Live and Unhinged (vs Syndicate)

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On Wed, Jun07, 2017 8:23pm America/Phoenix
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Live and Unhinged (vs Syndicate)
(The scene is blurry at first, before coming into sharp focus all of a sudden, revealing that the camera is pointed straight up at an arena ceiling. Lights hang in four corners, not quite symmetrical, and harsh light shines down toward the floor. The camera pans now, revealing a wrestling ring and, laying in the center of the ring with his arms spread is Kurtis Ray, looking up at the ceiling with a look somewhere near wonder on his face.)

KURTIS: There's something to be said for the view from down here. The lights are mesmerizing and terrifying, cause if you take the time to let your eyes focus on 'em, then you're on the wrong end of a three count.

(Kurtis sighs, tucking one hand under his head to use as a pillow. He doesn't look at the camera, continuing to start up at the lights.)

KURTIS: You know, I'm tired of all of this. I'm tired of everything being the same week after week. I'm tired of the same promos, the same matches, the same opponents. I'm tired of a roster of some thirty people having barely a handful of people who are considered top notch. Yeah I worked hard to get where I am, but even when I was the champion, I sat at the top of the heap, watching Fury and Ravage and I wondered; what's the point? Why do I want to be World Champion if it just leads to an endless cycle of the same match with different flair over and over again? It haunts me, man. And yet, here I am, heading into Outrage, chasing that same brass ring all over again.

(Kurtis snorts, stretching out and crossing his feet, still resolutely refusing to look toward the camera. He inspects his fingernails on one hand, then the other.)

KURTIS: I get it, I know what you expect me to say, and the odds are I'm going to say it. God knows I basically just say the same thing over and over and over again until I'm blue in the face. I change it up little by little, but in the long run it's just me bragging about how strong I am and how strong party B is not. I keep coming at this thing saying I got nothing to prove but acting like I have something to prove. It's like watching Territories wrestling, but Hulk Hogan is bipolar and, while charismatic, talks like he paid some junkie trash at the bus stop to write his promos while they were waiting for a cab.

(Kurtis sits up now, hugging his knees up to his chest and crossing his arms over them. He rests his chin on his crossed arms, closing his eyes.)

KURTIS: It's like a bad dream I can't quite shake off. So I sat back, I looked up at the stars, and I thought to myself, 'why, Kurtis? Why do you feel this way? How is it something you love can become something to agonize over?' And you know what? I didn't have an answer for that. So I went and got trashed at a Chinese restaurant. It was there that I found my answer, in the form of a piece of paper in a cookie that tasted like soy sauce and cigarette butts.

(Kurtis opens his eyes and holds out one hand, opening it to reveal a small slip of paper. It appears to be a fortune cookie fortune, judging by the lucky numbers on it.)

KURTIS: It says "Become the change you believe in." Stupid, fluffy proverbs designed to make people sit back and think about what they mean. But it wasn't something to think on for me. This little slip of paper was a sign, telling me that I have a long way to go. And you know what? It gave me hope. So I picked myself up, I dragged my ass out of that lousy greasepit, and I went over to the Rite-Aid and got in a fight with a bunch of meth addicts.

(Kurtis finally turns his gaze to the camera, revealing a black eye and a widening, manic grin.)

KURTIS: It's so simple, you know? I just have to make things different. No more of this half-assed nonsense. No more lying to myself about what this all means. The great truth is that it all means nothing. Impact is more important than glory, and there are few that manage to attain both, let alone hold on to both.

(Kurtis rises to his feet in a fluid movement, crossing his hands behind his back and beginning to pace in the ring. He is silent for a long moment as the madness in his eyes and his grin intensifies.)

KURTIS: I've made one mistake since my initial attack on you, Syndicate. It was not turning my back on the trash that comes to shriek for you and shriek at me. It was not the attacks on you. The mistake I made was letting you define me. You were going to be the hero so I decided I was going to be the villain. But you're just as worthless as your myriad fans. The only thing you're good for, literally, is smiling nice for the camera when the mucky mucks decide they need their belt on a morning show, and ferrying around the belt until someone comes around that's actually worthy of it. Is that me? Worthy may be a stretch. But I can be the colossal douche bag carrying the strap and smiling pretty for the camera with the best of 'em.

(Kurtis is silent for a moment, before he dissolves into peals of raucous laughter. It is not exact;y pleasant sounding, moreso mocking, and something cruel twinkles in his eyes when he snaps back around to face the camera.)

KURTIS: You mentioned that I violently rejected a loss. If you mean my loss to you at bloodshed, Dearie, I don't reject that. I might have hit you harder than I thought, because as I recall, before I dropped you on that pretty blond head of yours, I congratulated you. The reason I attacked you wasn;t because of that. I had it in my head to do that to you long before I lost the title to you. You've got this amazing world view from wherever it is you keep your head these days. I assume it's far enough up your own ass that you'd see daylight if your head wasn't up your own ass. I did that because it was something I wanted to do. Something just for me. Something t put an exclamation point on my first reign as Heavyweight champion. I had nothing to prove to you then, and I have nothing to prove to you now. The worst night of your life was when I beat you at aftershock, right> And it was because, in that moment, in that ring, regardless of what you told yourself, regardless of what you told the fans, and me, and management, and whoever else would listen, you acknowledged in that moment that I was better than you were and you hate yourself for that.

(Kurtis sneers, oozing closer to the camera so there is little in frame beside his face.)

KURTIS: But then at Bloodshed, you walked away with the win, You earned back your identity, the only thing that makes you anything other than insignificant. You dropped me on a chair, completely legal, and you won the match. And the only thing I could think as I laid in that ring, waiting for the lights to come into focus is how I could have stopped it any time, simple as that, by breaking your neck. I'm stronger than you. I'm bigger than you. If this was pre-civilization days, I would have killed and eaten you by now. But I didn't break you then, Syndicate. I didn't have the guts to make that decision, to take that shot. But I'm ready now.

(Kurtis turns away from the camera, shaking slightly, until laughter can be heard coming from the former champion. Suddenly he turns again, his eyes blazing and wild.)

KURTIS I'm done with this cat and mouse verbal jousting BS. I'm done with matches and rematches and titles changing hands and being the bigger man. When Outrage is in the books, I won't be known as the man who beat Syndicate to become a two time champion. I won't just be the Crusade Cup champion. I will be the man who brought light where there was darkness, and I will be the man who robbed Sydney Irvine of the only thing other than the WWX Heavyweight Championship that gave his life purpose. When I'm done with you, Syd, Syndicate will be a memory, and you'll be a broken, useless husk of something that used to be important.

(Kurtis moves away from the camera, howling with laughter. He falls back on the mat, once again mesmerized by the lights as the laughter fades, and the camera pans in on his face looking almost serene as the light is reflected in his eyes. The camera pans back up to the lights, and then cuts abruptly to a promo for Outrage.)

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