Meet Sam Crow

Roleplay Roleplay by FOZZY OZBOURNE
On Thu, Nov30, 2017 9:08am America/Phoenix
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Meet Sam Crow
- Done and f*cking done, just like that the journey is over. Depression is finished and you're on your way back to the world of the living smiling regular people. The road has been paved with dickheads, backstabbers and pains in the f*cking ass. But memories were made, allies were had, polesmokers were toppled and the truth was discovered. And like any journey, if you stay the course long enough the road might just show you what you need. All you gotta do is keep your eyes on the road and foot on the f*cking gas... -
-Kenny |BLEEP|ing Powers-
A familiar voice is screaming encouragement and words of wisdom, you don't see nothing at first all you can hear is two familiar voices, you hear the other familiar voice grunting and groaning in agony as the other voice keeps yelling.
FAMILAR VOICE- You have to push harder, you have to give it your all. Anything worth doing is worth doing right, is it worth it? IS IT!? There are no shortcuts to any place worth going. You are days away from the biggest match of your life, ARE YOU WORTHY!? ARE YOU WORTHY OF THAT TITLE OF YOURS!? Every match is the biggest match of your life! Don't give up on me I want you to do more reps MORE! MORE!! MORE!!! I want you to keep going until your muscles are about to rip off your bones. Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence, is the key to unlocking your potential. Damian Price he wants your title, the very title you earned, ARE YOU GONNA LET HIM TAKE IT!!! Come on Fozzy push yourself harder, harder than that, I WANT YOU TO WISH YOU WERE DEAD! So when you survive you will take all of this pain you are feeling now and make that stinking Xavier Pendragon feel every moment of it. If you train hard not only will you be hard YOU'LL BE HARD TO BEAT! ARE YOU GONNA LET THIS GUY BEAT YOU!!!!
OTHER VOICE/FOZZY- UGH! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FAMILAR VOICE- Then PUSH HARDER! FASTER! FASTER!! FASTER!!! Every movement make it count, remember every second of pain and unleash it on Pendragon at Ravage. The 5 S's, remember I told you about the 5 S's SPEED! STRENGTH! STAMINA! SKILL! SPIRIT! After I'm done with you, you will master all of these traits. KEEP GOING! DON'T SLOW DOWN! ARE YOU TRYING TO QUIT ON ME!! It takes physical toughness to create mental toughness, you have a job to do, your accountable for your own success, that's why you get out of it what you put in. So I ask you ARE YOU WORTHY!? Are you going to do whatever it takes to win? By any means necessary? Your the GOD DAMN main event nobody is going to remember the loser of this match. NOBODY IS GOING TO REMEMBER SECOND PLACE!!! That's why you have to push harder son, don't give up. Because at the end of that match they're only thinking about one man and that's you kid. How many is that now?
The scene opens up to Doug's Gym in Dallas Texas, a very plain but practicable gym. Everything you need to work and train every part of your body. The walls have torn up wallpaper on them covered with signed pictures of various athletes from various sports, Fozzy included. Flat screen TV's mounted high from the roof playing sport highlights, dim lighting from above, hardwood floors, the front of the building has nothing but windows lighting up the gym quite a bit during the day. In a wide open space we see Fozzy's buddy and music partner Sam Crow standing over Fozzy Ozbourne yelling words of encouragement. Fozzy is doing knuckle push ups on the hardwood floor slowly but surely he continues sweat pouring from his forehead and dripping beneath him in a pool of his own perspiration. Arm pit stains and a layer of wetness from his shoulders to half way down his torso. Fozzy is wearing a grey sweater that says "FU" on it and grey sweat pants with white running shoes on. Fozzy has been in this position for almost a hour doing knuckle push ups.

SAM CROW- OK! That's enough. Grab a drink and take ten minutes to rest then we will do sets of jumping squats.

Fozzy drops to the ground exhausted as hell, he rolls over and sits up looking at his knuckles. His knuckles are bright red and raw and bleeding a little bit. Fozzy wipes the sweat from his brow and slicks his wet dirty blond hair back from his face. Sam Crow gives Fozzy some space and time to recuperate from the hellish hour of knuckle push ups, he walks to the other side of the gym where you can see some other guys lifting weights on the inverted bench press. Fozzy breathes heavy but is careful to try to control his breathing, inhale through your nose exhale through your mouth. The way that Sam Crow trains is a way Fozzy used to train but it's been years since doing it this way. So far the day has seen a 5 mile run from Fozzy's hotel in Dallas to Doug's Gym with sprints in between and a quick stop at a local track to practise hurdle jumping and to put on a power chute for more resistance and run laps. Then when they finally reach the gym it's your typical workout of weights including bench press, arm curls, deadlifts and resistance machines. Now it's time for body weight training such as push ups and squats, Fozzy sits there controlling his breathing while thinking to himself.
"I can feel a transformation in my body and it hurts like hell but it's all worth it. Every part of my body is getting worked and it's improving."    Fozzy flexs his right arm.    "I feel stronger harder faster just like Sam promised. I know in the past when I trained like this all the training in the world wouldn't matter I could still lose but still it doesn't hurt to be prepared for anything. Xavier is training and so am I. I know he's good but I'm good too I prove it and I show it by showing up at every show every media outing every autograph signing, personal appearances whatever it is I'm there.  The thing is I try my best to evolve every performance everytime I step into that ring I want to be better than I was the last time I don't see that with Xavier"
Fozzy chuckles to himself as he rises up to his feet and starts to loosen up by bouncing on his feet.
"I have to prepare physically and the mental aspect of the game comes right along with it. He can't psych me out cause I'm just as confident as him about my abilities to defeat opponents. I've put my time into this company and feel comfortable where I'm at. I've earned everything I got in WWX mainly because I work my ass off and always show up ready for a fight. NEVER SAY DIE and I never will unless it's directed at my opponents, that's why all of this intense training has gotta pay off. I will be ready for whatever Xavier Pendragon wants to throw at me."
Fozzy looks over to the other side of the gym where Sam Crow is spotting some other guy on the bench press.
"Sam Crow is a wise man and I respect the hell out of him, he's taught me a lot in the last few weeks, different training techniques, an arsenal of various maneuvers and counters. He gives great advice and is always wise with his words. He told me something the other day that stuck with me, he said "Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point" I don't know but it stuck in my head and made a lot of sense to me. I'm thinking about hiring him as my bodyguard."
Sam Crow comes walking back over to where Fozzy is with a smile on his face.
SAM- You ready to be schooled Berzerker style?
Fozzy laughs and shakes his head.
FOZZY- Haven't I been already?
Sam smiles again and pats Fozzy on the shoulder.
SAM- We are just getting started, I'll set up the bench and we'll start with sets of jumping squats.
Fozzy nods as Sam goes to the corner of the gym and sets up a bench with adjustable arms. He sets it to roughly 4 feet high as Fozzy looks on bouncing around getting loose once again. Fozzy looks ready to do this even though it looks almost impossible, he jumps up and down trying to warm his legs up. His first jump is about a foot then his second is about 2 feet high. The other guys come up behind Fozzy and pat him on the shoulder. One guy has out his smart phone and it's recording.
GUY- Fozzy any words for Xavier Pendragon?
Fozzy who is still bouncing and jumping around stops and looks at the guy with a fierce look in his eyes and shakes his head NO! Then makes a slow cut throat motion towards the smart phone camera.
FOZZY- Shut it off I don't want that ass jockey to see how I train.
The guy chuckles and turns off the phone.
GUY- I'll upload that to
Sam starts yelling at Fozzy to get over there and start. Fozzy walks up to the bench and sizes it up and bends down stretching out his legs. The other guys look on as Sam Crow goes up beside Fozzy.
SAM- I want you to do at least 500 jumping squats, jump on and off this bench 500 times.
The scene fades with Fozzy jumping on the bench then jumping off with the other guys and Sam Crow yelling encouragement at him.
LATER THAT NIGHT......................
After intense training with Sam Crow at Doug's Gym in Dallas Texas we find ourselves several hours later outside of the historic site of The Alamo near San Antonio. The Alamo was the scene of a pivotal battle in the fight for the independence of Texas from Mexico in the early 1800s. Fozzy Ozbourne comes walking into picture with his trademark leopard print fur coat on and black jeans, sporting the WWX Television Championship around his waist. Nothing is said at first as Fozzy stares at the old structure, nobody is around and all is quiet. Fozzy turns to the camera with a sarcastic smile on his face with The Alamo quite clearly in the background.
FOZZY- Here I stand behind The Alamo the site of where......AH who gives a sh*t!
FOZZY- I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to bore people with pointless history lessons and sh*tty ass metaphors with Art of War innuendos because at the end of the day what the hell is that going to do for you. Words words words that's all they are and I'm sick of it, Xavier Pendragon this battle of wits we've been having is lame. Just as lame as you bringing in Damian Price and your failed attempt at a tag team run in The Empire. For weeks I've been hearing you run your mouth while I have been wanting to smack the taste out of yours. I know you think your this and that and the other thing but I'm KING SH*T of turd mountain and don't you forget it. I have this Television title which means I'M THE MAN! I'M THE DEALER! I'M THE CHAMPION! NOT YOU! ME! While you're very elegant with your words at times, I'm not EVER! I'm the bluntest mother*cker you will ever meet! You think you know me inside out don't you? You don't know sh*t which is quite clear from you thinking you are going to win, like really? I think you've been hitting the pipe too much Mr. X. I'm quite clearly the skinniest man in this company. Something I pride myself on being. I proud that I'm one of the smallest competitors in WWX but yet here I stand YOUR TELEVISION CHAMPION! If you put that case on the line I would have beat you and would have went on to beat whoever the Undisputed Champion is. You're probably asking yourself what's the difference between us? Well there are plenty but we could start at the |BLEEP|or we could scream "I just don't give a f*ck and see who means it" that's the difference between me and you. You think you are going to come in and snipe me like a little b*tch I'm five steps ahead of you in every way. I'm going to do whatever it takes to walk out of Ravage the victor. Xavier I'm a athlete and you're a wannabe, while you were slangin' your crackrocks I was perfecting my craft. The craft which turned out to be my livelihood, you see I don't have a college degree or even a high school education. My life's work is inbetween those ropes and in that ring. This is my life and it will be my life until the day I die. Don't throw rocks at a man with a machine gun cause while you're quite sure of yourself, what happens? What happens if I do beat you? Are you gonna take your ball and go home like the rest. I'm a greasy down and dirty kinda guy and at Ravage all this bullsh*t you're talking, you're gonna pay for it all, you haven't paid the cost to be the boss and soon enough I put you in your place. Three hundred and sixty degree sh*t circles, what does that mean? You'll find out soon enough. You got me pissed off but you will soon realize that once you are in my head you're never coming back out. Rationale? HAHAHAHA! Maybe your right I'm a little insane in the brain. All I know is at Ravage you will have to kill me to walk out the winner but that won't happen cause I'll kill you first.
Fozzy takes off his title from around his waist and hoists it up high.
FOZZY- F*ck your politics your twitter hashtags and your fancy cars. F*ck all that hype and noise you bring cause none of that sh*t will matter. You don't matter. All that will matter is who is the best wrestler in WWX is and your looking at him. The Trend Killer Fozzy Ozbourne BANK ON IT!
The scene fades with Fozzy holding the WWX Television Championship high in the air with a furious look in his eyes.


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