Luke Jairus Presser

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On Tue, Jul18, 2017 1:58pm America/Phoenix
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Luke Jairus Presser
The newest miracle drug commercial comes to an end and your screen transitions to what appears to be a press conference. To say the press conference is underwhelming would be an understatement. There are a handful of reporters with only one camera crew filming standing in the middle of an old gymnasium. In front of the small crowd is a man standing in front of a cheap wooden podium with the WWX logo plastered to the front. The man is wearing a black t-shirt and a plain red wrestling mask. The wrestling mask is as plain as they come; no designs, additional colors, or anything, just plain red.

A female reporter wearing a long green dress raises her hand and is quickly acknowledged by the man in the red mask.

Reporter: Kelly Stanton here from the Niagara Gazette. How does a relatively unknown wrestler from Niagara Falls, Ontario sign a one-month contract with the World Wrestling eXistence?

The man in the red mask stares at the reporter identified as Kelly Stanton without responding.

KS: Excuse me, Mister Jairus… Would you like me to ask the question again?

The man in the red mask shakes his head signaling no.

Mr. Jairus: Miss Stanton, you can call me Luke. I’ve got to hand it to you, that’s a great question. Would you like to know another great question?

((From here on out the man in the red mask will be identified as Luke Jairus or LJ))

KS: Uh, sure…?

The reporter hesitates while responding.

Mr. Jarius: Why did your newspaper call for a press conference with a relatively unknown wrestler?

Kelly Stanton looks puzzled at the question being asked by Luke Jairus.

LJ: Here’s what I know, I have signed a one-month tryout contract with the World Wrestling eXistence. I have no idea when I will fight or who I will fight. The only thing that I know is I have 30 days to prove my worth to the greatest wrestling promotion in the world. Any other questions, Miss Stanton?

KS: Not at the moment.

Kelly pierces her lips after answer LJ’s question.

LJ: I look forward to the opportunity the WWX has provided me. It is my goal to make the great province of Ontario proud of a local boy as he tries to climb the ladder in the World Wrestling eXistence. I appreciate everyone’s time and support!

Luke waves to the reporters in the room as he steps away from the podium. 


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