Legends never die...

Roleplay Roleplay by BOB THE BEAST MELLON
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 11:25pm America/Phoenix
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Legends never die...
(Mellon sits backstage at a WWX house show watching the promo released by Tom Black earlier in the day. Mellon watches out of curiosity that quickly turns to confusion and then he just laughs. The perplexing nature of the promo left Mellon realizing that he may just be going face to face this weekend with a man that is a little off his rocker. Mellon gets up from his dressing room and makes his way towards the ring where he looks to cut another promo towards Tom Black. Guerrilla Radio hits the PA system as the crowd initially pops and then a chorus of boos fill the arena. Mellon pops through the curtain, with the International title around his waist. Smug as usual, he walks up the ring steps, through the middle rope, and signals for a microphone)

Mellon: It is always nice to be... Well, it really doesn't matter where we are tonight. It looks no different than every other redneck, podunk, backwoods crowd we always play to anyways.

(The crowd starts a "Mellon Sucks" chant)

Mellon: No, please, tell me how you really feel. Listen, I'm not out here to waste any time so the quicker you listen, the faster I'll get to my point and then we can all go back to watching the likes of the Krimzons of the world suck at wrestling. 

(The crowd lets out another string of boos)

Mellon: Ok, let us evaluate that promo that was just released by Tom Black. Was anyone just the slightest bit baffled at where it took place. Honestly, creativity aside, who the hell hangs out in a maze? And what does that prove? I mean I kind of have to admit, it was more comical than anything else. I'm all for picking artsy fartsy places to make a point. Yeah, that's right, I said, artsy fartsy, because let's face it, that's what a maze is when you're trying to prove some point that I think even went over his head. As I was saying, I'm all for that, but it has to have some direction. Here I am, sitting there saying, "I'm never getting those seven minutes back." But look, that's my opponent and clearly the best the WWX has to offer in this division. Painful to watch but I accept that even the slow-witted of the world must try to cement themselves somehow. They must attempt to be different and fresh. Does anyone think that there should be a pamphlet out their or something? Do's and don'ts of the wrestling world. Somewhere in there, it would say, "If it's dark and you're in a maze... You've DONE SOMETHING WRONG." I guess we can all walk away having learned something important tonight. 

(Mellon laughs and continues his monologue)

Mellon: Can I make a very clear point? Black comes out here and gets on my case calling me a "self-proclaimed" legend. Let me be very frank. I was a legend long before you showed up. I was a legend long before you decided to be emo, spending all of your time in the dark and hanging out in mazes. I'm sorry, I just can't let that go. (laughs to self) Ok, ok.. My point, of course, is I am not a self-proclaimed legend, you nitwit. Just take a stroll down memory lane for a second and the next time you're at the WWX headquarters, check out the WWX legends. Bob 'the Beast' Mellon is right there. They dubbed me a legend, moron! While you're there, also take a look at the now retired IWA World Championship and then look under the description. Actually, I will save you the time and energy and just tell you. Under that title's description, it says, "The World Championship of the IWA, the federation that preceded the WWX. This title was held by legendary greats such as Jared Grimm, BOB MELLON, Falcon, Raider Mask and The Living Highlight. This prestigious championship belt represents the best, those who have reached the pinnacle of the company and is its representative in the wrestling business." Did you catch the second name on that list? Do you know why I'm a legend and attached to that title? It is so obvious! Most of the people in this arena can tell you why that is...

(A sudden silence falls over the crowd)

Mellon: You see Tom, I'm a legend because I held that World title for three straight months. I defended it every week. I defended it in two different PPV's. The only reason I lost it was because I was cheated out of it. Go into the history books. It's all there. You don't know who you are dealing with. Isn't it interesting that fifteen years down the road I treat the International Title the same way? Every week, it's a title shot. Every week I put it all on the line. Why do I do that Tom? I do that because that's what champions are supposed to do. That's how this works. I am a legend because of how I do it. I'm a legend because of how I keep doing it. And I'm a legend because very few do it as well as I do it. You think I'm some chump. You think I'm some pushover. You talk like this is your destiny. That you deserve this. That you can do this. Tom, you know why three months is so impressive? Three months of countless title shots? Three months of effort and dedication? Think about that. Have you ever done anything for three months? By the looks of it, you couldn't do anything for more than a week without your mind wandering or being distracted by a shiny object on the ground. 

(Mild cheers from the crowd, which is not normal)

Mellon: You have the opportunity of a lifetime handed to you on a silver platter by one of the greatest wrestlers to ever step inside a WWX ring. You think I'm scared of you? Quite the contrary, Tom. If you're not scared of me, you might have a major problem on your hands. Look back in history. Those I have taken down never bounced back. Barry Bronxx? Never heard from again. Dublin Dogg? I don't see him poking around anymore. Look at the recent list. Where is Jester? Krimzon is basically non-existent. Hex is in the hospital. You don't seem to grasp the severity of the situation you are in. And the real scary part for you is there is no turning back now. Saturday will come and go. Then you will hobble into the arena for Holiday Hell and I will end you there. Like a vampire, who will leave a victim with enough strength so they can recover just to be fed on again and later destroyed, I will do that to you this weekend and then finish you off at Holiday Hell. I hope you heed my warning and reconsider who is scared and who is not. I leave you with one last thing to think about. Remember, legends never die. They only get stronger with time...

(Mellon drops the mic as Guerrilla Radio hits the PA. Mellon walks through the middle rope and hops down onto the floor as he exits to the back confidently and securely anticipating Saturday's preview of Holiday Hell. End scene)

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