Looking forward

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Thu, Oct12, 2017 10:36am America/Phoenix
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Looking forward
The screen on your device displays static... the voices of the people are heard through the speakers of your device... "Lipton  Lipton Lipton" the static continues..  "Tommy Lipton is taking it to the new comer Panasonic... Panasonic looks to be unable to get his balance against the World Champion..." the voice is Hart a commentator at the time..  screen starts to capture an image of Tommy Lipton now covering Panasonic for the three count.... The footage ends as your device transitions to Tommys penthouse suite and sitting in a red leather chair with the Tag Title draped over his lap is the one and only Tommy Lipton. The open window behind him shows the One World trade center. 
On a small table stand beside him is a crystal glass with a golden liquid on the rocks. He takes a sip and then clears his throat. 

TL: Panasonic was a man who just couldn't ever find his footing here in the WWX. Although he came outta nowhere and claimed his greatness he just couldn't show greatness in the ring. He faced me and a few other now big names but finally faced realization he was just not suited out to be here. Then oh and behold over night Panasonic vanished and from the smoke rose Krimzon Blaze... Now Blaze was a whole different man than Panasonic, he had more focus and was hungrier than ever... eventually that drive paid off for him and under my rule as acting CEO and GM of the WWX he won his first ever WWX Championship. Now he's a Hall of Famer... It is impressive to see what a once talented man has come to achieve here in the WWX with a simple name change and returning to the drawing board. It just goes to show that hard work and determination pays off. 

He takes a sip of the liquid and puts the glass down. He leans forward and grins.

TL: But that won't change the fact that Blaze is still not going to be able to put me down. At World Series I was so close to capturing my moment... Where was Blaze however? I didn't see him in ring five OH that's right, he wasn't there. A good fight he gave but in the end it was Devine who walked out the winner of Krimzons ring. So Blaze, he is coming to Fury with a point to prove and I know that, not only am I a man he has in the past not held back to say he hates BUT this match has HUGE impact on the World Championship scene. With Hall of Pain around the corner I plan to win at Fury to build momentum as we lead into the biggest event of the year! 

TL: Krimzon has acknowledge our history and yes, I had almost forgot that I painted the WWX title black (hehe) I have done some absurd things during my earlier years here in the WWX. 
Oh and as for I'll have that? Sped Eastins famous "you'll have that" sounds odd coming from you Blaze... take your own phrase and please use the code of silence... 

Tommy stands up and looks out the window down at the large city below. 

TL: Now I want to move away from Krimzon Blaze for a moment and concentrate on some rumors flooding the social media platforms. It seems that the rumor mill is reporting that the McAllister-Lipton tandem could be coming to an end. I want to nip this in the butt. Rex and I couldn't be stronger. We are two time tag champions together and our bond is unbreakable. 
These tag titles that we hold are not leaving our waists. We chatted and we decided that we are going to keep pushing forward in this division as we scout out single championships to add to our trophy wall. 

There's a knock at the door

TL: Come in. 

A thin man in a suit walks into the room with an envelope in his hand. 

Man: This just was dropped off... 

Tommy takes the envelope

Man: It is from Rex McAllister...

Tommy opens the envelope and reads the contents inside.. he looks annoyed as he places it down next to his glass. The man leaves the room... 

TL: This match is my number one focus right now, as right now I have a chance to climb my way back into a division that has almost long forgotten about its champion. When I last held the title I didn't lose by being pinned myself, I didn't get my rematch... I walked away into the fog never to return until last year... years later and suddenly I am back and now I am back to reclaim what is rightfully mine. A shot to reclaim the WWX Undisputed Championship... A shot to once again be the king of the WWX.  

Tommy turns to face the camera. Your device shows a close up of Tommys face as a smile grows ear to ear. 

TL: I Am Coming

Your device fades to black

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