Macabre in Sin-Sin-Naughty ( in Cincinnati )

Roleplay Roleplay by BLAYDE ARCHER
On Fri, Aug11, 2017 4:34pm America/Phoenix
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Macabre in Sin-Sin-Naughty ( in Cincinnati )
TIME:4:20 P.M.
PLACE: Cincinnati, Ohio.
LOCATION: Strip Club King


This is Bob O'Reilly with real faux news and we have breaking news coming out of The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden in Ohio where someone released ALL of the Animals from their cages and we are being told that there are now actual Lions, Tigers and Bears.. roaming the streets.. oh my! Sorry folks, I just could not resist a bad pun opportunity. We will bring you live footage right after this quick commercial break.

[We pull back from the television screen to show the Blade Club's new muscle, "the Rebel" Reaghan Riker clicking off the TV with the remote then crosses both arms, shooting a look at Blade archer as the camera pans over to the private booth where the International Champion is being "entertained" with a lap dance from a scantily clad female escort.]

-The Rebel Reaghan Riker-
I can see from the news that you had fun at the zoo..

[A devilish smile slowly grows along with something else we can't show you here as the young dancer has her goods censored by a black bar while showing off her stripper skills and talents.]

You know I did!

-The Rebel Reaghan Riker-
What are you going to do about that high and mighty, holier than thou religious preacher man?

Same thing that I'm about to do to this stripper in the back room later, beat that ass!

[Blade Archer slips a $20 into the female dancers G-string and gives her a tap on the backside as the gorgeous blonde sits on the Navajo Warrior's lap, nibbling on his ear and kissing on the neck as the camera zooms in for a tight shot of the smile on the International champions face..]

It is good to believe in a higher power Polaris. That is your choice. It is better to have free will. And that is my choice. We are all born a sinner Bishop, even you.. So bring your crusade and prepare for pure pain Pope saint Patron of Purity because your mission will be in vain with me When I beat you mercilessly and without remorse. So feel fee to brainwash the masses of ignorant steeple. Preach to the choir sire. Sell your message and take their dollar in the good name of your savior. 
[The stripper whispers something into Archers ear who nods and smiles as she stands up to walk into the back room, waiting to give the champ some x-rated entertainment..]

The one thing. The only true effort that will be in vain is your attempts at besting me where it matters most.. in. The. Ring.. That is where you learn the harsh reality of MY truth! You can fight for your God. I fight for something more, that is real. I fight for my native people. I fight for The Blade Club. Above everything else, I fight for myself. 

I karate kicked the Doctor when I came out of the womb. Fighting is what I was born to do. Get ready to exchange a tooth for tooth and eye for eye then you can turn the other cheek for me to do it again. Once the talk is over, you will have to step into that ring with me taste the most unpredictable move in wrestling by WWX's best. Think you can prove me wrong Bishop Polaris? Do yo BELIEVE that is a lie Mr. False Profit? Go ahead.. Try me.

[The stripper walks back into frame and grabs Archer by the hand, pulling him into the back room. The camera pans back to The Rebel Reaghan Riker who shakes her head with a smirk turns back to the TV, clicking it on to wax network where the next interview from a wax superstar begins to play out on the screen.]

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