Meeting Some Blokes

Roleplay Roleplay by SUPER BACON
On Thu, Dec07, 2017 12:34pm America/Phoenix
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Meeting Some Blokes
(The camera is set in SB's office)

SB: [Holding a phone to his hand] Yes OK, of course I will. I will get there as soon as I can. Bye! [he hangs up] Flipping heck people these days donít know that Iím still a human but with super human powers! I guess Iím the only one around here and in the whole of WWX who can actually protect and defeat the bad guys. 

[Super Bacon walks over to the elevator and clicks the button to get it sent up to him. He waits for a minute. It still doesnít appear to go to him].

SB: For goodness sake! Who could be using this and taking so long?!

[He waits even longer. Finally the doors open with a ding. Dave is stood there].

SB: What took you so long you insolent oaf!? EXPLAIN!

Dave: Calm down OK. There was this person who kept on pressing the down button when I was trying to get up here to tell you that Terry is OK now so he isnít scared or injured any more.

SB: Oh OK thatís fine

Dave: Why do you need to use the elevator anyway?

SB: Oh its nothing just somebody attacking a group of people in an apartment that urgently need help. Do you mind coming with me in the Flying Bacon?

Dave: No I donít mindÖ LETS GO!!

[They run into the elevator and press the FB button the elevator then starts to move up. The elevator stops and dings. They sprint up and Dave pulls a remote out of his pocket and presses a green button the door to the flying bacon swings open Super Bacon dives in to the flying bacon and Dave carries on running into it. They are both are inside and Dave goes over to the driverís seat and starts the engine]

SB: Step on it Dave!

Dave: Yes boss!

[The flying bacon zooms past all the other buildings until they reach one that has smashed windows].

SB: I think that may be the one!

Dave: OK let's get you closer.

[Dave pulls the Flying Bacon closer to the building and opens the doors with a green button on his cockpit machines]

SB: Stay here!

[Super Bacon dives out and into the building. He runs in and opens a door, there is a hooded man stood there with a baseball bat].

SB: Hello there!

???: Huh oh really! Somebody went and called their said, 'Protector' I was actually worried for a bit... But now that I have seen you I kinda think this is a joke!

SB: And who exactly are you?

???: Me? Oh my name is Seth!

SB: No! Do you have a bad guy name?

Seth: Yeah its SETH!!

SB: Hahahahahaha so you think you are going to be well known as a bad guy and people will be threatened by someone called Seth! Hahahahahahaha!!

Seth: Shut Up! Just because my name is Seth doesn't mean I can't kill you!

SB: No it doesn't but you still can't kill me anyway!

Seth: Yes I can 

SB: No you can't !

Seth: YES I CA-

[Super Bacon takes a quick roundhouse kick to his head].

SB: Ha!


SB: Who!?

[Another man carrying a baseball bat sprints in].

Barry: What is it Seth?

Seth: Get HIM!!

[Barry goes for a swing with his bat which us easily dodged by Super Bacon. Bacon runs over to a desk and jumps onto it Seth is now standing up. Super Bacon dives off and hits Seth with a Flight Of The Hawk].

SB: Ha that's right!!

[Seth looks as if he were knocked out].

SB: Now for you!

[Super Bacon points at Barry. He grabs a ladder and climbs up Barry chases after him they both are stood on the top if each side of the ladder. Barry punches Super Bacon and connects. Instantly, Super Bacon lands a huge left hook and knocks off Barry. Bacon jumps off if the ladder and lands with a flip huricanrana]. 

SB: Well that was easy. Harder than Red Puma as there were two of them! But imagine what me and Rayne could do if we worked together. Even if we are against the Undisputed champion or a former undisputed champion. The only reason you have that is because you haven't defended it against ME!! Rayne aswell has mostly been against you, syndicate, in triple threats so you don't really face him alone, but now he has me to help him finally beat you and get to the finals of this tournament. Well I must be off now! Hold on!

[He garbs his phone and calls the police].

SB: Yes its me Super Bacon. I got em yeah can you come and take them away. Thanks. Bye.

[He puts the phone down]

SB: OK bye!

[Super Bacon dives out if the window and lands in a roll on the deck of the Flying Bacon]

[Camera fades to black]

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