Life Birth Blood Doom / King Nothing

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Sun, Dec10, 2017 8:28am America/Phoenix
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Life Birth Blood Doom / King Nothing
Blackness at first than a flash of bright white and a distortion sound fading in louder and louder. Footage is shown of historic moments throughout the life and death of earth, simple clips such as sunset and sunrise, season changing to a flower growing in quick time. The evolution of man, dinosaurs, the rainforests, the oceans, the desserts, the mountains. Clips begin playing of several different civil wars, the big bang, the industrial revolution, the Boston tea party, quick clips of World War 1 & 2 flash across the screen. Quick clips of the first atomic bomb being dropped from the sky all the way to impact, shockwave and aftermath, giant mushroom cloud included. Next we see clips of death and gore mutilated bodies blood and guts enough to make the stomach squeamish. We then start to see quick clips of WWX highlights from Ravage, Wreckage, and Fury eventually to a shot of a empty WWX ring in a empty arena. Blackness again you can hear thunder crackle in the darkness as we fade into a shot of a stage. On the stage there is a band equipped with instruments and gear and huge banner that shows the band's logo and name Trend Killer Syndicate.   

Guitars and drums start playing the tune of Life, Birth, Blood, Doom originally by Black Label Society but played tonight by TKS. Bright white spotlights flash on and off from the sound beams above electrifying the stage. The lead riff of the song starts playing by the lead guitarist Sam Crow. Sam, as with the rest of the band sports a black leather vest with the band's logo on it and by the front pocket the title of each member, lead, drums, bass, etc. The stage turns to darkness then a dark red strobing effect from the lights above, you can see Sam Crow thrashing about on stage playing guitar. A single lone spotlight appears on the center of the stage with nobody standing there at first, the only thing standing there is a mic stand with mic attached. Suddenly a panel of the stage disappears and slowly coming upwards in a crucifix position facing away from the empty arena, the frontman of Trend Killer Syndicate The Trend Killer himself Fozzy Ozbourne. Fozzy who is wearing the same apparel as the rest of the band which consists mostly of black clothing and leather vests has a Jackson white flying V guitar strapped around his neck and shoulder. Fozzy spins around with his arms still out then after a moment or two start playing along with Sam Crow. He steps up the mic and starts to sing.
FOZZY- I walk through fire, I feel no pain, Fields of war which fuel my veins. IN THE END, SON, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU!
Cut me, child, you'll see I bleed, Scars of black which help me see. IN THE END, SON, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU!
Fozzy head bangs around a bit and starts playing guitar in perfect harmony with the lead guitarist Sam Crow, standing right beside him Fozzy sings the chorus through Sam's mic.
FOZZY- LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round soon. LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round, comin' 'round soon!!
Fozzy walks back over to the center of the stage by his mic while playing guitar with the spotlight following him and starts singing again.
FOZZY- Fields of death, the rotted womb. Hatred, chainsaw, the blessed doom. IN THE END, SON, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU!!!
The ashes that fly, the skin which burns. Kill all you can, refuse to learn. IN THE END, SON, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU!!!
FOZZY- LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round soon. LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round, comin' 'round soon!!
Sam Crow starts ripping a deadly solo on his custom Epiphone camo guitar as Fozzy walks up beside him trying to keep up on playing guitar. Sam Crow is much too skilled as he out solos Fozzy with ease, Fozzy cracks a smile and goes back to playing the rhythm part of the song. A few moments pass with Sam Crow fingering his guitar like he was finger banging a group of horny schoolgirl's, the guitar making all kinds of crazy sounds. Fozzy nods at Sam to begin the chorus part again as Fozzy steps up back to the mic. 
FOZZY-  LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round soon. LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round, comin' 'round soon!! LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round soon. LIFE, BIRTH, BLOOD, DOOM! The hole in the ground is comin' 'round, comin' 'round soon!!
The final note of the guitar carries on for what seems like forever and then you hear feedback from the amps, Fozzy walks up and shuts it off.
FOZZY- Take 5 guys, I'll meet you backstage in a minute.
Fozzy is fully aware that WWX cameras are there filming every moment, Fozzy places his guitar on a stand as the other members of the band head backstage. Fozzy peers into the darkness of the empty arena until he spots the WWX cameraman, he invites him to the stage. A few moments pass and the cameraman stands in front of Fozzy Ozbourne. Fozzy rubs his scruffy beard and begins his rant.
FOZZY- Hey guys Fozzy Ozbourne here, we are at sound check for my band Trend Killer Syndicate and man, as you heard we sound bloody awesome.  I've decided to book some shows around my WWX schedule and my main man Sam Crow I hired him as my Head of Security. Damian Price gave me a swift reminder that even these so called good guys will take cheap shots at me to get my TV title away from me.

Sam Crow comes walking in the scene and Fozzy pats him on the shoulder.

FOZZY- This guy is here to keep things fair. He's my insurance policy and quite frankly has been watching my back for the last ten years. Sam and I have been up and down the road a million times over. Whether it's wrestling or rock and roll he's always watched my back and he will be my bodyguard when I perform in the ring. The jealous haters over in The Empire can't play fair, they are just jealous that every second I'm in the ring is a highlight. I evolve every time I step in the ring I can adapt to any style anybody can throw at me. I've wrestled for countless promotions which spans across the globe and when I'm not entertaining millions in the ring I'm with my band Trend Killer Syndicate rocking the masses with our heavy metal madness. I'm just living life the way I want, the life of a traveling scumdog. They are threaten by my presence everybody here in WWX is and I GET IT! Who the hell is this guy? Trashing everybody thinking he's king sh*t. But everyone will soon realize I'm here for the long run and I'm here to cause chaos, I'm to disrupt the schedule and destroy the status quo. I'm not going to be the fall guy for new talent and has been returning vets I'll sure in the hell tell you that. I want the big money fights and the titles that come with it. Everybody wants a piece of The Trend Killer and quite frankly I don't blame them I'm the hottest new commodity here in WWX and that's why I have this guy watching my back.

Sam throws up the devil horns to the camera. Fozzy smirks and walks to the edge of the stage as the camera follows. The background now shows the empty arena with the ring in the middle.

FOZZY- What I bring to the table is a certain razzle dazzle that this company needs, I'm like Chuck Norris and Charlie Sheen minus the AIDS wrapped in one winning entity with the moves like Jagger and some megastar swagger. I may be a tad cocky but that's how I roll because win lose or draw I'm gonna be that way no matter what. Some people around this company may not like it but learn to LOVE IT! I bring new eyes to this promotion I bring TV ratings and money to this company and the management knows it. Hell my t-shirt is selling like crazy whereas most of these so called professional wrestlers don't even have a shirt and if they do they don't promote it. I'm a shameless self promoter with a silver tongue and a relentless work ethic.

Fozzy signals for someone off camera and a moment later he is thrown the WWX Television Championship. He catches it with grace and flings it over his shoulder and continues.

FOZZY- My reign as WWX Television Champion has just begun and being the most entertaining champion I am. I've called for a CHOOSE.. MY.. DEMISE.. match. What is that exactly? Well since I'm so hated here in WWX why not let the WWX Universe choose the match type they want to see me get killed in. Cause when I beat whatever fool they put in my way I can shove it right back up there collective asses. I'm trying to think of new and exciting ways that I as Television Champion can do to make this title stand out above the rest. I'll do this CHOOSE MY DEMISE gimmick every time I defend that title just to make it more interesting. That TV title shouldn't be regarded as lower card title after I'm done with it I'm going to make it memorable, I'm going to make it mean something. Each defence I'll be sticking it to those sycophants who cheer for their little heroes. Each defence my star continues to rise to the top. Let's take my next match for example. I'm going to take a old stale Hall of Famer and carry him to a tag team title victory all by myself. Let's face it Krimson Blaze has seen better days but indeed his days are going to get a whole lot better having a tag team partner the likes of ME! While he failed to capture the WWX International Title last week we are going to advance to the finals of this tag tournament and I will single handedly save his career by letting him ride my coat tails to the tag titles. If he doesn't like what I'm saying then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Because I'll save the tag team division all by my damn self if I need to and I'll make that a hot commodity as well.

Fozzy thinks for a moment pandering something, he walks over to Sam Crow.

FOZZY- Hey man, can you get the band I wanna do one more song for these cameras before they leave.

Sam nods and heads backstage to get the band. Fozzy casually walks slowly around the stage looking around at the empty arena, the WWX Television Title still on his shoulder.

FOZZY- People don't realize the work ethic I have, I'm always on the go I'm always cooking up some kind of scheme, I'm always thinking. Thinking of ways to get better new training methods new strategies new angles to play this game of pro wrestling. I put my life out there and people will judge it is what it is. But from the depths of the underground scene a revolution is forming and no one is aware, BUT I'AM! I'AM THE PULSE OF PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING! I'm only the pulse cause KING is obviously a overused gimmick here in WWX. Everybody claiming to be the king you'd think we are playing Dungeons & Dragons here.

Fozzy does a jerk off motion and with a bad Andrew Dice Clay impression says.

FOZZY- But I'm over here now, OHHH!

Fozzy smirks and continues in his normal tone of being a cocky shit head.

FOZZY- I am the new sensation that's sweeping through WWX and everybody knows it. Super Bacon knows it, he's been hit up side the head with it twice. But that's OK I'm done shitting on Super Bacon after last week I have to admit I was impressed with his performance. He went out there with a set of balls and whatever it took to get the win and over on the Undisputed Champ as well. 1.2.3. That's in the history books for life, Super Bacon scored the pin fall on Syndicate. They can never take that away from you Bacon. But I will take away your hopes of a underdog story advancing in this tag team tournament. With me on the other side of the ring it ain't happening bub. As much as I hate all the history lessons tossed my way, our history Mr. Bacon is one of me beating you twice and now coming up on number 3. After your impressive performance last week I'll be paying special attention to you and I'll ignore the fact that me and Krimson already eliminated you from this tournament. So bring the high flying superhero gimmicks bring your bacon bits and go round 3 with The Trend Killer.

The rest of the band are emerging from the backstage area to their instruments of choice. As Fozzy is making his way over to his guitar and mic stand. He throws down the WWX Television Title on the steel grate and continues on.

FOZZY- As for your partner...... Another self proclaimed KING! Well Mr. King Rayne I am the king shit of turd mountain and I'm here to rain a weathering shit storm on your parade. Beating you will prove that I should be in the main event picture not you but I seemingly have to go through this process of being accepted first, to make sure I stick around. Can't just slap a new guy in a main event spot and expect that to fly with all the cry baby vets around here in WWX. I get it and I LOVE IT! I want to fight all these vets including you so while you play king I dedicate this song to you Mr. Rayne.

Fozzy and Sam can seemingly communicate without talking and just nod at each other. The signal indicates the start of the song King Nothing by Metallica charmingly done by Trend Killer Syndicate. The beginning starts with a guitar distorting fading in then a bass part sets the pace. Fozzy and Sam double up on guitars on the beginning riff, drums and bass follow closely behind completing the melody. The song is in full swing melody wise Fozzy steps to the mic still playing guitar.

FOZZY- Wish I may.. Wish I might.. Have this I wish tonight.... Are you satisfied!? Dig for gold.. Dig for fame.. You dig to make your name.... Are you pacified!?

The riff changes slightly.

FOZZY- All the wants you waste... All the things you've chased...     And it all crashes down.. And you break your crown.. And you point your finger but THERE'S NO ONE AROUND!! Just want one thing.. Just to play THE KING!! But the castle crumbled and you're left with just a name.. Where's your crown... KING NOTHING!!!

Fozzy satisfied with how the band is playing nods his head and smiles then continues to sing.

FOZZY- Where's your crown?...

FOZZY- Hard and cold.. Bought and sold.. A heart as hard as gold.... YEAH!.. Are you satisfied!? Wish I might.. Wish I may.. You wish your life away.... Are you pacified!?

The riff goes to the chorus.

FOZZY- All the wants you waste... All the things you've chased...   Then it all crashes down.. And you break your crown.. And you point your finger BUT THERE'S NO ONE AROUND!! Just want one thing.. Just to play THE KING!! But the castle crumbled and you're left with just a name.. Where's your crown... KING NOTHING!!! Oh where's your crown?....

Sam Crow starts thrashing around breaking into a deadly solo part for about a minute as Fozzy and the rest of the band hold the melody down. After the solo ends the melody starts to lessen lots of snare parts on the drums and Fozzy lets his guitar feedback by the amp then quickly goes back to the mic to start singing again.

FOZZY- Wish I may, wish I might. Have this wish I wish tonight. I want that star, I want it now. I want it all and I don't care how. 
Careful what you wish... Careful what you say... Careful what you wish you may regret it.. Careful what you wish YOU JUST MIGHT GET IT!!!!!    Then it all crashes down.. And you break your crown.. And you point your finger BUT THERE'S NO ONE AROUND!!  Just want one thing.. Just to play A KING!! But your castle crumbled and you're left with just a name.. Where's your crown.. KING NOTHING!!! 

Fozzy and Sam double up on the rhythm guitar part.

FOZZY- OH you're just nothing.. WHERE'S YOUR CROWN! KING NOTHING?!! Oh you're just nothing..... absolutely nothing...

The sound fades and Fozzy smashes his guitar on the steel grate of the stage, Sam follows in suit and does the same. The scene fades as Fozzy and the rest of his band head backstage.


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