Match Updated for Holiday Hell!

On Sat, Jan31, 2015 6:27am America/Phoenix
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Match Updated for Holiday Hell!
[The camera opens up showing Chris Sanders outside the office of James Bourne inside McIver Towers. Mic in hand, he begins speaking].

Sanders: Hello everyone im chris sanders. We had just heard from eades and st. Cyr about wanting their match to be a no disqualification match. Lets see if we can get a word as to whether that will happen.

[Sanders knocks at the door. A loud "come in" is heard as they walk in].

Sanders: Mr Bourne I am sure you saw and heard mr eades and st cyr.

Bourne: Yes I did. I want you two to know that we here at wwx support gay rights, however, I dont think the people.of idaho do. So if you could refrain from.the crying, hugging, and "football" playing, it would be appreciated until we leave.  Outside a wife or cousin, they dont accept much else.

Sanders: we were talking about the match sir.

Bourne: *laughs* oh ok. I see no problem with it. If those two love birds want to hit people with weapons, as long as they dont do any freaky sh*t, im game for it. I mean this past week I had a clown pull out a dong with ball bearings and beat someone with it. Why not stomp all over the envelope alittle more. And boys, your sexually aggressive love tackles that I'm sure you practice are not legal moves in the ring *laughs*

Sanders: well there it is folks. Our tag team match will be a no disqualification tornado tag. Stay tuned for more updates regarding holiday hell

[The scene fades to black]


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