Lu'Underwhelming Xavier

Roleplay Roleplay by CAMERON WESTPORT
On Sat, May13, 2017 12:30am America/Phoenix
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Lu'Underwhelming Xavier
[The scene starts once again with an overhead shot of the Nike headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon. The camera approaches the window of the gym and on the inside Cam Westport is doing reps on bench press being spotted by Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic. Cam finishes off his bench set and jumps up full of energy. Him and Gordon high five and Gordon heads out of the room. The camera switches inside to Cam Westport wiping his sweat off.]

Cam “Selling out? Haha I think it’s funny what losers will say to try and get under the skin of more successful people. The term sell out is a desperate term. A desperate term used by somebody who knows they could never see the same success. You call me a pathetic rookie, but last time I checked I’m already the most accomplished rookie out of this whole group, because between my TV Championship and my brand I’m already one of the more accomplished singles wrestlers on the whole roster.”

[Cam tossed his towel on his gym bag and paces across the gym. He sits down at a lat pulldown machine and starts bangs out reps, facing the camera and talking as he does it.]

Cam “I’m not selling out, big brands are buying in. They’re buying into the Franchise, future face of WWX Cameron Westport. (Smiles and stops repping) Who wouldn’t want to buy in on this beautiful face. (continues repping) You don’t seem to be the best at investments anyway.”

[Cam stands up shakes his arms, then sits down and leans back on another bench.]

Cam “You’ve been here in the WWX for over 4 years and you’ve only managed a triplet of singles titles. That’s less than a title a year, but in my 2 months I’ve already got one. It all makes sense to me, it’s clear as day.”

[Cam chuckles as he stands up]

Cam “You are a sad, complacent veteran who is jealous of the next big thing. I’m better than you and that really digs under your skin. I’m tall, sexy, jacked, successful, and frankly I’m making fat cash and who are you? Lu’Andre Xavier… Lu’Underwhelming Xavier.”

[Lesean McCoy enters the gym in the background and Cam sees him. Cam steps back towards the weight rack but stops and looks at the camera.]

Cam “Don’t flatter yourself Yoda, you’re in trouble on Mayhem. The endorsements, the celebrities, the insults all of that is out the window come Sunday. And whats left in the ring? Me and you. I’ll take this fat endorsement money and put it all one me, because looks at you and look at me. Those are good odds.”

[Cam laughs gives the camera an annoyingly arrogant sneer before walking off to Lesean.]

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