Let's Rock and Roll

Roleplay Roleplay by HEX GIRL
On Sun, Jul23, 2017 5:22pm America/Phoenix
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Let's Rock and Roll
*Hex Girl is at McIver Tower in New York. The camera is to her back she is on the roof looking out over the skyline. She turns around smiling at the camera.* 

I hear you loud and clear Beatrice. It has been a while since we've faced off. *She takes a deep breath.*  I've missed the rush. Because like Kate, you actually push me to be more finessed. Facing these men just encourage my brutality. 

I say you and I kick off Fury right with an exhibition match The Graceful Assassin takes on The Wiccan Wonder in a no holds barred, falls count anywhere street fight. We'll give the fans one hell of a show that way won't we. We'll fight in the ring, we'll fight in the stands, we'll fight in the locker rooms. If someone tries to interfere they may end up swirlied in the janitor's closet. But by the gods we will put on one hell of a show and the fan will love it. At the end we will both be bloody messes, breathing hard, barely able to move, and holding each other to the mat for the 3 count. 

*She's getting an excited wild look in her eyes as she talks.*

This is going to be so much fun I can hardly wait. I'll even sweeten the pot and if you win you can have a title shot if you win. See you at Fury. James Bourne you need to make this happen. We just gift wrapped you a main event.

*She walks off camera. Leaving the NYC skyline which fades to Hex Girl's logo.*

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