You told Hex that it is coming but it's not coming Bob, I Am.... I Am Coming! Are you ready?!? See you and that International championship soon!  

(Fade to black)

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