Lethal Ladies First Match Prep

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sat, Apr07, 2018 9:55pm America/Phoenix
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Lethal Ladies First Match Prep
*The camera crew catch up with Kailee and Hex Girl doing some final match prep in London before Wreckage. The ladies are putting some polish on a few combo moves that appear as though they will put quite a bit of hurting on whomever gets hit with them. They stop for a moment when Kailee notices the cameras and waves at them.*

Kailee: Hi everyone. We are just putting some final touches on some moves that we intend to use during our match during Wreckage. 

Hex Girl: Yeah those boys aren't gonna know what hit them.

Kailee: I'm pretty sure they'll know what it hit them. I think we named it Caged Heat. 

Hex Girl: Really? I thought the more memorable one was Booty Call. 

*Kailee looks back over at the cameraman and smiles.*

Kailee: I think we've confused him. 

Hex Girl: Good because if he's confused then so will our opponents.

Kailee: But what about the fans won't they be confused too?

Hex Girl: Nah the fans will just be eager to see what we've cooked up. The boys . . . let them scratch their heads in wonderment and give their balls a break.

*From behind the camera come a voice*

Cameraman: What about your opponents aren't you concerned about them at all?

Hex Girl: 420 are a couple of stoners who have managed to hold the belts before by some miracle. As for the other guys I don't know a lick about 'em. 

Kailee: I'm not sure what to expect going in to this match I'm just going to follow Hex's lead on this one as she's probably got more experience with this sort of thing.

Hex Girl: 420 we could probably distract by having a table of munchies at ringside. The other two we could probably just whop the snot out of and call it a day. 

Kailee: These guys are kinda big I'm not sure about how easy it would be to 'whoop' them. 

Hex Girl: Everyone on this roster is big compared to me. Size is relative and matches are mostly psychological. 

Kailee: Being thrown about the ring is pretty physical.

Hex Girl: Well yes that is physical but whether or not it gets to you is the psychology. Besides as women we do have a psychological edge on these guys. 

Kailee: We do?

Hex Girl: Well you more than me. It has to do with they are more interested in impressing us as potential romantic interests than actually hurting us. Though as often as I have laid into the guys around here I've probably lost my charm to all but the most masochistic. Where as you are still fresh faced and non-threatening so to speak.

Kailee: You're going to use me as bait aren't you.

Hex Girl: I didn't say that.

Kailee: You didn't but I don't like that look.

*The camera backs away as the ladies continue discussing strategy.*

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