Lets get Outrage-ous

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Fri, Jul06, 2018 1:32pm America/Phoenix
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Lets get Outrage-ous
*Hex Girl is at Thor's Gym in Reykjavik, training ground for the strongest man in the world and biggest mother|BLEEP|er in Westeros. She is working out with a trainer sadly not Mr. Björnsson but she still looks incredibly tiny next to the large Icelandic man. The trainer notices the camera before Hex does and pats her on the shoulder to get her attention. She stops what she's doing to address the camera.* 
You know Jenna I'm not a psychiatrist, but I know a know a little something about being nuts. When properly directed and focused it can take you to new heights. You however are not directed or focused you're more like the junkyard dog that got into the LSD stash in the old buick. You don't know which way to turn and are pretty certain that your tail is a reincarnation of Puff the Magic Dragon. To quote a dearly departed friend of mine in the business "It's gonna be a bad trip, baby." 

*She continues to approach the camera getting even closer to the lens.*

Though I'll give you credit at least you come equipped with your own I love me jacket. That aside. I'm still gonna whoop your ass. Maybe just maybe you might learn something because you see I know that you've seen the Magic Carpet Ride if I'm not mistaken in at least one of our last four matches you've felt it. But what you've not experienced yet is the sublime pain of the Final Sacrifice. At Outbreak this little back and forth we've had going on will end and won't just be tapping you will SUBMIT!

Fiat voluntas mea! And tell Puff he owes me twenty.

*She turns on her heel and returns to her work out. The trainer is looking at her like he's looking at a tiny possessed doll that he's afraid to touch.*

[Cuts to Hex Girl's logo before fading to the WWX logo and fading to black]

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