Locked Up

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Fri, Dec22, 2017 11:15am America/Phoenix
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Locked Up
{The camera comes to life inside Dawson State Jail. A few guards walk around as one stands next to the cells. A few police officers can be seen doing paper work at nearby desk. The camera zooms in past the bars to Darkness sitting by himself on a bench.}

Darkness: Ranger, my old friend, do you really think locking me up or in fact locking all of us up is going to stop all this chaos that is going on. I mean really did having us arrested my your ego bigger. Did it make you feel like you had control back of your show. Well Ranger think again. Until the Undisputed championship is back around my waist you will never have control of Ravage. So be prepared to arrest me ever single Ravage until then expect total chaos. 

{Darkness gets up off the bench and begins pacing back and forth.}

Darkness: Now on to more pressing matter. Apparently, by listening to these bumbling police officers, I have a match on Ravage against the self proclaimed dark man himself.... Tom Black. Mr. Black, do you really think that you are the darkest man in the WWX at this moment. Where have you been since joining the WWX. Have you been in your own special hole in the ground. Maybe its the fact that you have been concentrating so hard on Mr. Fruit himself, Bob Mellon.

{Darkness' pacing begins to slow down a little.}

Darkness: Black , don't concentrate all your efforts on Mellon and forget who you will be facing on Ravage. What you will be going against is not some one time International champion or somebody that will get himself disqualified but you will be facing the first ever five time International champion. Yeah, I know what you are thinking Black, the WWX records doesn't show you winning five International championships. Well Tom... you are right and you are wrong. See the records doesn't show where I was a co-holder of the International champions with none other than our illustrious general manager. You know the one that put me in here thinking he gain some kind of control back. 

{Darkness pauses for quick moment and looks around the cell he is in.}

Darkness: But Black, let's get real for a minute. I know you are not worried about records or what I have done In the past. You are more worried about what I have done recently and if you listen to Rayne it isn't much. In my opinion I've done enough to mess with his plans in his quest for the Undisputed championship and ultimately enough to land me in this jail cell. So Tom I think it is time I garner a little momentum heading into Holiday Hell and I can't think of a better starting place than with you except maybe Syndicate and that Undisputed championship.

{Darkness looks across the hall and a couple cells down at Syndicate leaning against the cell bars.}

Darkness: You know what Black....

{Darkness is interrupted by one of the guards.}

Guard: Mr. Darkness, somebody has posted your bail.

{The guard walks over to Darkness' cell and unlocks it swinging the door open in the process. The guard then escorts Darkness to the checkout area where Darkness sees Brytney standing there.}

Darkness: Oh great it's you.

Brytney: Glad to see you to.

Darkness: Where is Frank?

Brytney: Oh, he couldn't make it so he sent me. Everytime I'm not around you get yourself into trouble.

{Brytney signs a few more papers before Darkness is free to go.}

Darkness: I highly doubt that he was that busy. What did you do see me get arrested on Ravage and come down here and try and insert yourself back into my career. Do what you must it is never going to happen.

Brytney: Say whay you will. You know you can't beat Tom Black without me and you know there will be no way you will walk out of Holiday Hell with out me there. You have gotten weak over the years. The old Darkness has left. You need to accept this fact and grow on it.

Darkness: What the hell ever. I don't need your help, never have and never will. I definitely don't need it to beat Tom Black. As a matter of fact I ban you from ring, no no, I ban you from the arena. I don't want you anywhere near my match against Black. Do you hear that Black, it is just going to be me and you unless somebody else wants to stick their nose in my business again like Rayne, Kurtis, or that slab of meat... Bacon.

{Brytney signs the last piece of paper, sets down the pen, and turns around towards Darkness.}

Brytney: Have it your way. 

Darkness: I will, and when I'm done with Black, I'm coming for you Syndicate. Do you hear me back there Syndicate.

{Darkness stares back at Syndicate's cell as the camera fades slowly on him.}

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