Long Time Waiting

Roleplay Roleplay by FILL
On Thu, May18, 2017 5:12pm America/Phoenix
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Long Time Waiting
[ The segment takes place in a camp in the middle of nowhere. There's hardly any sound besides the sound of some birds, until the engine of a motorcycle roars through. Fill arrives on his motorcycle, as he slowly stops and looks around. He parks it and walks to the middle of the camp, still looking around and a bit worries. ]

Fill: I thought this was supposed to be the place, where the hell is he?

[ He sits down on one of the benches and after a couple of seconds, the sounds of leaves crunching put him on edge. He turns to the side where the sound is coming from and sees a hooded figure appear. The figure removes his hood, and it turns out to be Rayne. ]

Fill: You sure know how to freak me out.

Rayne: It wasn't my intention to scare you, but from what I remember you were always the stressed one.

[ Fill smirks and lets out a quiet laugh ]

Fill: Good to see you too.

[ They share a handshake sit down face to face on the benches. ]

Fill: I'm used to places like these, but I never imagined you were the type to want such abandoned spots for meetings.

Rayne: I've never been one for noisy spots either, but lately I prefer this kind of environment. It helps me think clearly.

Fill: I understand that. It's not like Korath is around to lighten up the mood as usual.

Rayne: I know you might feel sympathy for his departure, but it can't be helped. Besides, from what I remember, you and I were the ones who carried the Tag Team Titles in our team's name, not him.

Fill: Come on, don't be like that. When Worlds Collide isn't the same without him, but I guess if we can't get in touch with him, we'll have to remind everyone who we are on our own.

Rayne: Exactly! And we'll have to start with the Sophisticated Army.

Fill: I don't get what's so sophisticated about them, I've never been the literature type, so being poetic is rather...well it's a lot of things, but not sophisticated.

Rayne: My friend, does it really matter? After all, this isn't school, we're not gonna throw books at each other. It doesn't take too much intelligence to have teamwork skills, and we've proven before that we have that and we know how to use it.

Fill: Hell yeah to that. However, I've gotta ask you a favor, don't take your frustrations out on staff members okay? I'm getting bored of telling people that.

[ Rayne drops his fists on the table between the benches and takes a serious look at Fill ]

Rayne: We'll cover that some other time. You've grown soft while you were away, time to remind you how to be more aggressive. Without that aggression you used to have, you won't have what it takes to show everyone - your fans, your opponents, The Sophisticated Army - what happens...

[ Fill slowly gets up from the bench and looks at Rayne, before finishing the sentence ]

Fill: When Worlds Collide!

[ Fade to black ] 

(Rayne was used with his permission)

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