Lost Memories

Roleplay Roleplay by DARKNESS
On Wed, Nov01, 2017 10:42pm America/Phoenix
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Lost Memories
The camera comes to life on third floor of the old dilapidated house. Darkness can be seen once again rocking in the rocking chair. The smirk on his face says it all. The camera pans to the right a little and sees the broken window. Glass can be seen on the floor. The camera pans back to Darkness and you can see a controller in his hand meaning he is the one controlling the camera.

"The WWX wouldn't send another camera man out here. I don't know why." Darkness says with a smirk on his face. "Could it be because I threw the last one out the window. I know you are probably wondering if he is all right."

Darkness gets out of the chair and picks up the camera and makes his way to the window. Darkness points the camera towards the ground.

"Take a look for yourself." says Darkness.

As Darkness points the camera towards the ground you can see WWX medical team helping the camera man to his feet and helping him to an ambulance.

"See the dirt broke his fall. The only thing that may be wrong with him is he may not remember what happened to him. You know just like you Syndicate. Did I drop you on your head to hard at World Series? You talked and you talked about your streak of victories and title defenses yet when I mention it you want to play dumb and say I didn't end them. Syndicate, I may not have ended your win streak but I damn well ended your title defense streak. Make sure you know what streak I am talking about before you go running your mouth off." Darkness exclaims.

Darkness makes his way back the rocking chair and sits back down. Darkness begins to rock back and forth as he adjust the camera back on himself.

"Tommy... Tommy... Tommy. Yes we go way back." Darkness says as he begins to talk about the past. "We As were part of the New Order and Blood Pack, two of the most dominate groups in the WWX at the time. The only thing you have on me Tommy is the fact I have never been able to beat you in the ring. I think the last time we met was at Hall of Pain where you took out my knee in a last man standing match. A match that ended in the Gay Dolphin. Well this time the match will not end in such a happy place. The House of Horrors will be your death bed whether I bury you alive or finish you off on the third floor. This will be the one and first time you do not come out on top.

Darkness continues to rock back and forth.

"Korath, make sure you look back on history before you go rambling on about what kind of matches I have been in. I've been chased by dead pirates, been in a electrified cage, not to mention a 3 inch scar I got in a bloody battle with David GS. So whatever violence you can bring it will be minor compared to what I have been through in my years with the WWX. I have no shame in losing Korath. The only shame I will have is letting you survive a match like this." points out Darkness.

Darkness gets up out of the chair and slowly makes his way over to the window once more controlling the camera to follow him.

"Do you not think I have any power in this match Rex?" asks Darkness. "You underestimate me or haven't done your homework either. It's going to take more than you and the other three to take me back down to the bottom. Rex, you're right everything doe come full circle. The last time I was on top you were on the bottom, then you were on top and I was on the bottom, and now I'm back on top and that isn't going to change anytime soon. As for an arch enemy well you are going to have to find your own unless your name is James Ranger."

Darkness looks down out the window. 

"Well I see everything is okay down there." gestures Darkness. 

Darkness turns around as he hears footsteps coming up the stairs. As Darkness turns he sees Steve from WWX personnel.

"Mr. Ranger would like to see you." Steve says.

Darkness begins to chuckle a little as the camera fades to black.

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