Lethal Ladies Ready for Ravage

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Wed, Mar14, 2018 5:48pm America/Phoenix
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Lethal Ladies Ready for Ravage
In a local gym in Spokane, Hex Girl and Kailee are working together to get ready for Ravage. A wrestling ring has been put up in the back of the gym to accommodate the visiting superstars in the area. The pair are busy working on some combo techniques in the ring when the camera comes up to them. Leon Jones steps in to frame. He smiles as he clears his throat to get their attention.

LJ: Hello, Ladies, I was hoping I could catch a moment of your time to discuss your upcoming match at Ravage against Willie Steen.

Kailee turns and smiles brightly at Leon before turning to Hex girl

Kailee: is that ok with you Hex?

Hex pauses what she's doing and walks over to the side of the ring closest to Leon. 

HG: Sure I have no problem with that. What's on your mind Leon?

LJ:  Rumor has it that you two are going to be making a bid for the Tag Team Championship Belts in addition to this non title match for the International tournament. Is there any truth to that?

Kailee: We are, as you put it going to make a bid for the tag team championship. Though this tag team is new we are going to win. We have Hex Girl who is a former Champion and we have me.

Hex Girl puts an arm around Kailee's shoulder. 

HG: That's right Leon we are gonna give these boys something else to worry about. Kailee may have started out a bit timid. But a little time with me and she'll be just a fearsome as any member of the Sorority. She's all of the pep and enthusiasm, I'm the all of the violence and bloodlust.

Leon gives a small nervous chuckle at that statement. 

LJ: Any concerns about facing Willie Steen?

Kailee: Iím sure that Hex Girl will kick his ass any day of the week. Iím just going to be lucky to watch it first hand.

HG: Well all I can say is good on him finally getting over his apprehension of facing a woman in the ring. As I recall last time he had to go ask either permission or forgiveness from a priest for it.  A lot of good it did him because I still won. 

LJ: With his new outlook on facing you in the ring aren't you concerned he might make more of an effort to injure you?

HG: He can try. Leon, I saw his interview with Archer and it was just him pissing and moaning about how he feels cheated by the execs because the TV belt is going away. Boo-freakin-hoo-hoo, cry me a river. Mellon left and the International title was vacated. Now we have a tournament to see who gets it. He's my first hurdle. All I have to do at this point is figure out how many of his own teeth am I going to make him swallow.

Leon looks over at Kailee.

LJ: I don't suppose you could do anything to temper that sentiment? She tends to make the legal and medical teams nervous when she talks like that.

Kailee: nope I know better then to get in her way when she is like this. I just will point her in the right direction and let her at Willie. The legal and medical teams are a bunch of pussies!

Hex Girl gives Kailee a fist bump. 

HG: The boys are in for a surprise, Leon, WWX is about to get a pair of lethal ladies as a tag team and we have designs on being the champions.  As for the International tournament I'm gonna shake that tree as hard as I can. Starting at the bottom with Willie "I'm a punk bitch" Steen.

Leon nods and looks down at his watch.

LJ: Well ladies it looks like you have a lot of work to do still before Ravage I'll leave you to continue your preparations. Do you have anything you want to say to Willie Steen before we go?

Kailee: this is us giving everyone a wake up call. We are coming boys and we will blaze a trail through you.

HG: Tick, tock boys your time is running out.

Leon backs up and leave the ladies to working on their in ring teamwork.

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