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On Sat, Apr07, 2018 8:40pm America/Phoenix
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Lane: DAMN IT!







The scene transitions somewhere in the great white north. 

It has been a weird week, a new Champion in the WWX, a future state of address on the horizon and Tommy Lipton has been absent from WWX TV which is rather rare since his return. He had canceled this week's Championship Tour and he has only tweeted once. That tweet reads "betrayal" ...
No one has seen or heard from the one and only, and speculations have said he has or is walking out of WWX for good.... Hanging up the boots once and for all...
if so then the words that Syndicate recently have spoken are true, that he has rid the, as he puts it, the "poison" aka Tommy Lipton from WWX for good. 

The waves crash against the sides of the large cliff. The large body of water is surrounded by even a larger body of forestation.The cliff stands about 120 feet, the cold winds blow a few snow flakes around and on the edge of the tall cliff is the man who's been missing all week, he brushes some snow from his hair... Finally Tommy Lipton has been found in the middle of Algonquin Park, in his home country of Canada on his lonely isle. 

Tommy wears an under armour sweater and jeans. He sits on top of the cliff looking over. His hands clenched together as he every so often rubs them for warmth.

Tommy: Where have I been? ... I keep hearing the fans call for me... Where am I? That is their question BUT how about my question? Where were they!? 

Tommy rubs his head. 

Tommy: The fear of loss is with us all... Dealing with it when it happens is handled differently with everyone. Loss can come from failing to capture an achievement, loss of family or friends or an item of importance... Another kind of Loss, a loss in which I am feeling... Well I'll get to that soon. 
Now don't be mistaken, I am not completely down over the recent loss of my Championship, I am proud.... I am proud that I returned to become a Hall of Fame Legend... I am proud to have once again held the Tag titles in serious fashion and also... I am proud to once again have capture the WWX Championship. Even if it was only for a month.

Tommy: My fans however did something that I was not expecting. They chose to cheer on Syndicate after he cheated me out of a clear victory. I finally had Syndicate beaten, but I failed to cover all the ground and Syndicates strategy found him a win with a cheap shot of a metal brace and the man ends up walking away as the new Champ... The real loss however was with the fans who betrayed me by supporting our new Champion. These fans who welcomed me when I returned... The same fans I told I would represent them every second I am out there. Week after week I thought it was them and I together....  

Tommy shakes his head in disbelief. 

Tommy: I know!! I can not believe it either! Why would they side with that piece of...  

Tommy stops himself from finishing the sentence and just smirks.

Tommy: Perhaps Syndicates right, perhaps a new Generation is here and the legends of the past are to be left to rest in peace... We are to be left behind as Syndicate advances and runs his Era... DGS returned and vanished faster than a Stan Lee cameo... Where is Krimzon these days? And Gunnar, damn there's a man who keeps coming and going...  but I swear, I am not leaving... I am not poison I am the cure. Syndicate I am far from done here in the WWX. I came back and I staying for the long haul! I made this Federation and its roster know the name Tommy freakin Lipton! If Syndicate thinks he's rid the World of Tommy Lipton... He ain't seen nothing yet! As for those who support Syndicate, well they will be forced to see their great hero perish beneath the crashing waves....  

Tommy looks down the wall of the cliff to the angry waters below.

Tommy: Syndicate can think Rex McAllister is his greatest threat, because Syndicates right, I have never beaten his punk ass! But he best not count me out just yet. Tommy Lipton will defend the WWX Championship At Armada! Syndicate you have all but kept my title safe and I Am Coming... To take it back!

Tommy stands up and spreads out his arms as the wind pushes against his body. 

Tommy: I was at the top of the mountain and I will bring Wrekage to see that I return there sooner than later. 
Another man however stands in my way, Rex McAllister .... Rex and Tommy Lipton, two greats who ruled the federations Tag division... We have told a story and this is the extra bonus feature. One more time he and I will go toe to toe in the same ring. It will be great. We will put it all on the line and we will once again showcase pure entertainment and real skills to the Universe! And once again Rex McAllister will fail to capture what is mine... the WWX Championship! 

Tommy rubs his chin. 

Tommy: Rex McAllister couldn't handle the loss, up until now no one's heard from my former brother in arms... Rex, he's a proud man but I think he too thinks the way that Syndicate thinks... I think he believes I should, step aside! I'll step somewhere... Up to his face and knock him out! 

Tommy takes a moment, he then laughs. 

Tommy: Then we have....Jake Devine... James Ranger was just having himself a great laugh making this match up! Jake  is also in the mix at this week's Wrekage, the man who has a guaranteed WWX Championship match in Armada's main event has a chance to score a title victory early! So if he wins then who will he face at the pay per view... Does it matter really? Jake Devine will definetly not leave Wrekage the new Champion. In fact this is really a chance for Jake to face reality, face me in the ring and get a  glimps into the future... getting a taste of what it will be like facing greatness! 

Tommy looks out over the cliff... 

Tommy: Jake Devine, this is but a taste of what you will face come Armada if it becomes you and I. 
It will be... 

Tommy takes a second, he then continues. 

Tommy: historic for you. I know, I've been around the corner and I know you do not know who you will be facing... Never fear, I am here to clear the topic up right now. 
Jake, you will not have your moment ruined...  Syndicate will not be the one walking into Armada but rather it will be me you face. One of the greatest of all time! The one and the only.... A legend. 

Tommy steps back and puffs his chest. 

Tommy: Armada 2018, Jake Devine, the Crusaid Champion versus Hall of Famer, WWX Champion, Tommy Lipton.... 

Tommy smiles. 

Tommy: Has a good ring to it... 

Tommy then makes eye contact with the cameras eye. 

Tommy: if somethings lost it's meant to be found. 
I Am Coming.

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