Massey Hall presents A Night With Tommy Lipton

Roleplay Roleplay by TOMMY LIPTON
On Wed, Dec13, 2017 3:10pm America/Phoenix
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Massey Hall presents A Night With Tommy Lipton

{{The camera pans over the City of Toronto, the street lights and contested amounts of cars add to the brightness in the downtown entertainment district. We arrive to see the building, Massey Hall, the billboard reads in bright lights, "A night with WWX Legend Tommy Lipton" below in smaller letters "his return". Inside the seats are filled for the sold out show. 
The stage has two cushioned chairs facing each other with a small table between. A jug of water and two cups are placed neatly on the table top. A spotlight beams down on Tommy Lipton and a gentleman who make there way over to the seats. As Tommy sits down the man with him Walks past and to the edge of the stage.}}

Man: My name is William Roger and for the past year and a bit I have remained in the shadows of Tommy Liptons on camera life with the WWX Universe. I have accompanied Tommy Lipton during his come back to stardom when he confronted Syndicate at World Series and went on to be inducted once again into the Hall of Fame. I have been on the road with both him and Rex during their awesome Tag Team reign all the way up to now. Tonight we will talk about past glory, failure and of course this best of five series he currently is involved in with his former tag partner and friend Rex McAllister. 
Tonight I invite you for an exclusive and intimate meeting with a man known around the world as Mr. WWX; as we look at the life of Tommy Lipton and his amazing return.   


Will takes a seat across from Tommy Lipton. He pulls out some cue cards and places them on the armrest. 

Will: Welcome Tommy and thanks for doing this.

Tommy: It's no problem, I'm glad to be here in my home city of Toroooontooo!


Tommy. You need que cards?

Will: These que cards are actual questions from the audience that we had asked them to fill out prior to this evenings sit down with you. A select few were hand picked and throughout the evening we will go to them for some questions which all relate to your series with Rex. 

Tommy: Okay Will, sounds fine by me I always like giving my fans feedback. 

Will: So let's begin.

{{Tommy nods.}}

Will: Not everyone in today's Universe knows your past history, I mean before coming to the WWX. As they clearly know who you are.

Tommy: I was going to say my history in the WWX is pretty well known. But what are you wanting to touch on? My life before wrestling?

Will: Yes, like I know you were a run away and-

Tommy: I'll stop you there. I didn't run away like I was some bad kid or something, I ran towards something that mattered to me. I remember watching wrestling as a kid with my dad. These guys were gladiators the best of the best and would wrestle so gracefully each week and I just fell in love with this business right there sitting cross legged on the floor next to my dad eating chips and drinking floats. Clearly hah not a diet I continued with into adulthood! 

{{Tommy chuckles and the audience laughs along with him and Will.}}

Will: Clearly not! You look in great shape! How much do you weigh in these days, you are 6 foot something-

Tommy: 4 and I weigh in at 270 pounds as of this morning. When I returned and made my comeback in 2016 I was about 285. 

Will: Well I definetly want to talk about that comeback but before getting to that can we talk a little about what you did once you left home and ran towards your dream?

Tommy: I did some dishwashing at a club downtown here and did some fighting on the side. Eventually I landed a job as a Bouncer and that's the gimmick I actually used when I first arrived in the WWX. Heh, I had some good ok lame catchphrases back then.

Will: What were they?

Tommy: like "More bounce for the ounce" and "Those who oppose will be disposed" also who can't forget "You bring the Beer I'll bring the pain"  They werent the best but the point was always made clear. 

Will: Ah, fair enough and they arent bad.

Tommy: Sure...

Will: Before the WWX you had been a part of some other Federations correct?

Tommy: Well a man by the name of JT Steel had caught one of my fights and although the style was more street fighting than wrestling, I got in some deadly wrestling moves as part of my arsenal and he spotted me and liked what he saw. We talked and next thing I know I'm no longer fighting in back alleys or basements but in front of thousands of people. 

Will: JT Steel actually for a short period came to the WWX and won the World Championship. 

Tommy: That is correct. He's a tough guy and probably one of the best damn wrestles I've ever met in this business. I was lucky to have him take me under his wing. 

Will: That leads me to one of the fans questions. JT a world champ trained you and took you under his wing. The fan here asks "What are your thoughts on Rex being trained by Jeremiah O'Rielly? He was your first feud in the WWX does it mean anything that all these years later you face off against his protegy" 

Tommy: What a great question! And yes when I found out about the two's connection I had to take a step back and reminisce. It's almost a feeling of coming full circle. I started here facing off and defeating this giant of a man and now all these years later, like what? 10 or 11? Here I am facing off and defeating a man O'Rielly took under his wing. But to the question yes a Legend trained Rex McAllister but I say this, I do not think he was ever a World Champion... in fact I believe Jeremiahs last gold was that in which I took from him, the International Championship. He never got it back and as for training Rex McAllister, Rex would have been, what? 15  or 16 in there as we all know Jeremiah was gunned down shortly after I arrived in 2006. Plus Jeremiah was 7 foot 4 at over 500 lbs, his style of fighting cannot be very relevant for a man of Rex's size. So I'm sure he was trained by Jeremiah but to what extent is left in question. 

Will: Some valid points and a good answer Tommy.

Tommy: Well I just look at the reality of things. 

Will: so here we are Tommy, you had an Era named after you, you had become the GM, and so much more but then you leave, vanish into thin air... so what happened? 

Tommy: It was time for me to pack my bags and do some traveling. I had made one of the greatest comebacks in 2012 when I returned to win James Rangers Tournament and go on to claim the IWA championship. When I lost it to Blaine Evans at Armada the match took a toll on Me, we all know Sped shot me in that match. It was a flesh wound but things were getting seriously intense and I needed to step away from this place. 

Will: But now it's 2016, it was just over a year ago you return, were you planning on it for awhile or was it spontanious? 

Tommy: since the New Year of 2016 I was considering making a return. It never sat well with me over being removed from the Hall of Fame in 2012 when I confronted the BOD prior to my departure and it was a goal of mine to earn back that honor. I talked with the GM in I think May 2016 and we came to an agreement on a 6 month contract.

Will: What was the agreement? 

Tommy: Should I come back and work hard and beat Corporal Sanders I would receive once again my place in that great Hall. Just a few hoops I had to jump through but I did so and well here I am 2016 Hall of Famer.

Will: And congratulations on that accomplishment. Were you nervous returning? New faces, young up and comers, did you fear ring rust?

Tommy: Not at all, I was asked to target Syndicate and I did that never looking back and turns out I still got it!


Will: I agree with you and these fans, you do still got it.

Tommy: It was easy to return, guys like Xander Adams and James Ranger I had good history with and although Ranger and I don't always see eye to eye we can work together well for the most part. So the transitioning back into the WWX wasn't too difficult. 

Will: So you immediately make an enterance batteling the Big Time Agency in which would lead you to an impressive Ring victory at World Series before failing in the final match that evening. How did it feel coming back? Being once again on that main stage? 

Tommy: It felt great! Syndicate won that night but there wasnt a dull moment from start to finish and the fans were loving every moment so the whole night was a big victory.

Will: So I'll go to another question from the audience, "Rex discusses you more as an old timer where he is the here and now. You are a legend but do you feel old?"

*Everyone laughs

Tommy: Oh yeah, on some days I most certainly do. But never in those moments I am out there in the ring. Rex calls himself the here and now, but he's forgetting something...

Will: Which is?

Tommy: I am here and this is now. 


Will: A perfect response. 

Tommy: A truthful one. 

Will: So where were we? Yes, so you finally have a big moment at World Series and then you are kept out of Hall of Pain 2016... 

Tommy: Do not get me started on that. I was very annoyed but life goes on and Hall of Pain 2017 was pretty rad and I definetly had some big moments in it! Honestly, I heard there was some backlash of keeping me off the card in 2016, guess they didn't want a repeat. 

Will: Fair enough, but shortly after Hall of Pain 2016 you got your match with Corporal Sanders and a chance to reclaim your status in the Hall. How did it feel when your name was reinstated?

Tommy: It felt awesome, the wrong was righted and my name was placed where it belongs, with all the other greats of our business. 

Will: You then had one heck of a great year with Rex McAllister in the tag division, did you ever think of yourself being a part of that division again when you rejoined?

Tommy: Hell No! Hah! I wasn't really interested in any division truthfully. I was after the Hall of Fame and that was that.... but as I said last week the opportunity presented itself and so I took it. I probably have done more for Mr. McAllister than Jeremiah ever did honestly. 

Will: I'm sure Rex would disagree today about that.

Tommy: Of course he would, but I think we all know that's the truth.

Will: So, here you are, you have experienced some awesome moments since your return. Although failing to reclaim the World Title, you have won gold, gotten yourself back in the Hall of Fame and have been a part of some awesome main events. 

Tommy: It's been a great return!

Will: So we will look at a few more questions before closing this evenings exclusive sit down with you. 

Tommy: sounds good to me. 

Will: Here is another one, a fan asks, "Since you guys worked so closely together you must know each others weaknesses, have you or will you exploit those weaknesses?"

Tommy: Rex McAllister has very few weaknesses, but he does have some and we all know he's exploited my weakness.

Will: Which is?

Tommy: Friendship... Obviously I viewed our teaming together as a sort of bond and a brotherhood. He has exploited that on a couple of occasions now when I let my guard down. But it's a weakness that he no longer will have a chance to exploit. 

Will: Which actually I wanted to talk about. You were known as a backstabbing bastard by almost everyone you ever teamed with, and yet this time around you weren't anything like the sort. I remember everyone at the beginning wondering how long it would be till you turned on Rex, in fact I think there was a betting pool going on for awhile... but that day never came so is this a new Tommy Lipton we have in the WWX? 

Tommy: The way I did things before created many enemies and many angry fans.

Will: Can not disagree with you there. So you were very aggressive and viscious, a get the job done at any cost type attitude... who would win if Tommy Lipton 2017 went against Tommy Lipton 2006 to 2010? 

Tommy: I think I know more than I did back then but let us get back to the fans questions shall we?

Will: Sounds good Tommy, "You are 2 and 1 right now, what will you do if Rex ties you this week?"

Tommy: I'll have a beer! 


Tommy: I cannot walk in with the "what if" factor. The only outcome this week is that I take this series with a third and final win. 

Will: Okay last question "Do you think Rex McAllister is scared of you?" 

{{Tommy leans forward and pours a glass of water slowly. He leans back and drinks from the glass. He sets it back down and looks towards the camera that's facing him.}}

Tommy: yes he is as he should be, and I'll tell you why. I do know him better than most here, I have worked with him and against him. I have gone toe to toe with the Legend eho trained him. As a team Rex and I, were undefeated for long periods of times because we both can hold our own. He says I'm desperate, and yet I do not think I have shown desperation once in this series, in fact the only thing I have done is constantly show in him respect. Which he throws back in my face. He says he's the man who's Rexcellent, that he has me where he wants me and yet I am the one who's up in this series. He says for a man to be a powerhouse you need to show up every week as that or he's gonna beat me down or something.. okay so to that I counter and ask when I destroyed him two weeks ago was that just him not taking his own advice?


Tommy: He should be scared because he has been claiming for weeks that he is the better of us two and if I defeat him, where does that leave him? Oh yeah he mentioned how he would start over and he basically welcomes it which shows me he basically knows there's a damn good chance that I will beat him and move on! Glad he has a back up plan. I don't need one because I am confident that I will take this series come Ravage. 


Will: Thank you so much Tmommy Lipton for spending an evening with me and the whole WWX Universe here in Massey Hall. I think for some of the fans out there they have had a chance to know a bit more about who Mr. WWX is and where you come from. 

Tommy: It was a pleasure being here tonight.

The two stand up and shake hands, Tommy heads backstage and Will faces the audience. 

Will: I am glad you could make it out tonight and for those with VIP tickets and a chance to have a meet and greet with Mr. Lipton please head to the lobby on the first level. someone will be out to give instructions in about 25 minutes. Thank you all again for coming and have a great night. 


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