Let's hunt

Roleplay Roleplay by E.LEGAL
On Fri, Jul13, 2018 6:58am America/Phoenix
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Let's hunt
[The scene slowly blurs into focus as we zoom in on a chain and barb wire framed license plate that reads ‘ELegal187’ attached to the front chrome bumper of the mint condition jett black 72’ Chevy Nova as it pulls in to parallel park with the front-right tire up on the curb outside of a red brick and mortar business with bright neon lights that showcases a stick figure animation that alternates between a bowler rolling a gutter ball in the first sequence and a throwing a strike in the second sequence, then repeating on a loop.]  

[Smoke seeps out from above the blacked out tinted window as it lowers on the drivers side and a cloud of thick white smoke wafts out into the air. The door squeaks open. A pair of tan timberland boots touch the concrete curb and the camera pans up past the baggy blue jeans and white wifebeater tank top until finally focusing in on the ugly mug of the self professed pioneer of Violence, Erik ‘E.Legal’ Killings whose facial expression is a serious, all business demeanor that sours almost instantly as an awful smell permeates the air from a large nearby industrial size 18 wheel manure truck that blocks the alleyway and reeking a strong feces odor from the open top trailer. A smile eventually shows itself over time as an industrial strength chrome staple gun is hoisted up into view and giving a kiss.] 

“Let’s hunt..”

[E. Legal turns to acknowledge the camera for the first time.]

“Knock knock. Who’s there?” 

(answering himself) “A dead Polar Bear. A dead Polar Bear who?” 

“A dead Polar Bear that is about to be stuffed and mounted then sold on ebay!”

[E.Legal cackles hysterically at his own bad joke as if it was the funniest thing ever when he hears what sounds like a female screaming and pleading for their life. The pioneer of violence glances up to see an upside down Gimmick Jones dangling from the rooftop of the bowling alley and a smiling ‘Arctic’ Airen Frost clasping both his ankles. Killings smirks as he cracks and crunches both fist knuckles before walking through the main entrance clasping a rusty tire in one hand and griping a chrome industrial strength staple gun in the other.]

[The camera transitions to inside the building, where the rolling thunder sound of bowling balls colliding with ivory pens echo and reverberate throughout as we see a competitive bowling tournament taking place. E. Legal casually walks through while scanning the scene. He sees an ‘employees only’ staircase leading to the rooftop and smiles.]

[To Be Continued..]  


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