Match Interuption

Roleplay Roleplay by EZRA ZION
On Thu, Jun08, 2017 11:59pm America/Phoenix
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Match Interuption
The WWX logo fades from the screen... The image is replaced by a cheering arena somewhere in Richmond, Virginia. There are two men currently fighting in the center of the ring and, by the look of the crowd, they're putting on an exciting show.

One man hefts the other vertical, into a suplex position, then drops... A Blade cutter? It was hard to tell, as the maneuver was sloppy. The crowd gives an "OH!" The man on the receiving end lays flat on the mat, he could be really hurt... As the sloppy technician plays the crowd, soaking in the boos, he has no idea his fifteen minutes of fame is about to come to an abrupt end.

The Blade Club explodes out of the curtain, in a dead sprint toward the ring. Blayde Archer slides under the bottom rope and pops up to his feet quickly. Standing right in front of the bad-wrestler. Ezra Zion guards the exits on the floor outside of the ring as the Muscle of the group, Justice Johnston steps over the top rope and into the ring. The crowd is going wild! Blade stares at the man for a moment, his face washed in rage. The man trembles, he steps left, JUMBO mirrors. Right, JUMBO mirrors. The man finally smartens up and begs off as he steps back toward the ropes, but then rears back to throw a punch. A big mistake on his end. 

The Juggernaut, Justice Johnston catches his arm and in one motion whips him to the ropes. The man springs back and is caught, tossed and walked away from... Left to flop dangerously on his face and chest. JUMBO stomps around the ring as the man rolls in pain. Approaching him again, JUMBO picks him up. Puts him into a Bear Hug position as Ezra Zion executes a front flip summersault over the top ropes and into the ring, using the momentum to ricochet off the ropes and rebound back with a full speed-high impact Hart Attack clothesline! The man falls in a heap and goes limp, Blade kicks him out of the ring and calls for a microphone...

-Blade- Is this what you're talking about Polaris? Is this who you're looking for?

[He holds his arms out for a moment... Outside the ring the bad-wrestler is getting to his feet.]

-BLADE- Look at this piece of scum, Polaris. Look at him Black... He comes out here, struts around, fights dirty, hurts people, then postures... Now look at him. He doesn't even know where he is or what just hit em'! Pay attention to that, Pure Darkness. Because in a few short nights? That's gonna be you!

[The crowd goes nuts. Blade waits for the cheers to subside, then continues...]

Blade: We are going to beat you within an inch of your life, Bishop Polaris and Tom Black until all you see is, Pure Darkness... Not because we have to, but because we want to!

[Blade helps the other wrestler, previously laying behind him, to his feet. He asks if he's alright, the conversation barely audible over the microphone pick-up. When the man assures him he's fine. Blade drops the mic, and... BLADE CUTTER! Blade picks up the microphone again, nonchalantly..]

-BLADE- understand this. I will do anything to win. ANYTHING. It doesn't matter what goes on outside of this squared-circle, because in it? WE RULE! There will be no respect and handshakes. It's all out the window. So Pure Darkness... You want this?

[He motions to the man out in the ring, the trainers already checking on him behind the Blade Club. Then to the man limping up the ramp to the back... He whispers into the mic:

-BLADE- You got it. 

[He pauses a moment, then continues.] 

-BLADE- But which two? I'm going to just let you guess... But, I'll give you a hint. All of us will be there to watch two of the more violent new breed be picked apart in the middle of the ring.

[Blade pauses again as he leans both forearms leisurely against the top rope while staring into the main camera with a hint of a smile that quickly fades when he continues to speak into the mic.]

-BLADE- Bishop Polaris, Tom Black... your heads are now on the Blade Club chopping block. Fortunately for the two of you, you are all solid, tough fighters who are physically strong, mentally sound... Well, two out of three... But each of you pose just as much of a threat as the other. That is what makes Pure Darkness dangerous..

[The Juggernaut, Justice Johnston take the microphone and stares down the camera.]

JUMBO: so put your big-boy pants on, guys. Kick the tires, light the fires, rev the engine and make sure your gas tanks are full... Because ever single one of us is going full throttle with the pedal to the metal and this alcohol fueled war tank won't stop until we are the very last men left standing in the ring at the end of the night.. only one of us can walk away the winner, and yer lookin' at em' right herre...

[The Juggernaut, "JUMBO" Justice Johnston, "The Hebrew Hitman" Ezra Zion and Blayde Archer all climb separate turn buckles and give the throat slash gesture in unison. The crowd throws it back to the Blade Club as they blow the roof off once again. As they die down, Blade brings the microphone back up to his lips...]

BLADE: Pure darkness? We are coming.. Get ready.

[Blade drops the microphone. He throws his arm up- playing to the crowd- as the WWX logo once again fades onto the screen. It only stays for a moment before it too fades... To black.]

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