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Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Fri, Jun09, 2017 1:36am America/Phoenix
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LG Presser
[ The scene opens on a press conference. The media members clamoring and complaining. Clearly disgruntled the crowd comes undone when Lamar Graham enters the room without Cam Westport in tow. The crowd boos LG as he reaches the podium.]

LG “Boo and complain all you want that isn’t going to bring the Franchise out to this podium.  Cameron is busy focusing on training, he is 100% in the zone and fixated on a victory on Sunday. He doesn’t have time for pressers right now as he is on a strict work out and recovery method, designed specifically for him by the finest trainers Nike has to offer.”

[The crowd continues to groan with disappointment, one man rises from his seat.]

Standing Man(shouting) “Nobody wants to hear anything from you, we were promised a presser with Cam Westport!”

LG “First of all, I advise you to check your tone. Second of all apparently you didn’t read the fine print. You were promised word form Westport which is going to be delivered to you from his close friend, mentor, and manager LG. So seat yourself and I will read Cam’s statement.”
[The man sits and the crowd calms down as LG takes control of the situation. LG pulls out a piece of paper from his suit jacket and sets it on the podium.]

LG(reading Cam’s statement) “With all due respect to the fine members of the media, I will be passing up my usual press conference as I’ve decided to cut all unnecessary distractions out of my routine. I have uninstalled Twitter and all other social media from my phone and I only allow my closest of friends to meet with me. I respect what the media does for my brand, but Rayne is not an opponent to be taken lightly. I need to get back on track, so this weeks Mayhem is crucial for me.

My opponent Rayne originally seemed to be approaching this the same way as I was. Objectively and strictly business, but apparently me explaining to him that I’m going to run him over hurt his feelings. Well if you don’t want your feelings hurt, stop me from hurting them.”

[LG looks up from the statement readying himself for questions from the crowd.]

Q “How is Cam preparing himself for Rayne’s well renowned signature moves like the Rayne Drop DDT and his trademark spinebuster?”
LG “Just like always we firmly believe the key in dissecting signature moves like those is utilizing film from previous matches to figure out tendencies. Just like a pitcher’s windup or a basketball free throw these moves often have a ritualistic approach. So we’re working on figuring out how to read Rayne, and he is a surprisingly easy  guy to read.”

Q “After three straight losses Cam seems to be falling off what seemed to be a clear cut road to success. Why should the fans stay invested.?”
LG(scoffing at first) “You act like he went out and got walked on. He’s lost three straight, true but you have to look deeper than the final decision. In two of those matches he hit his finisher and got the three count only to get screwed but the refs and in the third match his tag partner walked out and he got 2 v 1’d. Calm down with you sensationalizing, you’re just looking for the bust headline. I assure you Cam is still on the fast road to Wrestling greatness.”

Q “You and Cam teased a big Nike announcement before his International Championship match, but we haven’t heard anything since.”
LG “We’re just waiting for the right time to pull a trigger on our big announcement. That being said he is endorsed by Nike and they’ve been fantastic working with Cam and myself in both a business sense and an athletic sense. When the time is right, you’ll be thrilled with what we have.”

Q “Cam’s finisher the W has been well touted, what are the chances Rayne breaks the streak and kicks out?”
LG “I want to say slim to none, but the true answer is none. We aren’t talking about 99% effectiveness, nobody has ever kicked out. It’s 5 for 5. It’s victims are well acclaimed as well. Giant Khoklov, former International Champion Lu’Andre Xavier, and #1 contender for the Undisputed World Championship Kurtis Ray all rank amongst the names bested by the most devastating move in all of sports. It’s like AI’s killer crossover, it’s money.

Alright I’ve got time for one more.”

Q “Cam joined the WWX along with an influx of other rookies, in your opinion what makes him the leader of that pack?”
LG “Oh boy, this is easy. There is a million reasons, but I’m not up here to deliver an hour long speech. The simple version? He is a former TV Champion, none of the other rookies have yet to strike gold, but what I think is more important is he is a main eventer. Just from a branding stand point, he has been a mainstay of the main event since he arrived. 6 of 8 of his matches have been main events! This man doesn’t belong with the middle of the pack, under card workers. He is a premier talent and management has treated him as so! If there is a rookie of the year award to be handed out, they may as well carve the name Cam Wesport into it right now!”

[LG backs away from the podium and walks out of the room.  The headline for an article from ESPN fades in over the camera stating “Cam Westport: Rookie of the Year or Bust?”]

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