Machine Meltdown

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Sep27, 2017 9:31pm America/Phoenix
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Machine Meltdown
The scene opens up with Xavier overlooking a beautiful body of water in Dublin just outside the 3Arena. The camera pans around Xavier and notices his eyes blood-shot red.

XAVIER: For the past few months, people have mistakenly took me for a washed-up has been. I have worked my a$$ off for this company. When the WWX itself looked like it was going to go down, who was the one that saved it? Me. Who was the one that got the company back on the road to its former glory? Me. Who was the one who brought back the wrestlers people know and love? That's right: I F***ING WAS!! But what the hell do I get? Not a damn thing. Instead, I get put into matches where I'm basically used to help get the person I'm in the ring with over. But what championship matches have I had since the WWX's return? Only 2, and they were tag team. No singles championships whatsoever. It's like the people of the WWX think of me as a f***ing joke to them.

Xavier takes his backpack off and unzips it. He reaches in and pulls out what appears to be a clear bottle with an equally clear liquid inside. He takes a big gulp and tenses up for a few seconds before regaining his composure.

XAVIER: Much like my opponent for this week. Bob Mellon, who says that I'm unfortunate to get a beating a lose by his hand. What's that he said?!

Xavier takes another big gulp and tenses up, just like before.

XAVIER: Oh yeah, now I remember. He said he was going to end me. He said that it was going to be my last match. Bob, I don't give two s***s of a rat's a$$ if you been gone 15 years of 15 minutes. Countless people have said that once I stepped into the ring with them, they was going to end my career but guess what Bob?

Xavier takes one last gulp before tossing the empty bottle aside.

XAVIER: I'm STILL RIGHT F***ING HERE!! And you're gonna list my accomplishments, get it right. I am the very FIRST superstar to hold both the International AND Tag Team titles 5 times!! But it doesn't matter to you right? Because you said you was going to end me, right?

Xavier steps closer to the camera where the only thing that is seen are Xavier's bloodshot eyes.

XAVIER: At Fury, the only thing that is going to happen is me annihilating you and giving you the beating that you deserve. By the time they finally decide to scrape you off the mat, I will be standing over your broken body asking you "How was your meltdown?"

scene fades

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