Meaning In Destruction

Roleplay Roleplay by DJ KILLER
On Wed, Jul19, 2017 9:38pm America/Phoenix
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Meaning In Destruction
??? Outcasts they are, callused from being in exile for too long. They’ve learned to thrive on being the hated; the attention and infamy of their actions fuel them to become the faces of destruction. They only see the lethal insanity, it's a race to the brink of oblivion, and then finally over the edge. 

??? Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay; but the  worst is destruction and destruction will have its day.

??? Years amongst years it can take to build something special, something fruitful and worth fighting for. It takes only a fraction of a second for it to be destroyed.

*The camera pans to Chasity King, and The Rogues of Anarchy who are now in the shot in a dark room in the Ravage Arena*

Chasity: It would seem, DJ, we have got a slaughter on our hands. Poor putrid soul. He will be destroyed just like them others. 

Chasity King: They're all but mere fodder in the end. Byproducts of a failing system that will give you no pay us our rightful debts. 

*Chasity smirks*

Chasity King: These times, they have become the home of the ruins. We find ourselves imprisoned in these ruins. Fortresses laid to waste by the poor putrid, and ravenous souls of what has become a real life labyrinth that is set to destroy us all.

So much quicker to destroy than it is to build. That’s…there purpose. These Rogues, they have time and again shown that these hallowed lands are but a mere playground, Fill. I set them loose, chaos and destruction is what soothes THEIR souls! Though I would suspect you are far too transfixed on other affairs that are far less…feasible. 

The Rogues of Anarchy, Fill, should be reason enough for you to take this bout seriously. You see, they’ve been here before, that part shouldn’t ever be mistaken. Their lust for destruction always leads them back here, and I’m their queen. We are back, and these Rogues will leave another lasting impression, just as they always have. 

The camera pans in close on a DJ Killer who speaks.

DJ Killer: Fill, the picture of destruction comes in many forms. You may believe that you can simply relax after a monumental victory, but you soon will learn why that’s never a smart move to make when you know little to nothing about what the face of destruction can do. It’s not a matter if I’ve caused destruction here, and hurt and ruined a few careers along the way, because I...we certainly have. You should have looked harder Fill. You shouldn’t be so ignorant, Fill. Soon, that very ignorance is going to land you in yet another world of pain that you weren’t anticipating. The destruction we bring unto you and everyone else in this federation will be a reminder of why destruction is a creative urge, why it makes us distinctive from everyone else. We have nothing to give, and we'll take whatever we please. We have no power to make, just the ability to cause unspeakable acts of destruction. All our power is there to darken and destroy. 

This world we inhabit is terrible, dark, and cruel. Mountains bear nothing but hidden fire. We are the woe, destruction, ruin, and decay. The worst of all that is destruction, and destruction will have it's day. It's in our nature to destroy. Create it, and we'll destroy it. You want to create your own music, Fill, but I will be the one that makes every fragment of your music scatter. You've shown your destructive side too, and it seems to be a side that you loved, every moment of it. Destruction is a man's will, Fill. Nevertheless, prevention can be a man's will as well. It's a choice. Destruction. Or prevention. But in the end, there is always meaning in destruction, and on Ravage yours will be precursor to our rise once again.

Chasity King: We invite everyone to the anarchy on Ravage. If you're not rogue with us, then you are against us. See all of you lost putrid souls real soon.

*Chasity grins devilishly as Bo Bruiser and DJ Killer are now in the shot with Chasity front and center*

(Scene fades to black)

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