Library Session

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On Fri, May19, 2017 9:01am America/Phoenix
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Library Session
[ The segment takes place at a local library. Fill enters the building and starts talking to one of the librarians ]

Fill: Excuse me, a friend of mine should be waiting for me, but I'm not sure he showed up yet.

Librarian: Oh, I recognize you. Yes, he should be on the floor below. Go down there, one of my colleagues should be there, she might know where he is.

Fill: Thanks.

[ Fill goes to the lower floor and looks around for anyone, as it's so quiet that it's like there's no one there. Around the corner he sees an old lady with a badge that shows she works at the library]

Fill: Hi there, have you seen...

Old Lady: Shhh!

[ She puts her finger in front of her mouth and shushes Fill angrily ]

Old Lady: This is a library, not supermarket, keep it down.

Fill: But I just...

Old Lady: Shhh!

Fill: Fine!

[ She stares at him annoyingly as he starts talking in a lower tone ]

Fill: A friend of mine should be here, he's a tall shady character, a little scary looking...

[ Her eyes widen as she looks in fear ]

Fill: He's right behind me isn't he?

[ As she keeps staring, she suddenly faints. Fill turns around and sees an emotionless Rayne ]

Rayne: Don't say that this was my fault, I didn't even touch her.

Fill: Nevermind.

Rayne: So, why a library of all places?

Fill: Honestly, I was just wondering what motivates the Sophistication Army so much. I mean have you heard them talk?

[ Rayne takes a confused look at Fill as he switches his view from the books Fill is looking at, and back at Fill ]

Rayne: You're not serious, are you?

Fill: Nah, I just wanted to make you come to a more populated place. You've grown so dark, I might mistake you for Batman.

Rayne: Fill... we don't have time to joke around. If this is how you prepare for your matches, no wonder you lost to Cameron Westport, Willie Steen, and even Giant Khoklov.

Fill: Wow, wow, wow, don't go there. I don't wanna talk about Khoklov right now, his time will come. I'm not finished with him yet.

Rayne: If you don't start taking your opponents more seriously, then you'll just end up like Gary Lane. So take my advice my friend, as cheerful as you want to be, this isn't a party. If you want to make your fans happy, do it outside of the ring. But once we enter that ring at Mayhem, I want to see the same Fill that helped me fight The Insurgence. 

Fill: Don't worry Rayne, I know what I'm doing. We won't lose at Mayhem, after all this is just a bunch of bookworms. If they were here right now, they would be looking for new poems and rhymes. If we were in the mood, this place would become a pile of ashes, but I'm not that bad. As for my aggression, it will return, but not here and not now. After all, The Insurgence wasn't the only reason we formed this team, the very name says it all. We don't have to be similar to be a dominant team, we are as different as a team can get. I'm a happy going fighter who used to stress out a lot, and you... well, nowadays you like making people suffer I guess. But it doesn't matter if we have different views on things, what's important is that we work as a team and show everyone what different worlds can do. And once everyone sees us in the ring, they aaaaall know...what...happens...

Rayne: When Worlds Collide!

[ Fade to black ]

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