Love TKO

Roleplay Roleplay by GARY TINORDI
On Fri, Jun16, 2017 5:34pm America/Phoenix
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Love TKO
(Scene opens in the living room of the 420 residence.  The camera enters the room and shows a very large black leather sectional couch that wraps around the corner.  A large bay window faces out to the woods.  There is a large flat screen TV that takes up a chunk of the south wall.  A smaller, grey, fluffy sectional is in the opposite corner.  It is there that we find Tinordi and Glazebrook seated on opposite sides of the couch.  Glazebrook is wearing a black Pittsburgh Penguins jersey, featuring the name Crosby and the #87.  Hes also wearing a pair of khaki cargo shorts.  Tinordi is sporting a black Pink Floyd shirt, a pair of black track pants, and a grey floppy hat with the Denver Broncos logo on the front.  A few beer bottles and a large glass bong are placed on a small coffee table in front of the couch.)

Tinordi - Whaddup, Cameraman!

Cameraman - Hey guys.

Glazebrook - How's it going?

Cameraman - Good.

Tinordi - So, it seems like Tuns of Fun, here gets to sit out a match, since the WWXecutives signed the G Ride to fly solo this week on Mayhem.

Glazebrook - Well, I'm going to be at ringside, so it's not like I get to go on vacation or anything.

Tinordi - True, true.  WWX fans will be piling into Hartford, Connecticut this weekend, hoping to get a glimpse of one of the finest athletic specimens known to mankind.  And it is only fitting that this happens on Father's Day.  Cause I'm gonna show you who your daddy is!

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude... who are you up against again?

Tinordi - Uh... I think it's one of the X men.

Glazebrook - No way, dude!  Is it Wolverine?  Schnickety-Schnick!

Tinordi - I don't think so.  I think his name is Pendergrass or something.

Glazebrook - Like, Teddy Pendergrass?

Tinordi - Maybe...

Glazebrook - (singing) How can you mend a broken heart, yeah.

Tinordi - Dude... you got mad flow.

Glazebrook - Dude... Pendergrass is the man.  Bitches be jocking on some Teddy Pendergrass.

Cameraman - Guys... his name is Xavier Pendragon.

Glazebrook - Pendragon?  Like Pen and dragon?

Cameraman - Yeah...

Glazebrook - So, what... he just takes two random words, puts them together and calls it his last name?

Tinordi - Uh... I guess so.

Glazebrook - How stupid is that?

Tinordi - Uh... you DO realize that your last name is just two random words put together, right?  It's called like, a compound word or something.

Glazebrook - What?  My  uh... Oh yeah!  This guy is pretty cool.  Well, maybe not.  He could have picked 2 cooler words.

Tinordi - Well, like... the pen is mightier than a sword.  And dragons are pretty cool, cause they breath fire and stuff.  What two words would you have picked?

Glazebrook - I don't know... maybe Brook... and Glaze?

Tinordi - That's pretty cool.

Glazebrook - Yeah, dude.

Tinordi - Oh yeah!  This is the dude that likes Eminem, right?

Glazebrook - I like M&Ms.

Tinordi - Nah, dude... the rapper.

Glazebrook - Oh, you mean Slim Shady?

Tinordi - Yeah, dude... this cat is from Detroit, so like, he drives a ford and listens to Eminem and Kid Rock, and drinks shitty water while talking about the good ol' days of football before the Lions scared away all their good players into retirement.

Glazebrook - Fair enough.

Tinordi - I guess.  So, it seems like this cat has been around the X for a while now.  I'm pretty sure our paths have crossed before back in the day.  And I'm pretty sure if he stepped in the ring with 420, then we all know how that ended.  And this time will be no different.  You see, while the two of us have joined forced to create the greatest duo in the history of two people ever joining together to form a duo.  But, we can exist as a single entity.  In order to form the greatest tag team of all time, it takes two extraordinary wrestlers who can hold their own by themselves.  And I think we have proved that time and time again.  You see, Glaze and I have been champions by ourselves.  So, it's not like it is necessary, but I guess sometimes people need reminders and Sunday night on Mayhem, I will do just that.

Glazebrook - Damn right!

Tinordi - Yeah, dude.  Pendragon... this Sunday... Mayhem... Hartford, Connecticut.  You will be in the unfortunate position of standing across the ring from one of the greatest technical wrestlers this federation has ever seen.  People can say what they will about some of the things that I do outside the ring, but nobody can knock the results that happen after the bell has rung.  And I know it may have been a while, so allow me to demonstrate again what happens when you step in the ring with a member of 420... you get treated like a roach... and smoked!!!!!

(Glazebrook takes a large hit from the bong and exhales the smoke into the camera until it engulfs the whole picture.  Fade to black.)

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