Maybe Maybe Not

Roleplay Roleplay by REX MCALLISTER
On Fri, Sep22, 2017 11:59pm America/Phoenix
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Maybe Maybe Not
The scene begins at a Hotel from Dublin. The scene pans in to the outside of a room from the outide of it in the hall way. Some chatter can be heard off in the distance, but still the camera still manages to stay focused on the same room. Soon though, the door to the room swings open to the room in the hallway that the camera was focused on, and out walks Rex McAllister dressed in his workout gear about to head straight to the 3 Arena nearby. The camera catches a glimpse for a moment of the face of the current WWX World Tag Team Champion. Rex happens to catch the glance of the camera right back, and with a brief shrug gives a an mocking kind of grin as he walks toward the camera and right on by it. Rex has his customary black duffle bag along with him as well.

Having grown quite accustomed to the near overwhelming attention he receives nowadays that comes from his many achievements and accolades along the way, Rex knows he's going to get the regular bombardment of the WWX media coverage regardless of what he does. With that said the cameras continue to stock his every move. At this point he's made the drive of two full blocks that would normally take about all of two mins in one brisk ten minute walk. The cameras manage to keep up. Finally at this point Rex starts to enter the 3 Arena from the back where the parking garage is. Many fans are seen overhead cheering from above, he doesn't acknowledge, but instead presses forward into and toward the heart of the arena. It's there that he enters in to the heart of the place where the event itself is set to take place. It's empty at this point except some workers from the ring crew resting a bit after putting the ring together, and all the surrounding items such as baracades, padding, etc. Rex glaces over at the camera that still gives follow close by.

Rex McAllister: I could say for the sake of simplicity, go away. I could say that, and then just like that you would really have no choice in the matter, but to acknowledge and do just ch that. Isn't that right?

The person behind the camera nods his head still filming Rex as they walk towards the ringside area.

Rex McAllister: The truth is though, I've not felt the need to do that. Not when I know what I can offer you is so much grander than anything the Blade Club or 420 can offer you at this point. I mean let's chase it it down here, let's spill some more facts as we know them to be about those two other teams that will be in our ring for this World Series event. The other day, the facts as I laid them out, they were as true as the sky is blue. But let's get more concrete, and down to more of the nitty-gritty here.

Letting out a light chuckle to himself Rex continues to speak.

Rex McAllister: Now, you see, with the Blade Club, all you had was a couple of superficial wannabe tough guys that wanted so much attention, and you know what happened to be so ironic about that? All that attention they wanted in their little backstage interview segments, all the small sop|BLEEP|ric hijinks they pulled. All the vignettes that they had traveling in limos, and getting comfy at poolside with a bunch of ironclad models they likely had to pay for just to fill out those vignettes just to make them seem like world class first rate Superstars with the world in the palm of their hands. All that? Those are app the very things that ended up selling their own fate once they ran into the Lipton-McAllister Tandem. 

Rex stops at ringside after entering it through one of the barricades. Rex drops his duffle bag down on the apron, turns toward the camera and continues.

Rex McAllister: We exploited their lack of focus, we turned everything they did from a reality standpoint, and made their world out to be nothing but pure vanity. They've not really been seen since. Enough said really. We expect that perhaps you might mail it in, and just show up and collect another pay check just like last time, and be on your ways. We expect it, because you're really not showing us, the champs, that you have enough desire and drive to give us your best. So in turn with all these facts being brought into the light. Instead of backing backing off, taking you for granted. We're going to do the opposite and give you the opportunity to prove different. The floor is yours gentleman if you so choose to use the platform to exhibit your talents that...well...made you one hit wonders anyways.

Rex simply smirks, before he continues after some pondering.

Rex McAllister: Now the next duel that I'm gonna take some time to speak about, at least I can take them a bit more seriously, since at the moment they're deciding that by having reupped their contracts they are choosing to try and go for the gold one more time. With 420, it's not complicated with you two though either. Let's spill the facts. Once the proud one hit wonders in their own right as former tag team champions of many moons ago. Former Fury co-gms of many months ago-thank God that's over. Oh, and my favorite current, former, always will be dopers who have the worst catch phrase at the end of each of their videos that have only done but very little to support this Division. Don't get me wrong, i can appreciate the challenge you two believe you will present. The Lipton-McAllister tandem looks forward to it, but in all honesty, this is our fourth meeting, and after all those meetings a few things have remained a constant that will not change at world series. The result, the tag team titles still where they belong. The Division still in good hands, and this place still running on all cylinders because of us, the Lipton-McAllister tandem. I guarantee it. Now that was... REXCELLENT!

Rex smiles, and then turns away from the camera as the scene begins to fade.


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