Maximum Carnage

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Wed, Apr04, 2018 8:58pm America/Phoenix
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Maximum Carnage
Following the events of Ravage, Xavier having a few things on his mind is putting it mildly. After feeling what he feels is complete disrespect at the hands of both James Ranger and Darkness, Xavier has sealed himself away in his private training room. No one has seen Xavier these last few days...not even his own family. Beatrice and Jeffrey patiently wait on the outside of the training room door.

BEATRICE: Does Xavier usually act like this?

JEFF: The last time I remember seeing him like this was when he was denied a shot at the EWA World Championship almost 10 years ago. He told me then should he ever feel that way again was to let him be and wait for him to emerge from his training.

Beatrice looks to the training room door with a concerned look on her face. Jeffrey walks up to her.

JEFF: It'll be okay mom. Shortly after he did this the last time, he became the first and only 3-time EWA Bloodstain Champion after becoming the Hardcore champ.


JEFF: Yup. I know so!

Moments later, the training room door hisses and begins to open. A battle-torn Xavier emerges. His training shirt completely shredded and sporting several bruises on him.

BEATRICE: Baby, are you alright?

XAVIER: I'm fine. However...come opponent or opponents however...will not be so lucky.

JEFF: Uh, dad, it's just one opponent you have to face this week.

XAVIER: Oh? And who would the unfortunate soul be?

JEFF: The Nordic Nightmare, Korath.

Xavier closes his eyes and smiles, as if he remembers something.

BEATRICE: Something the matter baby?

XAVIER: The last time I danced with the Nordic Nightmare we literally tore down the house. We fought tooth and nail to tear each other apart. It was like the eternal rivalry between Yugi and Kaiba: everlasting. However, we are no Yugi and Kaiba and our upcoming encounter will be anything but a card game over milk and cookies. Korath, the last time we met, not a winner was decided between us to determine who the better was. You're right in one aspect. There will be a winner, but not with the envision you have in mind. See, things have been brought into perspective when I lost the world title. I realized that I was indeed destined for greatness, despite what most people have tried to bore into my head. This time however Korath, you face a much more determined and driven machine in  Xavier Pendragon.

Xavier looks down at a chair and puts a seemingly new and clean shirt on.

XAVIER: Korath, I know you're thinking that I will lose to you. Much like the rest of the world who has basically said that I will lose before the match has even gotten off the ground, you will eat your words as I cause maximum carnage inside...and possibly outside the ring. Be prepared.

Without another word, Xavier goes back into his private training room and close the door.

scene fades

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