Loose Cannons Sink Ships

Roleplay Roleplay by DUNCAN MCIVER
On Tue, Jul10, 2018 8:00am America/Phoenix
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Loose Cannons Sink Ships
[WWXC opens to a view of New York from the Top floor office of McIver Towers. The camera pulls back to show Duncan McIver standing in front of the window, the sleeves of his dress shirt rolled up, hands clasped behind his back as he looks out over the city.]

Duncan: Still no word from Sanders or Mamba?

[The Camera swings around showing three other people in the room, long time secretary Abby Mackenzie, and the security/tag team of Nightwatch.]

Abby: No sir, Mamba has been MIA for 3 months and Sanders longer.

[Duncan stands statue like at the window, the wiggling of his fingers the only movement.]

Duncan: And before he departed Mamba handed the keys to... Lipton?!

Abby: Yes sir.

[Duncan takes a deep breath, his shoulders rise and fall as he turns.]

Duncan: Explains a lot. Bring me the files on the newest superstars and lets get started.

[Duncan walks over to his desk and sits, as Abby brings a large stack of files and then turns on the wall monitor.]

Abby: Where would you like to begin sir?

Duncan: Let's start with the world champion... McAllister.

[The screen begins showing recent footage of the champion, both in the ring and in training. Duncan flips through his file.]

Duncan: What about this conviction?

Office Conger: He did 2 years in a juvenile facility, records sealed but we've talked to the warden. He kept his nose clean and learned from his time. 

[Duncan closes the file and watches Rex's latest promo.]

Duncan: Well... maybe Lipton didn't screw up with this one... No reason he shouldn't be champ going into World Series, book him in Ring 4. Who's next....

[To be continued...] 

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