McAllister vs. Pendragon

Roleplay Roleplay by XAVIER PENDRAGON
On Fri, Oct20, 2017 7:27am America/Phoenix
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McAllister vs. Pendragon
Having landed in Boston, Xavier walks out of the airport. A young lady dressed in casual cloths walks up to him.

YOUNG LADY: Are you Xavier Pendragon?


YOUNG LADY: Beatrice sent me to pick you up once you got here.

Xavier smiles as he and the young lady get Xavier's stuff into the car and drive off. Xavier looks out the window and lets out a sigh.

YOUNG LADY: You okay?

XAVIER: Yeah. Just thinking about my upcoming match with Rex McAllister.

YOUNG LADY: Isn't he and Lipton the tag team champs?

XAVIER: Not anymore. They vacated the titles and now they're up for grabs. This week it's just Rex and myself...unless Lipton decides to come help him.

YOUNG LADY: You think Lipton will?

XAVIER: With Lipton, it's hard to tell, but Rex don't need Lipton in a singles match...or at least that's what I think anyway. Rex is pretty capable of holding his own inside the squared circle. He is a former multi-time champion like myself. Though he turned into a heel, fans still love and respect the man. I respect the man for what he has accomplished in the ring. Sadly, he's in my way of becoming the International Champion for the 6th time. Rex, you and I have had stellar careers and equally stellar matches and this on coming up will be no different. But I know what you're thinking Rex: "I beat you once already and I'll beat you again" but are you quite sure about that? You very well know what I am capable of inside the ring and I don't bow or lay down to anyone...not even you. See you later tonight Rex.

scene fades

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